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I helped write the IPCC 15C report the number apparently comes

I helped write the IPCC 15C report the number apparently comes


Figure 1. Dependency between the decrease of the outgoing longwave radiation (OLR) the surface temperature change needed to compensate the increased ...


[from page 9: “Global warming for the two cultures” https://www.thegwpf.org/content/uploads/2018/10/Lindzen-2018-GWPF-Lecture.pdf%5D

It should be clear from the above the plot that the long term trend (the global warming signal) is robust, but it is equally obvious that the short term ...

The Prime Minister defended Australia remaining a signatory to the Paris Agreement, arguing it would not have any impact on electricity prices.


... in IPCC's First Assessment Report. In 2013 our sins of emission totaled 10.8 billion tonnes of carbon; in 2014 the official estimate, in the annual ...

Instrumental temperature characteristics are consistent with natural climate variability of short-term events and steep warming trendlines >0.5degC/century ...

IPCC observed warming and predictions8


The following plot ranks all of the years from warmest to coolest, with the ten warmest and ten coolest years indicated:

IPCC failed to detect the weak signal in the data set, but it routinely fails to detect signals in its data (e.g., solubility effects in atmospheric CO2, ...


The World Meteorological Organization defines climate as global mean surface temperature (GMST) averaged over 30 years. Using HadCRUT4 since 1850 for GMST ...

IPCC model global warming projections have done much better than you think | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

... with the large decadal variations, and various estimates of the rate for the specific 1993-2003 time period cited by IPCC in AR4 WG1.

Just be sure to note the non-linear time scale.

This ...

Climate change report is a “wake-up” call on 1.5°C global warming

Sea_level_rise_Grinstead_20. Sea_level_rise_Grinstead_20

Figure SPM.5 from IPCC Fifth Assessment Synthesis Report (2014).

Expecting measurements of the same quantities from differing instruments and proxies to match is incompetent. To calibrate them to match is problematic, ...

IPCC has at least doubled true climate sensitivity: a demonstration


Specifically, IPCC neither retracted nor removed Mann's Hockey Stick in AR4, as FM wrongly suggests.

... disproved claims of sinking island assertions which were supposed to show the terrible consequence of rejecting the exaggerated IPCC climate report ...

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The trend line in intensity is flat, and the trend line in number of storms (not shown) is insignificantly downward.

Before we do that, let us recall IPCC's current official list of feedbacks relevant to the derivation of both transient and equilibrium sensitivities:

The climate models, from 1979 (when they first “went public” in the Charney Report) until today, predict that ...

The IPCC report: busting the climate myths

The slope of the plot allows us to state we are about 1.15 degrees warmer that the per-Industrial temperature and that at 560 ppm we will be at 1.2 degrees ...

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered average is ...

On the graph, the orange zone shows the IPCC's roughly straight-line predictions from 1990 to 2100. The IPCC's central estimate is that from 1990 to the ...

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2007/may/05/climatechange.climatechangeenvironment …

Figure 3

“When you focus on emissions, you are missing part of the story on how you are helping the environment,” she said. “There is no doubt the ERF is supporting ...

How to get involved in AR6: Produce the literature ...

86. According to the Vatican 2015 was our last chance to avert catastrophe.

Global temperature ...

Carbon Countdown: How many years of current emissions would use up the IPCC's carbon budgets

Climate Scientists, consensus, survey, 97%, 43%, certainty …

University College London Climate debate** March 12 - went brill (report later) - **Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change?" Debate/Forum - PiersCorbyn ...


Watts Up With That?

The essence of the greenhouse gas hypothesis of global warming is given in this schematic diagram used in the U.N. IPCC report:

Chilling temperature remodels phospholipidome of Zea mays seeds during imbibition | Scientific Reports

In this diagram from 1976 it can be seen that a) the normal temperature is 15 °C, b) that it was warmer than 15 °C in the first half of the last century, ...

PROJECTED CHANGES DANGEROUS AND COSTLY https://www.wri.org/blog/2018/10/8-things-you-need-know-about-ipcc-15-c- report ...

Global area-averaged lower tropospheric temperature anomalies (departures from 30-year calendar monthly means, 1981-2010). The 13-month centered average is ...


IPCC climate change report calls for urgent action to phase out fossil fuels – as it happened

This column chart shows the estimates for twenty-first century sea level rise from semi

Communicating the findings of the IPCC 1.5C report on Global Warming can be done in 866 pages or condensed down to 17 sylablles. Scroll down to the bottom ...

Major Red (R4) period May 15-19+-1d

GFS analysis of surface temperature departures from normal at about the time 110 deg. F temperatures were reached in Sydney, Australia (Weatherbell.com ...

I don't believe in global warming

It's not the sun


... presentation I take a closer look at how IEA ~1.75°C scenarios compare with 1.5°C scenarios. ...



Effect of temperature on seed germination. Germination of hybrids A (a) and B (a) at 4 different temperatures and cardinal temperatures for germination (c).


Multiple independent temperature reconstructions over the past 1000 years

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Infographic, BBC


Everything you need to know about the new 1.5°C climate-change report

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credit : Tol (2014)

Infographic: How do the impacts of 1.5C of warming compare to 2C of warming

This chart outlines the changes in observed annual global temperature since 1970, compared with the

The Sorry State of Climate Science Peer Review, and Kudos to Nic Lewis

Urban heat island effect big factor in climate change, Hong Kong records show | South China Morning Post

Temperature Profile of the Earth's Atmosphere

Study: humans have caused all the global warming since 1950 | Dana Nuccitelli | Environment | The Guardian

Another scientist just published a paper in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology that also concludes solar activity drove ...

Major Red (R4) period May 15-19+-1d

Widespread methane seepage along the continental margin off Svalbard - from Bjørnøya to Kongsfjorden | Scientific Reports

A gentoo penguin stands before a glacial face on Trinity Island, Antarctica

https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/08/global-warming-must-not-exceed- 15c-warns-landmark-un-report …

Figure SPM.1 from Summary for Policymakers.

This line chart shows the changes in observed global sea level since 1970, compared with

Over the short 8 year period, the regressions range from -0.23ºC/dec to 0.61ºC/dec. Note that this is over a period with no volcanoes, and so the variation ...

Climate change policy as a prisoners' dilemma (top).

Climate strikes – News, Research and Analysis – The Conversation – page 1

The probability density function for the fraction of warming attributable to human activity (derived from Fig. 10.5 in IPCC AR5).

17 New Scientific Papers Dispute CO2 Greenhouse Effect As Primary Explanation For Climate Change

Page 1

Hockey stick graph took pride of place in IPCC report, despite doubts

Equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS), water vapor emissions layer (WVEL) ascent,

There's Actually Some Good News in That Scary IPCC Report