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I was incredibly pleased to alight on the word petrichor picture

I was incredibly pleased to alight on the word petrichor picture


I love the smell of rain after a heatwave. And now I love the word for it, too

Anna Wintour may settle for less, but I've grown out of bad coffee

Did We Just Get Gaslighted By The Attorney General?

What is 4/20? The marijuana holiday, explained.

have you ever smelled the rain here s what causes that signature scent known as petrichor

the scent of rain is called petrichor

#petrichor medias

A 'million word gap' for children who aren't read to at home: That's how many fewer words some may hear by kindergarten

you may have noticed a pleasant smell after the rain today this is called petrichor the name comes from the gr

what s that smell there s a word for it petrichor orwx wawx pdxtst

We are pleased to announce that on Thursday 4th October, to celebrate National Poetry Day, The London Magazine will be collaborating on an evening of poetry ...

this ...


Your Kids Can Now Grow Their Own Secret Garden Fort

Cute Facts About Dogs

Tiro alla fune sulla Rai

did you know that there is a word for the smell produced when rain starts to

Do You Need to Work to Recover From an Injury?

Heather Roberts @hevRobIM

Positive Words List

At one point in the trip, we visit the Burgar Hill Energy Project in Evie, alighting from the bus to stand underneath several massive turbines.

Rosalyn Bever

I have learned a new word. This is always a good thing even when it is the younger generation getting one over on me. One of my daughters wrote it to me ...

The front page of the Daily Telegraph on 19 April 2019

Fournier RF-9


WRITE “As sacred as prayer and music: Power of the word: Write.” - Arjune Teeluck

Like: then I began making portraits, not just portraits in colours in designs in styles, in blue, in patterns, in abstraction, but this, & I'm trying to ...

petrichor why does rain smell so good

Please...mind your own f*cking business! - 9GAG Mind You

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Veil by akrasiel

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Author Archives: Sandro

'I'm unsure and scared and hopeful': Jamie Chung, 35,

Some of my favorite words listed out in my journal. I just started out with handlettering so the spacing is mad wonky, but I'm trying.

Rent spikes, gig jobs among bills facing legislative action – Trending News

The Daily Express front page on 19 April 2019

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on dry bark and grass is one of the best aroma's I've ever had the pleasure to smell. Bootiful! Except, perhaps cheesy baked potatoes? Hehe!



I love the pastel, or almost watercolor look in this extremely low-grade resolution photo that's meant to transport ...

Dictionary of Positivity, Positivity in Your Pocket

How new words are born

This male long horned, or Fairy, moth was sunning himself on a nettle leaf. This species has amazingly, bordering on ridiculously, long 'filiform' antenna.

We ...

Prints in the sand


The Happy Warrior

This is one of the first poems that got me back into writing and I'

We have scant knowledge of pre-hispanic Bën zaa beliefs and practices. Aside from assumptions based on archeological digs, the only other sources of ...

A lot of water has passed under the bridge tonight. Being in the same room as John, and no longer hurting at the mere sight of him.

Show your support and help Olivia Gatwood to finals for Best…

Chapter 1. “

UK Heritage Awards 2019 name Best Wedding Venue: Ardlington Hall

Relation not Religion


Book Reivew: the Woman With an Owl tattoo by anne walsh donnelly

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The ...

Thomas Omondi

My friend's eight year old daughter came up to us when we were talking the other day looking extremely upset and sad. Apparently someone had told her, ...


Character Scramble IX Round 3: Pandemonium of the Occult Trials : whowouldwin

Heart Of A Coward – Deliverance

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This species has amazingly, bordering on ridiculously, long 'filiform' antenna. In this chaps case they were at least 4 times the length of his body, ...

The Invitation: Escape with this epic, page-turning summer holiday read – читать онлайн полностью – ЛитРес

“They alighted on a little plateau covered in purple and orange wildflowers, its grasses. “

The Latest: 6 nations meet to coordinate Brexit response

Feature: ...

Biographyofhazratinayatkhan by soefi beweging nederland - issuu

OPINION: Here's a way teachers can help break down equity barriers in high school: reading aloud to students - The Hechinger Report

Word of the week is EFFLORESCENCE (noun): The state or a period of

Kana's drawing

healing power positive words positive adjectives ...

They're wrapped up in an embrace between one second and the next. Dean's not sure who initiated it. Both of them, maybe. Their cheeks push together at an ...

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Taking the prompt Dust, these poets interpret this single word in wonderfully disparate ways.


Hannah Jane Parkinson

This Common Yellow Warbler came calling to alight near my outdoor writing desk this morning. Her gentle presence made it hard to concentrate on my work.

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I think about Carrie & Lowell I think about William's Last Words I think about A Silkworm of One's Own. There is a funeral, an offer for coffee, ...

The longed-for rain came with a storm towards the end of the month. Farmers rushed to get in crops as the clouds approached, bales perched perilously high ...

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Opeth, the modern day, love 'em or hate 'em prog band. 12 now 12 albums under their belt, the band has become very comfortable with their transition into ...

Tenta di salvare vicino da scarica elettrica: 2 morti folgorati nell'hinterland romano