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I feel betrayed by this bottle CrappyDesign Bottle Feeling

I feel betrayed by this bottle CrappyDesign Bottle Feeling


Diet supplement looks like it has a biohazard symbol on it

Yummy I love me some bouncy balls

Stuffed Peppers, Salt And Pepper, Salt N Pepper, Salt N Pepa, Paleo

Sipping on Jameson Rye Whiskey(i.redd.it)


155 Of The Funniest Design Fails By Crappy Design””

A custom build I had done by Center Street Electronics near Lawrence, KS. A modded TS5 on the left/an old Boss CS3 compressor on the right.



We've all experienced unmet expectations and painful experiences: when we hang onto them, we keep ourselves from soaring and enjoying our precious lives.



How to clear up your sinuses and breath freely after a nasty cold using essential oils

A welcomed sight (24 bottles came free)(i.redd.it)



just me?

Obviously the only right choice for my bathroom:


The kit(i.redd.it)

Epic Toy Design Fails - 50 Pictures


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ARMISTICE by Lara Elena Donnelly, read by Mary Robinette Kowal


When you want to add a feature without breaking existing code.

THE SECRET!! 👿💊 🛑 or 🌿 💙 💯 💯 💯 #healthbeforewealth #


ETSY alice in wonderland necklace $12 Bottle Jewelry, Bottle Charms, Diy Jewelry, Potion


@rockstarenergy why does this taste nearly identical to the fruit punch?? Was expecting

I might be one of few people in America that never even watched an episode.


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Each book is accompanied by a single-sentence summary (and a hand), and heading the whole thing is this line: “For full reviews, ...


I once was your future. Now I'm your present. Tomorrow I will be your past. And may the great debbuger. Cross our paths again


More ideas

My google search... sums up how sad I really am! #googlesearch

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Someone should make a game set entirely in a thought bubble.

Here's an image I took from the bus yesterday after the Twins game:

Negative Reviews: EastMeetEast - #1 Asian Dating - by East Meet East, Inc. - Lifestyle Category - 2,080 Reviews - AppGrooves: Get More Out of Life with ...

#Repost 💙thanks! @labeyondthelabel ・・・ #nuffsaid #whomademyclothes #makeshifthappen

[Thumb - Screenshot_2016-10-20-13-31-37.png

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As the caption said “thanos juice. 🍇 Thanos juice. 🍇 thanos juice. 🍇” real profound stuff(i.redd.it)

Karin Cell

#Repost @signs_for_change with @get_repost ・・・ “STOP BUYING CRAP AND THEN

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Uber secretly identified and tagged iPhones even after its app had been deleted and the devices erased

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I guess I'm into birding now that I bought a pair of binoculars.

The Commentary in last week's TLS is by John Barnard (too much to hope that in addition to being a stodgy academic he's also related to the author of such ...

Possibly the best beer renaming ever - Dylan Spitz Hot Fire Smoked Schwarzbier at The Guild's new taproom in Pawtucket!What I'm Sippin'(i .redd.it)

Lola Bye

Rush Hour Gameplay for ASMR, Relaxation & Sleep

Cover of Tenements, Towers & Trash: An Unconventional Illustrated History of New York City by Julia Wertz (all images courtesy of Hachette Book Group, Inc.)

Gordon Sondland owns Provenance Hotels, with four PDX properties -- the Lucia, deLuxe, Sentinel and Westin. After he was outed as being the host for a Trump ...

THE POPPY WAR by R.F. Kuang, read by Emily Woo Zeller


Santa Barbara Independent, 1/24/19

Negative Reviews: EastMeetEast - #1 Asian Dating - by East Meet East, Inc. - Lifestyle Category - 2,080 Reviews - AppGrooves: Get More Out of Life with ...


A few little drinks with my girl... When you get heart burn and

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One for the East Coast…

Posted by gerardvanderleun at 7:14 AM | Your Say (3)

There were other things in this New Yorker, mind you – it's another fantastic issue, from a funny Roz Chast cartoon to a fascinating article about abortion ...

I misread the text. My life aspiration at age 5 was to be a rabbit.

Water Bottle, Container, Gourd, Canisters


Decided to have a 30 day reset. No drinking, focus on exercise, and get my diet on track. Got this to celebrate when the times up! Cheers guys!(i .redd.it)

THE OUTSIDER by Stephen King, read by Will Patton

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When I wrote about the Haunted Mansion loot crates ("Ghost Post") last March, what I couldn't say was that I was the writer on the project, ...


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There are numerous conspiracy theories being spun about the Las Vegas shooting which occurred 4 days ago. It should be no surprise that many eyewitness ...

Picture memes UNZCsnyN6 by shadey12: 0.9K comments - iFunny :)

Is it going to rain today and what is the latest forecast from the Met Office?