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Japan could suspend its annual Antarctic whale hunt because the

Japan could suspend its annual Antarctic whale hunt because the


HUNT TO RESUME: Japan has said it will once again hunt Minke whales in the

A humpback whale slaps its tail on the surface of the water off the shore of the southern Japanese island of Okinawa.

Japan set to suspend whale hunt

Japan killed 50 whales in Antarctic protected area, data shows

Minke whale

Japan bolts whaling commission, but tensions may ease

Dead minke whales

Japan's whaling future in balance as ICJ set to rule on hunting in Antarctic

Japan kills 333 Antarctic minke whales each year in the Southern Ocean

Japan kills 333 whales in annual Antarctic hunt, flouting international laws

Why Japan's exit from international whaling treaty may actually benefit whales

Japan to resume commercial whale hunting despite international outcry

Whaling in the Antarctic

A minke whale (R) and calf rise to the surface off the coast near

Japan has announced it is back whaling

Greenpeace photo showing Japanese whalers injuring a whale with a harpoon in the Southern Ocean in

... its annual hunts in the Antarctic, instead it will restrict its whaling to Japanese coastal waters and is expected to focus on minkes, the smallest of ...

Japan is a signatory to the IWC's moratorium on hunting, but exploits a loophole that

Japan launches bid to end commercial whaling ban at IWC Brazil meeting

A controversial science project. (Shutterstock)

122 Pregnant Whales Were Killed in Japan's Latest Hunt. Was This Illegal?122 Pregnant Whales Were Killed in Japan's Latest Hunt. Was This Illegal?

japanese commercial whaling

IWC rejects Japan's proposal to lift commercial whale hunting ban

Japan is leaving the International Whaling Commission in a bid to resume commercial whaling (Image: Kyodo News via Getty)

Commercial whaling will be allowed in Japan again for the first time in 30 years

Japan to resume commercial whale hunting


A great day for whales thanks to Australia

Local media said Japanese whalers were expected to depart for the ocean possibly by the end

Tokyo - Obstruction by a hardline anti-whaling group has forced Japan to cut short its Antarctic whale hunt, the fisheries minister said on Friday, ...

Japan Suspends Whaling Hunt After Activists Harass

A Bryde's whale ispictured on the deck of a whaling ship during Japan's whale research program in the Western North Pacific in 2013

Japan will resume commercial whaling, but not in Antarctic

More than 120 pregnant female whales were among 333 killed during Japan's recent annual summer hunt

Japan has caught 30 minke whales in its first hunt since the International Court of Justice ordered the halt of its annual expedition in the Antarctic.

In science terms, Japan has no need at all to kill whales

Japan's whaling fleet left for the Southern Ocean last month, planning to kill 333 minke

Japan to resume commercial whaling after pulling out of IWC

Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes

In annual Antarctic hunt Japan kills 333 minke whales (File Photo)

Photo/Illutration A minke whale hunted in ...

japan_killed_more_than_13_000_whales_under_alleged_5562750c85.jpg. The Japanese cabinet have voted to leave the International Whaling ...

... its annual Antarctic hunt could mean the end of the controversial practice. A Japanese whaling vessel with a Brydes whale on board in a picture provided ...

Japan suspends whale hunt after 'harassment' by activists

Japan Reportedly Will Leave International Whaling Group To Resume Commercial Hunts

A Baird's beaked whale is pulled out of the water at a slaughterhouse in Wada Port

Japanese Hunters Kill 122 Pregnant Minke Whales for 'Scientific Research'

Japan justifies its annual hunting of whales by saying that it is done for scientific research

Japan To Suspend Hunt For Humpback Whales

Fishermen splash water on a Baird's Beaked whale at Wada Port on July 29, 2009

In this photo released by The Institute of Cetacean Research, crew members of the Japanese whaling vessel Yushin Maru 2 spray water at activists from the ...

Antarctic minke whale - Fabian Ritter

A beluga whale sprays water towards visitors at the Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Tokyo (Photo

When the Japanese whale-hunting fleet set sail for the Antarctic waters on November 18, the crew members must have known that their voyage would not be ...

Japan 'to resume commercial whale hunt'

A whale being cut up

Japan Must Halt Whaling Program In Antarctic, Court Says

Australia and New Zealand on Tuesday applauded a court decision that Japan must halt its annual Antarctic whale hunt, but raised fears it could sidestep the ...

Graphic on Japan's Antarctic whale hunt, including annual catch and factfile on minke whales.

International call for Japan to halt Antarctic whaling

Japan just went against UN orders and killed 333 whales in the Antarctic Ocean

In this file photo taken on April 25, 2014 crew members of a whaling ship

Japan to resume commercial whaling in territorial waters 26.12.2018

Photo made available by Sea Shepherd allegedly shows a dead Antarctic mink whale on board the

Japan to announce withdrawal from International Whaling Commission on Wednesday - media - CNA

Japan is facing calls to ban its annual whale hunt

Whale consumption accounts for 0.1 per cent of all Japanese meat consumption. Photograph: EPA

A humpback whale "breaches" the surface by propelling most of its body from the sea in Hervey Bay off the east coast of Australia August 7, 2006. Japan's ...

Minke whale meat for sale at a fish market in Japan, its cost per 100 grams listed. Japan continues to hunt whales using the scientific research provision ...

Japan to Announce Withdrawal from International Whaling Commission on Wednesday

Factfile on minke whales, main target of Japanese hunters © AFP / A.Leung, Gal ROMA

The humpback whale, a protected species since a 1966 hunting ban, will not be part of Japan's planned 1,000-whale harvest.

Australia Slams Japan's Move to Resume Antarctic Whaling

Japanese fishermen process a whale for its meat

Stop Whaling Japan

Japan to cancel whale hunt in Antarctic

A file image from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society shows activists tailing a Japanese whaling vessel

Japan is hunting whales for money again and one expert says they 'never put down their harpoons'

Japan banned from whaling by International Court

Japan hands whales a Christmas gift camouflaged as coal

Japanese Whaling: Truly for Sustainability Science, or Only for Cultural Consistency?

Japan cancels annual Antarctic whaling hunt

The Bloody Hunt: Whale-Meat Hunger

Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker (R) takes position at the stern of the Japanese

Hokusai, "Kujiratsuki" (Whaling), from Chie no umi (Oceans of wisdom), 1834.

Experts reject Japan's new whaling plan

Sea Shepherd to end yearly face-off with Japanese whalers in Antarctic waters

Japan Institute Cetacean Research takes measurements from an Antarctic minke whale from the 2016 whaling season