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If you guys know what this anime is called comment down bellow

If you guys know what this anime is called comment down bellow



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revue starlight

2013.12.29 blood nose


Perfect Blue

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I am the friend of the Main character. What are you guys? Comment Below

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If you disagree, see you in the comments section. Cowboy Bebop (1998) – 26 episodes

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Jump Force review: "An ambitious brawler that suffers from something of an identity crisis"

The coming of spring means many things, as life springs anew, tulips bloom, and of course, a new season of anime shows hits the air in Japan.

If you're brand new to anime, here are 10 great shows to get the er, dragon ball rolling.

Perfect Blue (1997)

During ...


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PC: @pikibob this is really funny and idk why 😂👌🏼 Conspiracy theories

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That's all for today guys! I hope you enjoyed part 2 of this, comment down below if you have anymore phobias!

Lotte no Omocha! Vol 1.jpg

Who else is smut trash ? Because, me😂😍🤦🏽 ♀️

Gunslinger Girl (2003) – 13 episodes

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Grave of the Fireflies

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2013.12.29 flip phone


Chika Dance


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Ash Ketchum / The only protagonist that would think it's cool to wipe snot off his

What do you guys think of Raphtalia 😍comment down below ??!. #

Spice and Wolf. From Wikipedia ...


best anime characters

Although I really had to get use to the artwork in Durarara, he is one well designed guy. In my opinion he's pretty handsome.

I found this term for anime girls with glasses called Meganekko-moe. So, when I discovered a few pics with super cute anime guys with glasses I decided . ...

Naruto is coming to an end after being on the air for close to 15 years

Paranoia Agent (2004) – 13 episodes

asobi asobase workshop of fun

20. Dragon Ball

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I can't recall any other anime character who does this, though, so it may be more idiosyncratic than I realise. What, if anything, does it mean when a ...


jump force goku

The most famous cartoon of all time, all the way down here? Why yes, because Mickey Mouse has never been a big character in feature-length animation, ...

Dragon Ball Z. If you have an anime ...

Serial Experiments Lain (1998) – 13 episodes

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