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Lazy Day Smart Home Hacks up your lazy game with these simple

Lazy Day Smart Home Hacks up your lazy game with these simple


Lazy Day Smart Home Hacks - up your lazy game with these simple smart home hacks with the Amazon Echo, right in time for National Lazy Day.

A guy ended a blind date with me because I had a better job than him.


Funny Memes Of The Day - 26 Pics - #funnymemes #funnypictures #humor #

Yes, it does.

Literally my life

White + Pool Blue Series A Ping-Pong Conference TableWhite + Pool Blue Series A Ping-Pong Conference Table,Pool Blue

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DIY Cars Hacks : Illustration Description DIY Cars Hacks : Illustration Description This Key Rack Is Made From Old Seat Belts -Read More – -Read More –

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Everyone has cards somewhere in their house, and the DIY factor will look intentional,

Everything You Can Do, I Can Do Better: Comparing The Google Home's Assistant To Amazon Echo's Alexa

The internet of things has opened up a new frontier of domestic abuse

5 Easy Rainy-Day Hacks #hack #simple #fix #boots #umbrella

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

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Google Home

30 LAZY LIFE HACKS for WEIGHT LOSS That Actually Work!!! How to Lose Weight Easily Without Trying - YouTube

Drunken droids and solar-powered shirts: what the smarthome will look like



How to make a day off last longer. Sunday RoutineNight RoutineLazy ...

Nothing has changed over the years, by the way. Only some fancy new buzzwords were made for it.

After selecting our target network, we'll be presented with the option to either supply a file name to save the handshake to or choose 0 to not keep a file ...

Geeks may consider buying as good voice activator for automation. This is the only thing they do well. The rest is the wet dreams of their sales teams.


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The plain brown looks rustic and festive in its own way, and there are plenty

Illustration for article titled Six Lazy Ways to Trick Your Brain Into Being Productive

Luckily, I'm not Elon Musk and don't need to get up at 5 AM every day. I don't use an alarm, but I need half an hour with my phone to stop hating the ...

A plug-in Smiths time switch for controlling ordinary home appliances.


How to Build an Effective and Affordable Smart Home From the Ground Up smart home control

Use Google Home with your TV

Tips for Organizing in the Kitchen

Nothing has changed over the years, by the way. Only some fancy new buzzwords were made for it.

Google Assistant: Adding lights to our Google Assistant was about as straightforward. We had to install the relevant app. Open up the Home Control section ...

How To Clean Your Room Fast + Cleaning Hacks & Organisations Tips + Tricks.

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35. No more red hands

You can also call up specific content from Netflix or Youtube using the Google Assistant. Unfortunately, this feature doesn't work with TVs that come with ...

Need a Mother's Day Gift? These 10 Gadgets Are Perfect Choices!

You don't have the time (or want to spend your time) clipping coupons — and that's fine! If the only thing you do is use digital coupons, that's a win in ...

Unlock the potential of your Amazon Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Plus with this list of top Alexa Skills and commands

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To install Pupy, select 3, and when prompted, type install to have LAZY script manage the installation for you.

The right way to eat a corn

Last year, IKEA also launched its line of smart devices. These Swedes made their gadgets on the purest ZigBee, so they even work with some other ...

amazon echo, echo, amazon alexa echo, what is alexa, what can alexa

Who won the 2015 Oscar for Best Picture? “Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance won Best Picture in 2015.” Correct.

How to use a virtual home button instead of the iPhone X's gestures

The primary sub-menus are also broken down by functions a pentester would want easy access to. The general focus is handshakes, WPS PIN attacks, ...

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The idea is to save the settings of several gadgets, like, the colors and brightness of lamps, heating controller position, etc., to reproduce them in the ...

10 Mobile Games to Keep Your Mind Sharp

To efficiently wrap gifts, get off of the carpet and onto a hard surface.

With the free Call of Duty Alexa Skill you get personalised player recommendations, notifications about in-game achievements and tips on how to improve your ...

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Manufacturers, whose sockets are still your grandfather's favorite, rushed into the IoT too. With no confusion, they've started to put radio channels into ...

This 2-Ingredient Cleaner Will Make Even The Grossest Bathtub Sparkle! #cleaning #

Setting up Unity is straight forward – simply go to the site and download the installer. The latest version at the ...

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It's finally summer, and with it, everything that makes life sweet: festivals, vacations with friends, and long lazy days in the park with beers.

7 Easy Hacks To Keep Your Floors Clean #cleaning #hacks #DIY Easy Hacks

An easy way to amplify your laptop speakers

Mostly from the US. Buzzword-brands which flash daily in tech-media. Аfter reading these TechCrunch-articles, everyone wants a Nest thermostat with “ ...

Tie/tape down a marker to the gift and you've given

While the library of available news sources is not as comprehensive as it maybe could be, it's currently head-and-shoulders above its Amazon-branded ...

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Only Dreams

The three computers Byte Magazine referred to as the "1977 Trinity": The TRS-80 Model I, the Apple II, and the Commodore PET 2001-8.

17 Life-Changing Makeup Hacks EVERY Woman Should Know

how to revise quickly

Instead, let Krazy Coupon Lady find you the hottest deals that'll save you money.

... that work through home Wi-Fi. Because I hate banners on the Internet. I dream of a similar tool to cut the cookie-popups and privacy policy bullshit.

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Still, we're going to give this one to Alexa. Regardless of which Echo device you buy, you're able to hook it up to an existing speaker and achieve a better ...

Repurpose Old Tights // #hacks #diy #clothing #tights #Nifty Nifty

The master-controlled outlet uses one outlet's consumption to control other outlets.

Stay in the Shade (as Much as You Possibly Can in Glorious Weather)

Use the whole tooth paste!

Feature-wise, DIY-hubs are all about the same: generic "material design" web interface, buggy integrations with external services using unofficial python ...

I've got mine set to act like the old home button whenever it's tapped once. So if you're tired of swiping your lock screen up every time you use your phone ...

7 Easy Cleaning Hacks For Your House

This quick DIY may not be for the lazy, but once you'

Top 50 Moving Hacks of All Time

Людям еще нравятся такие идеи

Bundle up the smart way

You'll never go out to eat again without checking this app first. Just enter in your zip code and see all the deals in your area. Once you've found the spot ...

While your mileage is going to vary based on your preference when it comes to takeout pizza brands, Alexa does have an edge here.

Hub allows you to control ZigBee and other unknown-protocol devices with your smartphone. The idea behind is that you can pay $30-40 for a hub once and use ...

How to Have a Productive Lazy Day • Chilling With Intention