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Home baker reveals how she made jelly cakes using 29 Kmart pie

Home baker reveals how she made jelly cakes using 29 Kmart pie


These delicious jelly cakes (pictured) were created with just two ingredients and using Kmart's

This batch of zesty orange cakes (pictured) were made using just two ingredients and

Home cook reveals how she made soda cakes using Kmart pie maker | Daily Mail Online

Since Kmart released its pie maker (pictured) over a year ago, home bakers

These vanilla slice pies (pictured), also cooked in the inexpensive kitchen appliance,

This deliciously gooey Nutella Lava cake (pictured) was cooked in a Kmart pie maker

One savvy home cook revealed how they'd made the snow cakes (pictured)

this Green's Zesty Orange Cake provide the dry ingredients for the woman's tasty treats

One man who shared details of his success with the Nutella lava cakes said he didn

As Vanilla Slice Pie mania sweeps Australia, one mum reveals her clever hack for getting

Social media users go into meltdown over Kmart pie hack

The Skinnymixers Guide to Pie Makers

Kmart Pie Maker Doughnut Recipe Cantaloupe, Pie, Hacks, Fruit, No Bake Desserts

The clever home cook revealed how she created soda cakes using lemonade (pictured) that

Kmart Pie Maker fans are now making MARS BAR PIES - and we've died and gone to heaven

You can now make LEMON TART PIES in the $29 Kmart Pie Maker - and they look AAAAAAAAH-MAZING! - New Idea Food: Recipes, Cooking & Food Ideas

Kmart Pie Marker experts are now making LEMON MERINGUE PIES in the $29 gadget - and they look SOOOOOO yum. | New Idea Food

The Kmart hack that makes Nutella-filled doughnuts in less than 10 minutes.

Kmart Pie Makers are now making CUSTARD TARTS in the $29 gadget and they look GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD! | New Idea Food

You can now make CHEESY ROAST POTATOES in the $29 Kmart Pie Maker .

easy Kmart Pie Maker recipes Curry Pie Recipe, Breville Pie Maker, Vegetarian Pie,

Kmart is bringing out a FAMILY SIZED PIE MAKER machine - and you won't

One woman revealed how she'd made marble snow cakes (pictured) using pink

Home cook reveals how she made soda cakes using Kmart pie maker | Daily Mail Online

Women are using the $7.50 sandwich press from Kmart to make cakes

How to Make No Pastry Quiche Using a Pie Maker

The snow cakes are cooked within minutes and can be filled with cream and jam once

Kmart Pie Maker fans are now making VANILLA SLICE pies in the $29 gadget - and

Gavin is well known in the group for his amazing pie ideas!

Kmart Pie Maker lovers are now making DIM SIMS in the $29 gadget

This spinach and French onion dip cob pie, (pictured), baked in the

Image: Kmart Pie Maker Recipes, Tips and Ideas Australia/Facebook

He says he came up with the idea of making scotch eggs in the pie maker on the way home from work!

Kmart Pie Maker lovers are now making KFC PIES - and they sound goooooooood!

These ham, French onion and cheese dip cob loaf pies (pictured) were also

lamb menu #NiceLambRecipes Slow Cooked Moroccan Lamb, Slow Cooked Lamb, Lamb Pie Recipes

Deliciously fluffy! This pikelet mixture will serve four hungry people at once (pictured)

The pancake pies use batter and a filling of your choice.

How creative cooks are making 'snow cakes' in Kmart pie maker - and you only need two ingredients | Daily Mail Online

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Home baker reveals how she made jelly cakes using Kmart pie maker | Daily Mail Online

Dutch Style Vanilla buns;

The tasty treats - sure to be a winner with all - are made using a

Aussie Meat Pies with step-by-step photos | Eat, Little Bird Easy

Green's cake mix was used by the bakers to create their delectable treats

Some try putting jam or maple syrup in the centre of the pancake pies instead of

If you're looking for a sweeter dish, mothers across the nation are trying

A Roundup of the BEST Cream Cheese Frostings and Fillings

The ingredients will take under 10 minutes to cook.

The pie maker has been praised by fans for making a great quiche.

Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake via Sweetapolita

The mixture is spooned onto pre-cut puff pastry rounds and sealed with a pastry

WASHINGTON — Come August, the thought of spending an afternoon reaching in and out of a hot oven to test the doneness of cookies, or rotate a tray of cakes, ...

James's easy feasts: Thai chicken cakes with sweet chilli sauce

Soul Cakes By Tanya

The pie filling (pictured) is made using thawed frozen spinach, French onion soup

If you're looking for something a little fancier you can use the bread as

Faux white hydrangea, $43 per stem, alliuminteriors.co.nz; Light box with letters, $17 from Kmart; Naked cake by Karina Wong at Cake Passion; ...

The Junction Bakery

Baked By Yael

Just to get us ready to start baking, we sampled a few of Brasserie Bread's signature fruit mince pies just in time for Christmas!

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Woodmoor Pastry Shop

Three layer cake

50 foodie things to try before you die

Georgetown Cupcake

Three layer cake

JennyCakes Bakery

#SummerOfFloats ice-cream-float-bar 7

Three layer cake

Faux white hydrangea, $43 per stem, alliuminteriors.co.nz; Light box with letters, $17 from Kmart; Naked cake by Karina Wong at Cake Passion; ...

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whole30-mexican-egg-bake 5

If you are crushing your own nuts, this is a good step to get out of the way while the bananas are freezing. I used a handful of almonds and macadamias (but ...

Kmart pie maker hack

I made the Norwegian Apple Cake from Food for Friends yesterday, but I did lots of things wrong, and it was a disaster. Firstly, I beat an extra 1/4 c. ...

Sugar Vault Desserts

It started bubbling before I even put it in the oven. Must be the baking powder. It called for self-rising flour but I didn't have that so I added baking ...

Mushrooms wrapped in nori with fake fish meat and deep fried

I've made these so many times and in so many forms that I don't need a recipe, but you might: Take 125g ...

29, No. 1

whole30-mexican-egg-bake 7

Another thing that's crept on me recently – this month's Sweet Adventure's Blog Hop, hosted by the lovely Christina from the Hungry Australian.

Whoopsie, it wouldn't cook. This is after an extra half hour. Apple-egg-sugar soup. Maybe I overheated the milk and butter when I was trying to melt the ...

Whole Lemon Bars

easy-whole30-egg-bake 1

Cut gingerbread dough on baking trays

Kmart pie maker hack

Firehook Bakery

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Tarta z szpinakiem, serem kozim i orzechami

Number 3 light and silver curtain from Kmart.

Using a teaspoon, scoop out one spoonful of the mixture and rolling between your hands, form small balls and place on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

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