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James Maxim axe1994 on t

James Maxim axe1994 on t


James Maxim

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Fausto Theatre in Havana, Cuba goes Disney for the screening of "Pinocchio", From "Motion Picture Herald", January 1941

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Villa of the Mysteries - AD79eruption Ancient Romans, Cornice, Roman Empire, Italy Travel

Voth and Cummings at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

The History of the Color Red: From Ancient Paintings to Louboutin Shoes

Run Wrake,

Man Crazy

Pompeii Mosaic

Tomm Moore and Nora Twomey,

Civil War Fantasy

Roman Furniture from Herculaneum Wooden shrine from the House of the Wooden Shrine. James Maxim

Jacques-Rémy Girerd,

Inches from the Mainline

James Maxim · Roma · Portrait head in bronze An aristocratic Roman matron whose hair arrangement closely resembles that of Agrippina

Thrill Kill

natgeofound: Two women on a shopping trip walk across a street in Havana, Cuba

Man of Colours

Raimund Krumme,

Hercules strangling the snakes before the eyes of Amphitryon and Alcmene. Fragment. Fresco from

Hercule, Déjanire & Nessus - à Pompéi - 1er siècle avant JC Pompeii Italy,

Sports Climax

Piotr Dumała,

Cienfuegos Cuba

Villa of the Mysteries - AD79eruption

Crazy Frog Racer

Scooter taxi in Havana, Cuba Fly To Cuba, Cuba Tours, Cuba Beaches,

Bust of Menander Roman Bronze 1-25 CE

Marco Rubio Says Obama 'Worst Negotiator President Since Carter' After US-Cuba Policy

Pair of earrings of the Baretta type Unknown artist, Roman Pair of earrings of the Baretta type, century century CE Gold, coral, and garnet. James Maxim

Cuban Place, Vintage Cuba, Havana Cuba, Caribbean, Miami, Florida, Revolution

CARNAVAL DE LA HABANA. CARNAVALES DE LA HABANA Será que solamente he ido a los

Villa of the Mysteries - AD79eruption Pompeii Italy, Pompeii And Herculaneum, Positano, Amalfi

Havana, 1930s Cuba History, Cuba People, Castro Brothers, Vintage Cuba, Vintage

Villa of the Mysteries, Pompeii - cubiculum 't'. James Maxim

Room U is Villa of the Mysteries, Room five - the room with the Dionysiac mystery paintings. we're going to call it a second-style Roman wall painting date ...

The streets of Old Havana, long before the colorful cars

Carnaval Habana 1946 Vintage Travel Poster

1900 A view from O'Reilly Street, looking down San Ignacio Street toward the

daily life havana 1930s 50s Vintage Cuba, Vintage Photos, Cuban Culture, Cuban Art

I have this pic, with me standing in front.

Tienda Sears,Galiano y ave Reina,años 50,La Habana. Castro Brothers

Villa of the Mysteries - AD79eruption

James Maxim @axe1994. Vintage Photos of Daily Life in Havana from between the 1930s and 1950s

Afro-Latinx — Celia Cruz y Pedro Knight

María Teresa Tolón no era propiamente una Vedette en el sentido clásico del término, su

The domain name popista.com is for sale

Chorus girl gambling at Riviera Hotel. Havana, 1958 Via: Life

1940s Cuba Tropicana Rumba Dancer Xonia Signed Photo - Havana Collectibles

Paul Malon

The Havana high life, before Castro and the Revolution

La Habana Vieja, 1954


The young set, El Country - Great Houses of Havana - A Century of Cuban

A lovely bride in Havana, Cuba

MariaFelix copy

cocobrina: greeneyes55: Seville Spain 1930s Photo: Martin... (This Insignificant

The Last Days of Seville's Feria De Abril

Tango Caminito (Ignite Light)

Bathing Suit 1950s, Cuba, Hotel Nacional in the Background

Master Dancer Susana A Pedroso Cuba


Lena Hoschek's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection