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Ive not featured a podcast in awhile and do I have a good one for

Ive not featured a podcast in awhile and do I have a good one for


I've not featured a podcast in awhile and do I have a good one

An iPhone with headphones

The 101 Best Podcasts for 2019

Illustration by Daniel Savage

1. Podcasts go mainstream (FINALLY!)

Podcasts are designed to take up time: they are for those moments when you can't be jumping among apps on your phone.

Only 0.9 percent of people use Google Podcasts

Learn How to Start a Successful Podcast. Do you already have ...

World map with illustrations of people in different locations

But you don't have time; you have campaigns to create and ads to run! So we answered the big question: Who's worth listening to?

Podcast recommendations

I've always loved to travel, but knew that I would not enjoy listing out places to see and do. There are so many incredible travel bloggers out there and I ...

There's this thing I used to do (and still do occasionally, depending on who's around) that I've come to view as the fundamental experience of contemporary ...

What features does Google Podcasts have? Search. Close-up of the podcast area of the Google Podcast app.

While it's true that I enjoy the convenience, efficiency and cost effectiveness of buying the things I need and want online, I am still inclined to spend ...

A year in, Apple's podcast analytics have been an evolution, not a revolution

12 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS

12 French Podcasts That Will Make You a Better French Speaker in 2019

This Week in True-Crime Podcasts: A Series for Greta Fans

FREE Podcast Show Notes Template that Attracts Listeners and Converts Subscribers!

For me, podcasts are a great alternative to listen to music when I exercise, commute, do some chores, or cooking. Over the last few years, I've built up a ...

Podcast Audio Player: Himalaya on the App Store

The Strength Running Podcast Jason Fitzgerald

A week of podcasting with only an iPad Pro

podcast promotion

We've all have those nights, when you just can't seem to fall asleep no matter what. You've tried changing your position like a million times.

Ultimate Guide to Podcast Sponsorships

Is It Worth Using Anchor To Make A Podcast? Review. >

The Essential Crime Podcasts of Fall 2018

The more I look at these screenshots, the more sympathetic I am to the ideal of relegating the episode numbers to metadata, and having player apps take the ...

Inside the Podcast Brain: Why Do Audio Stories Captivate?

That's why our team at The Mission has put together this list of the best history podcasts of all ...

How Podcasts Became a Seductive—and Sometimes Slippery—Mode of Storytelling | The New Yorker

The iTunes Podcast Charts don't even have a 'Fiction' or 'Drama' category

Brian Reed consults with a horologist — a rare clock expert — while filming S-Town. Andrea Morales / Serial Productions

30 for 30: Bikram

25 of the Best Podcast Microphones (For Any Budget) | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods

Words in your ears: the 10 best books podcasts

The Secret Room: Better Know a Podcast

Starting Your Podcast: A Guide For Students

There is no denying podcasts have taken the world by storm in a scarily short amount of time.

This is Analytics Vidhya's exclusive podcast series which features top leaders and practitioners in the data science and machine learning industry.

RadioPublic - The Podcast App on the App Store

Dissect Tops New York Times “Best of 2018” Podcast List

iTunes New & Noteworthy

AI Alignment Podcast: An Overview of Technical AI Alignment with Rohin Shah (Part 1)


Recording Skype Calls for a Podcast: The Definitive Guide. >

Testing out 12 USB mics plugged into my MacBook Pro in a quiet environment (Vox Media's podcast studio), the clear winner for bestsounding mic was the Røde ...

First, I plugged an analog XLR microphone into my Zoom H6 recorder. That solves the “get a pristine recording of my own voice” problem. But how to get that ...

The 15 Best Game of Thrones Podcasts Every Fan Needs to Listen To | Discover the Best Podcasts | Discover Pods

I apologize for the low battery level. Busy day.

The Google Podcast app recommendations.

The Habitat

20 Best Podcasts for Kids

RadioPublic - The Podcast App on the App Store

PODCAST. Happy Again: How To Deal With Uncertainty (Encore Episode)

I predict that marketing spend at the top tier of the industry will increase significantly. In 2018 billboards emerged as a favorite place for networks to ...

Accused murderer Keith Hunter Jesperson, 40, right, listens to his attorney Tom Phelan

Ed Miliband and Geoff Lloyd

I've used Fiverr in the past to create the intro and outro for my podcast. I would recommend listening to other podcasts in your niche to get some ...

Lifestyle Business Magazine Podcast - iTunes New And Noteworthy US

How Two Hilarious Women Turned a Comedy-Murder Podcast Into a Phenomenon. '

PodCruncher Podcast Player on the App Store

Last summer, Kathy Karlo set out to discover and share impactful stories about climbers you might not hear about in mainstream media.

Serial s3


Close-up of the playback controls of the Google Podcast app.

Obsession delves into, yes, obsessive behaviors, as they relate to the film Greta (the podcast comes from Focus Features, timed to that movie's release; ...

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Anchor is the easiest way to make a podcast, ever. It's the only app that lets you record a high-quality podcast, and distribute it everywhere (including ...

Today View, 3D Touch, and Apple Watch

Best Tools for Recording a Podcast Online: Interviews, Co-hosting & Groups. >

Podcasting for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Getting Started With Podcasts

9:08 AM - 11 Jun 2016 from Cambridge, MA

Music streaming on Apple Watch Series 3 is a surprisingly nice feature to have

The Best Audio Editing Software for Beginning Podcasters

We're challenging you to work with sounds — interviews, narration and recorded sounds from the world around you.