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Interview The Artist Who Stretches Delicate Strands of Thread to

Interview The Artist Who Stretches Delicate Strands of Thread to


String Art by Gabriel Dawe. Interview: Dazzling Thread ...

Artist Gabriel Dawe creates awe-inspiring thread art that is seemingly magic. 🌈

Interview: Artist Stretches Delicate Strands of Thread to Produce Awe-Inspiring Rainbows Indoors

String Art Installation by Gabriel Dawe

String Art by Gabriel Dawe

35 at the Toledo Museum of Art. Photo: Andrew Weber

Site Specific Installation by Gabriel Dawe

8:18 AM - 16 Jul 2018

Site Specific Installation by Gabriel Dawe

Thread Art by Gabriel Dawe

Site Specific Installation by Gabriel Dawe

Jon Strand, “Seeking the Truth” (2009), pointillist ink painting (image courtesy of the artist)

92km of thread (beauty spectrum) ...

String Art by Gabriel Dawe

Toyin Ojih Odutola, To Be Titled (2018). Charcoal, pastel and pencil on paper. 47.6 x 60.6 cm (sheet); 62.2 x 74.9 x 3.8 cm (framed). Courtesy the artist ...

Artworks Trenton & Common Threads Gallery Presents…

2 strands DMC Medicis (or 18/2 wool), 2 strands Paterna Crewel

Big Eyes Interview with Screenwriters Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander

One stand No,8 Pearl Cotton, 3 strands Appleton Crewel

MAN'S CLOAK ( abaya ) of silk, cotton, metallic thread, weft-faced

This Unsual Café In Seoul Will Mkae You Feel Like You Walked Into A Carton – Art Daily

Jon Strand, “Passing Through the Dragon's Wake, Part III” (2017 – 18), contemporary pointillism (image courtesy of the artist)

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Beverly Fishman | Weatherspoon Art Museum

Felicia Atkinson The Flower and the vessel shelter press sp110 bartolome sanson

Goodlett walked us through a hall and into another first-floor room, which was crowded with more sculptural works, as well as pages and pages of his ...

Christopher Benson, Coast View through Orange Frame

These ...

Mark My Words: The Subversive History of Women Using Thread as Ink


Marcelle Joseph Interviews Artist Jonathan Baldock. “

Oil paint on woven glass beads and thread on canvas. 141.6 x 142.9 x 7.6 cm. Courtesy Lehmann Maupin.

Munch meets manga in artist Christian Marclay's new Hong Kong show Screams | South China Morning Post

Brian Fahlstrom at Reflex Amst..

Artist: , Title: Negotiation Skills: Alexanderplatz, Berlin, 2017 - click for



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CWA Picks for June 2018

Lucinda Barnes discusses Hans Hofmann | The Modern Art Notes Podcast

The largest exhibition of manga outside Japan is currently on display at the British Museum in

Williams Mercer S Stop Image Only


il benzinaio, 1992, Hand-tipped colour photocopy, cutouts, bronze embeddd in cover

Battery Journal reviews "Summer of ...

I spent more time making this than I did writing the article. (I didn

Laith McGregor, Untitled (Strand), 2019, oil on canvas and found object, 385 x 310 mm

Jon Strand, “The Oracle of the Golden Temple” (2008), assemblage (image courtesy of the artist)

Martin Weinstein, Venice, Afternoon Traffic, 2 Days (2017), acrylic on

"Interwoven Threads in the Tapestry of Our Nation (10 x 24 x 20 in. "

From a can opener to a game controller, everything can be a rocket in Eric's mind.

Whitney Rosalise Hiebert

have been discussing their latest track, Helios, and how it came together; whether there is going to be more material arriving and whether they share ...

“All right, so we're almost up to date. When were you born? '94, was it?” “'95. I was a toddler on the night New Labour got elected.

ModernPainters, February2014 low res.jpg

These ...


Williams 1940 Image Only

Lola Greeno, Australia b.1946 / Green maireener necklace (and detail) 2007 / Green maireener shells threaded with double strength quilting thread / 180 x ...

“Artistically Seeing”: Visual Art & the Gestures of Creative Nonfiction. “

Artist Laith McGregor - Bic Biro Beards – INTERVIEWS

Marcelle Joseph Interviews Artist Emma Cousin about Legs

Mark Rothko

Ani O'Neill, Tivaevae (For A Bottled Ocean), 1994 (detail), towling, thread, dowl

Lin-Lin Mao works in 2-dimensional and multidimensional spaces and sees painting as the act of putting marks onto or into a space. A mark could be a strand ...

We Must All Be Artists Now

Black Zone Magick Chant Shelter Press BZMC

One strand single ply handspun, one strand Paterna crewel, one strand Appleton crewel

Beginners cross stitch: the ultimate tutorial [Updated May 2017] - Peacock & Fig

... Australia b.1940 / Mindirr 2012 / Pandanus palm with natural dyes / Purchased 2012 with funds from an anonymous donor through the Queensland Art Gallery ...

To Breathe: Mandala, 2010, Single channel mixed media sound installation with The Weaving Factory, 2004, artist voice ...

Warp threads | The Weaving Loom

Arshile Gorky

The way we encounter Rottenberg's films within the exhibition space is essential. Her stages set up the scene and anticipate what is to come.

Juxtapoz interviews Peter Schenck about solo show 'Comedy Cellar'

Angus McCullough with a recent piece for his upcoming show at Buoy gallery in Maine (

For Sanna, who lives on the banks of the Po River in Northern Italy, this deeply personal project, years in the making, is in many ways a meta-meditation on ...

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Their bright colors, bulbous bodies, and simplicity of form make them candidates for a Saturday morning cartoon. Then, a closer look, and the threads of ...

... considered coats around, Mark is a performer who travels all over Australia with his show that celebrates the music of Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly and ...

Judy Pfaff | Upstate Diary

After walking through a portal delicately molded from white plastic and featuring dragons ... Read more →

THE ARI REMIX LIVING ARCHIVES & SOCIAL MEMORY PROJECT - https://remix.org.au - in progress now March 2011 to December 2019


Jorge Pardo, Untitled (detail), 2017, acrylic paint on mdf, laser

National Museum of Contemporary Art - EMST, Athens

Isaac Abrams, “Garden Spirit with Shimmering Eye”, 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 24 x 20 inches


The main effect on your side is that the mailing list disappeared and so no one's getting email notifications.

Anastasia Klose, Farnsworth with flowers 2014, ink

Every Episode of David Attenborough's Life Series, Ranked

In The In-Between | Galerie Born Berlin | 26.04.-08.06.2019