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Its interesting how much walkability can affect a city It gives it

Its interesting how much walkability can affect a city It gives it


It's interesting how much walkability can affect a city. It gives it life and activity. It makes people more involved and people will care more about city ...

Where is the world's most walkable city?

Philadelphia is the fifth most walkable city in America, with a walk score of 79. M. Edlow for VISIT PHILADELPHIA® ...

... an engaging environment, which is why more people linger in the West Village than the Upper East Side in New York. Here in many Portland neighborhoods, ...

Walkability economics II

How sprawl makes walkable places less affordable. Many cities ...

Naperville (IL)'s walkable downtown contains lots of greenery (photo courtesy of

Walkability indexes are flawed. Let's find a better method

How the Walkable Places Committee Plans to Make Houston More Pedestrian Friendly

a walkable neighborhood in Seattle (by: Ped/Bike Information Center via Walk-

A pedestrianized ...

Many people walk through a bright shop-lined square in downtown Belgrade

Walking in New York means more than just exploring Central Park. The city has the urban density to support walking within and between neighborhoods.

Making cities more walkable by understanding how other people influence our journeys

“I walk everywhere in the city. Any city. You see everything you need to see for a lifetime. Every emotion. Every condition. Every fashion.

For cities and streets, 101 salvations

Asia On Foot: The Best Walkable Cities in Asia

For the good of all humankind, make your city more walkable

Carlton ...

Walkable City Rules: 101 Steps to Making Better Places: Jeff Speck: 9781610918985: Amazon.com: Books

Since its opening several weeks ago, there have been many critical take-downs of the new Hudson Yards skyscraper complex. The consensus reception holds that ...

Resort towns are often very good examples of walkable places because they are designed to have

What Makes Walkable Cities?

These streets are made for walking: how Oklahoma City overturned car culture

Image via Ann Millspaugh/Flickr

Cars dominate cities today. Barcelona has set out to change that.

Make Indian cities walkable

ASU researchers develop tool to help determine a neighborhood's walkability

Walkable neighborhoods provide health, environmental and financial benefits

What Makes A Place Walkable


The plan aims to improve health, ...

Walkable cities are investable too

Where to Live in Denver for a Walkable Lifestyle. Denver is a city that is a true reflection of its stunning sunsets. It has many ...

Why Walkable Communities Are the Best Communities for Older Adults


A Walkable City is a Better City

What Little Tokyo is doing right about walkability

Walkable cities reduce blood pressure and hypertension risk, study finds

Why Walkable Streets are More Economically Productive

Two people walk on a city street

What Makes Walkable Cities?

Walkable Barcelona (photo ©2018 by Kaid Benfield. Click for larger view.)

Walkable cities are better cities

A Walkable City is a Better City

Pedestrian Street in Mexico City

Phoenix is widely regarded as a car-dependent city. So it might surprise you to learn that several of our neighborhoods are rated as 'Very Walkable' (or ...

Walkable streets make connections

The 10 Most Walkable Neighborhoods in Mid-Size Bay Area Cities

Americans increasingly want to live in walkable cities | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Publicly owned family rental housing in Vancouver's Olympic Village. (Brent Toderian)

walkable street

Driving costs

... how stockholm became more friendly to walking and what that has done for the city. 100RC engages in content partnerships with several organizations, ...

New study suggests walkable cities don't make people happier

[Photo: Bernard Osei via Unsplash]

London wants to be the world's most walkable city, plans daily street tours by 2024

Cities Alive – Towards a walking world


10 of the Most Walkable Cities in Europe

5 Reasons America Needs Walkable Neighborhoods

The city of Tomball has initiated a number of projects since 2009 to improve walkability throughout

Walkonomics: the high line effect

After Harvey, Houston has a new plan for its downtown

How Great Cities Are Made

Landscape Architecture in Walkable Cities

Walkability: Creating great cities by putting pedestrians first — the Discourse.


In many Indian cities pedestrians are forced to share the road space with motorbikes and cars (Photo: Christine Ro/IIED)

Manhattan Beach Pedestrian Street

How $500 Million Turned Car-Centric Indianapolis Into a More Walkable City

Albuquerque's East Downtown neighborhood, known as EDo, is one of the more walkable areas

A walkable green street in Seattle (photo courtesy of deeproot Green Infrastructure.

Denver's Streetcar Legacy and Its Role in Neighborhood Walkability

How do Walkable Neighborhoods Affect Indianapolis Home Values?

[Photo: Flickr user Michel Curi]

Walkable Philadelphia

What is Walkability? How Do You Measure It? Take-Aways from This Year's TRB Meeting

Walkability expert talks downtown strengths, weaknesses

Three people walk along a bridge. To the right is a line of brightly colored

At the BMW Guggenheim Lab in New York City, Happy City author Charles Montgomery and environmental psychologist Dr. Colin Ellard conducted an experiment ...

The trip to your neighbor's house is walkable, but

Walkability is excellent shorthand for good urban design. For a city to encourage walking, it must have a dense mixture of land uses, integrated with ...


Which Are The Top 10 Walkable Cities In The World?

When it Comes to Encouraging Walkability, Austin Runs Past Dallas