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LightningChart has a discrete fixedinterval data series

LightningChart has a discrete fixedinterval data series


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6.29 Persistent series rendering layers PersistentSeriesRenderingLayer can be used for extremely fast rendering of repetitive line

IntensityGridSeries enables visualizing scrolling heatmap, such as specrogram, with high data resolution, up to several million p… | XY charts for .

6.11 Bars Bar series allows displaying data in horizontal or vertical bars. Figure 6-


For the most demanding developers. LightningChart includes a wide range ...

6.10 Area series Area series presents data as filled area between base level and values.


Two Y axes, with 2 series on both. LightningChart has exceptionally good configurability of

Area and High-Low series have exceed and deceed levels definitions. When data value

Lines colorized with data values, in polar chart. Value-range palette acts as

License management 4.1 Licenses and adding LightningChart or other control to your application Arction

In trading chart views, excluding non-trading days is important. LightningChart has built

Figure 5-4 WPF example application in designer. WindowsFormsHost control keeps the LightningChartUlitmate object


Wind Rose diagram is used for wind direction and wind strength visualization. Example is included

6.4 ViewXY series, general ViewXY s series allow data visualization in different ways and formats

5.5 Object model The object model of LightningChart can be learned best by using Properties editor

3D surface series in the middle shows the data values and colorization by Y values.




IntensityGrid series showing a heat map presentation. Legend box shows

LightningChart comes with US states maps. In this example, stencils are used to mask

ViewXY ViewXY allows presenting various point-line series, area series, high


Wind vector matrix over maps. Each arrow gets size and color based on its magnitude

LightningChart specific properties can be found under Chart category in both Windows Forms and WPF


Smith chart is used in electronics design, to visualize the impedance characteristics. LightningCharts comes

On-line street map data shown from Here Rest API. The layer will get


Waterfall series are handy for visualizing distinct data set by time. For each specific time

About this document This document is a brief User s Manual, reference of Arction LightningChart

Data values can be shown e.g. as contours or heatmap over the maps geographical maps in

VMware Workstation Pro v15.0.0 for Win & Linux & MacOS + Keygen

Presenting series and other chart elements, like annotations, is possible. Figure 6-

6.26.1 HERE LightningChart supports tile data service by Here.


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Soil sample CT scan visualized in Volume Rendering visualization of LightningChart toolkit.

1 ...

6.24 Maps Use Maps property and its sub-properties to show geographic maps. LightningChart


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P-38l-5 - Lockheed P-38 Lightning - Walkaround - Photographies

Location Location of bar in the X axis (vertical presentation) or Y axis (

5.22 DataBreaking by NaN or other value Figure 5-89 DataBreaking options in series that

Original trading data, Monday to Friday, 10 AM 6

Figure 5-6. XAxisAutoPlacement = BottomThenTop.

5.23 ClipAreas Like DataBreaking (see 5.22), ClipAreas can be used to prevent part

Text string, get the same Y axis range than the axis that is under rectangle

5.15.3 Fill styles Use Fill property to select the filling style. The following

Bars series Grouping = ByIndex, Stacking = None. Natural logarithm Figure 5-26. Natural logarithm view. LogBase is

Figure 4-6. Setting Background to gradient cylindrical, under View3D.

GradientDirection = -45 degrees. Figure 4-7. Setting Background to tiled bitmap