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In Sanscrit Mudra means closure or seal Mudras called yoga

In Sanscrit Mudra means closure or seal Mudras called yoga


In Sanscrit, Mudra means “closure” or “seal”. Mudras, called yoga for the fingers, are specific hand positions that influence the energy follow in the body.

Benefits Of Kalesvara Mudra

Hand yoga, also known as mudra (Sanskrit word meaning sign or seal), is a series of hand gestures, movements and positions, that locks and guides energy ...

In Sanscrit, Mudra means “closure” or “seal”. Mudras, also called yoga for the fingers, are specific hand positions that influence the energy follow in the ...

MUDRA THERAPY or as it is fondly called - HAND YOGA - Yogic and Tantric sciences refer to the Sanskrit meaning of the word – (a 'closure' or 'seal') and use ...

MUDRAS – Your health is, quite literally, in your hands Mudra is a Sanskrit word and means closure or seal. Mudra hand positions are physical gestures that ...

The Lotus Mudra. In Sanscrit, Mudra means “closure” or “seal”. Mudras, also called yoga ...


The Linga Mudra is so called because it increases body heat by focusing on the element of fire inside the body.


Creating inner peace through the use of mudras

Relationship between fingers and the 5 elements - Tantrik version

What is a Mudra?

By definition "mudra" (or as we know them - hand positions) is a Sanskrit term meaning seal. As our hands are sites of sensory reception, they have a deep ...


Northern Birch Yoga by Tara Gauld

Apart from twisting and stretching in Yoga Asanas, the easy practice of yoga mudras helps you to attain the state physical and mental equanimity.

12 Mudras to Shift Your Energy

Yoga Mudras

Given that Surya means 'Sun' in Sanskrit, it is considered a very powerful fiery gesture, and yogis advise that people with strong “fire” or “agni” should ...

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Mudra means "seal" or "closure" in Sanskrit. We use these gestures

3. Benefits of mudras ...

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The five Tattvas (elements)

Yoga Mudra

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Mudras mean taking a particular type of posture or gesture to stimulate the flow of energy in the body, and to get relief from particular ailment.

As per Eastern philosophies and culture and Yogic practices, 'Mudras' are systematic hand gestures. Literally, Mudra in Sanskrit means a posture/seal.

The Dhyana Mudra is one of the oldest Mudrās and was used before yogis integrated it into meditation.

Mudras Explained


Buddha Mudras: Hand Positions of the Buddha


The different yoga mudras involve different parts of the body and correspondingly diverse procedures, generally to retain the vital energy of prana.

According to one of the most revered Buddhist sayings:

Yoga Mudras - An Overview

Partial view of a woman in a chin mudras meditating position

Maha Mudra – The Great Gesture

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Chinmaya Mudra

Shiva Rea in Anjali Mudra

There's Magic in Mudras

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Mudras, the power of wisdom at your fingertips

Gyan Mudra ...

What is the Gyan Mudra?

Mrigi Mudra – Deer Seal


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What are Mudras?

vishnu mudra is a hand posture used during alternate nostril breathing exercises in yoga. the

SMB asks: “I often see people engaging in yoga or other forms of eastern meditation with their fingers held in certain positions. What are they doing and do ...

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Apana Mudra:

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Yoga Special: How Mudras of Yoga help gain physical, spiritual and emotional strength in body!

An Ancient Mudra Definition; 2.

The Sanskrit word mudra can be translated as to seal, close, or lock up



Eagle Seal. Garuda Mudra



Mudras can be combined with doing yoga and performing them, sitting in a lotus position or during some asanas. To enhance the effect, you can accompany ...

Seal of Patience. What is the shuni mudra?

1 Gyan Mudra

Yoga Mudra (Yoga Seal). yogamudra


Chin Mudra

Express Yourself: Mudras

varun-mudra in yoga mudras

Things You See in a Yoga Studio - Mudras at Balanced Planet Yoga, Marlton, NJ

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4 Common Mudras Used in Yoga

yoga mudras elements ...

The Ganesha Mudra. The origins of mudras ...

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