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Honeypot ants Creatures Ants Types of ants Types of insects

Honeypot ants Creatures Ants Types of ants Types of insects


Honeypot ants are unique insects that are native to Mexico and South America. This insects has the ability to store honey-like substance on their abdomen ...

Image showing a honeypot ant

Honeypot ant

Biting and Stinging: The Ants

Colobopsis – cork-headed ants

Honey Pot Ant

Prenolepis imparis corpulent workers and a worker carrying a cluster of eggs

These are the 5 major characteristics to distinguish honeypot ants (genus Myrmecocystus) from other ants in southern California.

Prenolepis imparis workers tending to a scale insect.

I recently found another ant species in my traps on Owens Peak. I am reasonably certain it is a large-eyed, nocturnal species of honeypot ant (Myrmecocystus ...

Honey pot ants get their name from the swollen amber-colored belly ...

Myrmecocystus navajo, a night-active honeypot ant. Willcox, Arizona, USA


Different Types of Ants

Did you know ants can make honey?

Solenopsis xyloni. The southern fire ant ...

colorful ant abdomens & honeypot ants

Representing approximately 10,000 species across the globe, there is no doubt that ants are fascinating insects. You are sure to discover engrossing ...

Ant Wars

Honey Ant Adaptations

Earth Notes: Honeypot Ants

Honey Pot Ants

honeypot ant

Would you like some Honeypot Ants for dinner, Honey?

Honey Pot Ants

Amazonian leafcutter ants

Fire ant (Solenopsis invicta) sting up close.

... fourteen bird species, thirteen reptile species, one fish species and two small mammal species” in the US through competition, predation and stinging, ...

Wonderful Woodland Ants Image Bloodroot seeds have a nutritious, fat-rich accessory called an elaiosome that these Aphaenogaster fulva workers get to eat in ...

... Nature's Wonders Ants ...

Acromyrmex- leafcutter ants. Desert southwest, locally abundant (1 species)

Types of Ants

Myrmecocystus honeypot ant species come in three basic color patterns, depending on the time of

Bullants with weevil

Queen ant

7 Reasons Ants Will Inherit the Earth

Hawaiian carpenter ant (Camponotus variegatus), the largest ant species in the Hawaiian Islands. This specimen appears to be a queen who has shed her wings.

Heat-loving Australian ants believe in diversity, hint 74 species new to science

Myrmecocystus mimicus (Honeypot ants)


Brachymyrmex – rover ants. Widespread across North America (5 species)

In Defense of Pet Ants



ants honey pot - Pesquisa Google

Honeypot ants compared to a human hand. The dark dorsal sclerites are widely separated by the stretched arthrodial membrane of the inflated abdomen of each ...

Honeypot ants (Myrmecocystus) and a solpugid in a fight to the finish. I found them in this position in southern Arizona. This battle was not staged!

Prenolepis imparis queen and male in copula

Red honeypot ants - stock photo

... forager Myrmecocystus mexicanus replete. Repletes: Myrmecocystus are better known to naturalists by their common name - honeypot ants.

Winter Ants (Prenolepis imparis) False Honeypot Ants

Worker Ants

Acrobat Ants

parasite ants

5 examples that prove ants are the most underrated animals

Red Ant. Generally, three kinds ...

bomber ant

Honey pot ant outside the mouth of a test tube

Myrmecocystus navajo (Honeypot ants)

Acacia Ants

I recently found another ant species in my traps on Owens Peak. I am reasonably certain it is a large-eyed, nocturnal species of honeypot ant (Myrmecocystus ...

Myrmecocystus mimicus honeypot ant worker. Note the exceptionally long maxillary palpi emerging backwards from the

Imagine you're standing in a room full of 50 kids just your size. Now imagine that you can pick all 50 of them up at the same time, and carry them around ...

A meat ant tending a common leafhopper nymph

Facts about ants tell us that they have the longest lifespan of any insect and that sometimes they can live for up to 30 years!

WorkerOdontomachus most probably monticolla species. Stunning creatures trapjaw ants! Aren't they?

Do Ants Have Natural Enemies?

Honeypot Ants Animals ...

Ants Ranger Rick May 2017 1

Pretty Green Australian Weaver Ant

Amazon.fr - Ants At Work: How An Insect Society Is Organized - Deborah Gordon - Livres

These sweet Australian ants are "the best honey you've ever tasted" Noma's René Redzepi says they were the best thing he ate last year, but Indigenous ...

Ant hill

Leaf cutter ants have large jaws ©Getty Images

leafcutter ant

Most of the ants found in the red and black color and their length of bodies also can vary. Similar to the other insects, they have six legs, each with the ...

Ant tending a herd of aphids. She protects the aphids from predators, pastures them

1 ...

One subterranean species in the southwestern states, rarely encountered.

You may identify them as the tiny little army of insects busily winding along a crack in the sidewalk, but ants are one of nature's most social and ...

Oecophylla smaragdina - Green Tree Ants

Some Native American tribes practice initiation rituals in which they force young men to be bitten consecutively by bullet ants.

Profile view of Prenolepis imparis worker

Myrmecocystus mendax honeypot ant, with pupae. Chiricahua mountains, Arizona, USA