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Im still swoooooning Can you blame me One of my favorite parts

Im still swoooooning Can you blame me One of my favorite parts


I'm still swoooooning. Can you blame me?!? One of my

He cuts her off, saying he doesn't blame her: “I blame myself, for not recognizing you sooner.” But Ra-on doesn't let him say more, and excuses herself to ...

Yeong replies, “If you open the road, you must also open the gate at the end of the road.” He points out that applicants can't be given a chance when the ...

The Ace Hotel is a Palm Spring's favorite. It's the perfect blend of mid-century modern summer camp meets super hip swim club.

The Trouble with Flirting

The next day, Ra-on requests to be reassigned, and the queen's Eunuch Sung passive-aggressively crows that he knew she wouldn't last.

I'm always gushing.. “OMG, guys, this is my favorite



20 New Photos from Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 6 – Beyond the Wall!

A force. A god. He's not real. Just a fantasy outside the grasp of our own realities. A face. A body. A cover. A story.

The Ace Hotel is a Palm Spring's favorite. It's the perfect blend of mid-century modern summer camp meets super hip swim club.

The best part about this book is the fact that I didn't know where the story will take me!!!

706 - Dragonstone - Daenerys 1

Solomon, Susan One Heart

OOH MY!!! I just can't believe how much happened and we get to see in just 2 episodes !!!

Doctor Stranger Poster1 ...



ELVIS PRESLEY - I'M FALLING IN LOVE TONIGHT HD from '' It Happened at the World's Fair'',1963


“I know it is shameless of me,” she says, “but if you will allow me to leave the palace, I will not forget that kindness and will live well.”

Weekend Open Thread

Can't stop, won't stop with this summery diffuser blend which I

“As his lips seared mine and our tongues danced in harmony, he poured his soul into me, and I took the ambrosia that led to all three things for me ...


An Affair of Poisons

This is one of those secret gem type of oils. It is a special blend

But she shakes her head, telling him, “In a place I should not be, I did something I must not do. I'm sorry. I will not cause any more harm for you—”

Happy cover reveal @nadinebrandes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I'm so excited for Romanov! Fawkes is one of my favorite reads for the year. If you're looking for ...

... Hey, mama friends, nannies + rockstar babysitters! 👋🏼 What are your favorite; I'm still swoooooning. Can you blame me?

Who are your top 3 favorite groups/artists and why? Justin Timberlake, Train

I spy with my little eye... something that is lavender and fits perfectly

Chapter Fifty-One

Guys this photo took me so long to post because i was gone all day and then had to retake the photo multiple times, and still not as good as ...


Campbell, Tara Love's Last Gasp · Tara Campbell is a Washington ...

... overxmatter - Frank Troeh - Freshie conch from last week with a seven bead cluster flower

Items similar to Love Quote, Wall Art, Wood Wall Art, Wood Sign, Vintage Sign, Quote Sign on Etsy

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And it doesn`t stop, Tourism Fiji wants Beachthursday readers to experience the life of a Fijan and are giving away a Happiness pack worth £50 including ...


These annoying little guys 🐜 are trying to set up camp in my house, luckily

I told you that this was real for me. What I'm holding now is Gu Ae-jung's heart, who came to me.” Oh, swoon. How can a guy be this perfect?

What's your favourite hot beverage—coffee? Tea? Hot chocolate? These days I'm a tea girl (trying to kick that caffeine addiction) but today I'm pairing fair ...

Jax Sons Of Arnachy, Sons Of Anarchy Samcro, Charlie Hunnam Soa, Anarchy Quotes

photo IMG_3710_zpsrjpaymtl.png

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That whole part with the Chinese business man was just BORING and almost killed that episode for me but we still got many things to talk about, ...

The next day, Ra-on requests to be reassigned, and the queen's Eunuch Sung passive-aggressively crows that he knew she wouldn't last.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the gorgeous cover for my sweet friend @nadinebrandes' latest novel, a fantastical take on the story of princess Anastasia!

A totally badass nostril, healed and downsized! 14k white gold and genuine rubies from

Nothing finer than a healed \"top-gem\" navel piercing

OLAPLEX is the secret: What Makes Kim Kardashian's Hair Look So Good Kim Kardashian Hair

Look who I found hiding in the flower pots today

^Not to toot my own horn here but isn't this^ cover ridiculously gorgeous??

sirius–black: “@remussiriusetc your eyes are gorgeous! i know they arent


Thank you Minkey for alerting me to them...Edit - Oops!!! These are Minkeys!! They are not the ones from lj at all!! Sorry minkey!!

Doctor Stranger 1 Doctor Stranger 2 Doctor Stranger 3 ...


706 - Dragonstone - Tyrion 1



[ IMG]

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Thank goodness for my oils today!! Feeling this blanket of anxiety rush over me

Deok-sun cries at her desk as Lee Moon-se finally reads one of the postcards that she sent into his radio show, hoping that the boy she likes will confess ...

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Elvis Presley -- A Man Who Made A Difference - Part 10(b) Nixon Meets Elvis

There's also a "Dave-a-day" one too. It was Jennet I think???

color talk, finding beautiful truth, hair care secrets


12giveaway-airbnb. psst, you still ...

Just a friendly reminder that we are only 196 days out from Romanov's release (if my math is right). Be still, my heart. May 7, 2019 will come soon enough.

A friend sent me this candid photo which I thought I would share

A perfect purple opal cabochon from @neometaljewelry in a fresh and fa

... goldencrystalbodypiercing - Lexie Lipp - I am currently on a plane to Vegas, but here

If I could sum this entire argument up into one image, it would be this:

ACQUISTA CON 1-CLICK ◅ || Facebook || Twitter || Pinterest || ...more

Ambrosia is the 2nd book in the Book Boyfriend series… Metamorphosis is Book 1 and can be found here…

706 - Winterfell - Brienne 1

Again JW don't disappoint me and actually start digging the matter more on his own not blinded by his own wishes and of course MN's words had an effect on ...


Healed 14g labret piercing, swapped out to an @industrialstrength circular barbell, and an



[ IMG]

hair care secrets, finding beautiful truth

COVER REVEAL❤ 🧡💛🖤❤ 🧡💛🖤 - I'm so excited to be part of the cover reveal for Romanov, a YA historical fantasy retelling of Anastasia😍 the book is ...

With all the old “Great Houses” in England, finding gorgeous linens is easy.

Dwight Howard blames SVG: Magic star Dwight Howard questioned coach Stan Van Gundy's late-game strategy after last night's blown-lead loss in Boston.

706 - Winterfell - Sansa, Littlefinger 1

I'm back baby!!! ⛑ 🛬🎰. Had

Jams like this were everywhere we went; we bought some, and ate it with our morning crumpets, but we didn't bring any home. Look at all the special kinds of ...