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Inflammation in the gut can affect your body in ways you may not

Inflammation in the gut can affect your body in ways you may not


Leaky gut gets blamed for everything from everyday stomach issues to pain to anxiety, yet it is one of the most mysterious ailments to diagnose and treat.

Inflammation, 5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

Disease Risk and Your Gut

13 Ways Inflammation Can Affect Your Health

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Read about the healing powers of tumeric here.

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Inflammation: How to Cool the Fire Inside You That's Making You Fat and Diseased

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10 Signs You Have a Leaky Gut—and How to Heal It

Inflammation is a word we are hearing more and more. Studies show that inflammation may be the root cause of many diseases in the body.

the gut-brain connection

Inflammation, 5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

Chronic inflammation can lead to serious medical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes.

Too much of a good thing. It fights infection. It prepares you for battles. It can harm your gut

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11 Ways Gluten And Wheat Can Damage Your Health

... you are, the less inflammation will be present in your body. Inflammation, 5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

How to Fix 6 Common Digestive Problems

... of the mechanisms that cause disease, doctors believed certain ailments could originate from imbalances in the stomach. This was called hypochondriasis.

Research shows that stress can negatively affect your digestive tract.

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21 Health Secrets Your Gut Is Trying to Tell You

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The gut brain connection: how your gut health affects your mental health

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What should you know about gastritis?

An inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn's can have a negative effect on your heart.

Gluten: How Does it Effect Your Body?

5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Take Control of Your Gut Health

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a medical illustration of inflammatory bowel disease

Inflammation in the gut can affect your body in ways you may not realize, but

Stop a second and consider this: You share your body with about 100 trillion other organisms. These bacterial cells live in your skin, mouth, nose, ...

Here's Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health

An illustration of large and small intestines inside the body that are color coded where red

Is Your Gut Healthy? How to Tell

The inflammation associated with psoriatic disease can affect many parts of the body.

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Improving Your Child's Gut Health Illustration

Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is the name for a group of conditions that cause the digestive system to become inflamed (red, swollen, and sometimes ...

Image of intestines with appendix

Leaky Gut and How to Heal it Naturally


Microorganisms that live in our gut may influence physical and cognitive health, and possibly even

Digestive. You have trillions of bacteria living in your gut but not ...

How Stress Wreaks Havoc on Your Gut – and What to Do about It

Does Inflammation Harm Your Health?

The human microbiome: why our microbes could be key to our health

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Here's Everything You Need to Know About Gut Health


Doctors are learning that one of the best ways to reduce inflammation lies not in the medicine cabinet, but in the refrigerator.

'How my vegan diet ruined my gut'

Inflammation, 5 Ways To Reduce Inflammation Quickly

It can harm your joints

Body-bacteria illustration

How to Improve Gut Health

Inflammation: What is it? What factors in YOU affect how fast, or how slow, your body will heal?

Inflammation - Dr. Axe. Inflammation is now being linked to just about every health ...

Your Pelvic Floor: How It Can Help You Reduce Stress & Improve Gut Health

Signals affecting host–microbiota interplay and its regulation of metabolism. © 2017 Fabbiano, Suárez-Zamorano and Trajkovski, Host–Microbiota Mutualism in ...

How dirty air could be affecting our gut health

Thickened nails are a classic symptom of psoriasis that people with PsA may experience.

You Asked: What Is Inflammation, And Why Should I Care About It?

Tasty yogurt and jam, closeup

Exploded diagram of the intestines. Inflammatory ...

how to heal your gut naturally

I've spoken a little bit about gut dysbiosis but now I'm going to go into slightly more depths about the symptoms it causes, how this can lead to systemic ...

Here are some questions to ask yourself: How often are you ...

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“But how can I be sure that I actually have inflammation?”

Gut Health Impacts Hormonal Balance

I wasn't always an empowered participant in my health. But when I started connecting the dots between my diet and lifestyle, chronic inflammation, ...

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Would Grain Be the Cause of Your Gut Pain

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