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Here Is A Major Soil Problem That Will Affect Health Health News

Here Is A Major Soil Problem That Will Affect Health Health News


Interdisciplinary approach the only way to address devastating effects of soil erosion

Longstanding community meeting places are becoming isolated by gully encroachment. Credit: Carey Marks/University of Plymouth. "

Soil Erosion and Degradation

UK farmers to be given first ever targets on soil health

Soil erosion measurement stick

Population growth, industrialization and climate change threaten soil health

Environment, Health, SDG Series

0 124 views To celebrate World Soil Day, Food Tank is highlighting the work of 13 soil scientists

Farmers ...

Tackling the growing challenge of soil pollution

FAO marks World Soil day with call for urgent action to reduce release of pollutants into soils

Improving Soil Fertility

Over the past five to 10 years, the number of deep gullies dissecting the landscape has dramatically increased. Credit: Carey Marks/University of Plymouth

New research: synthetic nitrogen destroys soil carbon, undermines soil health

Large Ebola outbreaks 'new normal'

A farmer worked her land in the shadows of a lead factory in Hengyang, Hunan province, where scholars say soil pollution is especially acute.

Asda, Next and Tesco partner Aditya Birla denies contaminating discharges from its plants in India

Getting fertilizer in the right place at the right rate

More action required to protect UK soil health

Corn nitrogen research in Michigan

International agreements on acid rain have improved soil conditions in European forests

U.N. Issues Urgent Warning on the Growing Peril of Drug-Resistant Infections

About Agronomy

Science in the News

Third of Earth's soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture | Environment | The Guardian

Climate change being fuelled by soil damage - report

Once the location of a battery manufacturer, this land is being redeveloped for residential and commercial use. Soil tests showed what contaminants were ...

Image: Epic Flooding Inundates Houston After Hurricane Harvey

How One Colorado Town Is Tackling Suicide Prevention — Starting With The Kids

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Land pollution

Dangerous Infection Tied To Hospitals Now Becoming Common Outside Them

Farmers dig into soil quality

Repairing land that is vulnerable to erosion

The Wake of South Africa's Abandoned Gold Mines

Costs to human health and safety

Sexual Health / STDs · Vitamin D may prolong life in people with cancer


Africa's potash problem

What's in the Water?

Figure 1: Effects of compaction on pore space.

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Latest Health News

Image: Duane Moser

144 soil nutrients - woman with shovel

Peanuts: 8 steps for proper soil fertility

After the Napa Fires, a Disaster-in-Waiting: Toxic Ash

The human cost of China's untold soil pollution problem

Chemicals from the Love Canal hazardous waste site were found in stormwater off Read Avenue near

Soil erosion may threaten global food security

NEW WORLD The United States is poised to suffer big economic losses due to climate change, federal scientists say in a new report.

These two issues could put the brakes on the Bt cotton story

... A hospital crisis is killing rural communities. This state is 'Ground Zero'

An abandoned mine in Kabwe, Zambia.

Tackle health, environmental impacts of abandoned mines

Greener Childhood Associated With Happier Adulthood


Malacidins were effective even against MRSA-strain resistant to existing last line of resort antibiotics

PFAS chemicals not linked to disease but health effects 'cannot be ruled out', expert panel finds

Experts fear a currently undiscovered 'Disease X' could spark an Ebola-style outbreak

If you or someone you know needs help, you can visit your nearest ACCHO or call Lifeline Australia on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue Australia on 1300 22 4636.

Deforestation in Brazil

Soil erosion is the culprit in this Maryland soybean field. Photo credit Ib Hagsten.

Arable land is turning to desert at an alarming rate, especially in the Middle East — affecting food security, biodiversity, socio-economic stability and ...

Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone?

Menopause and heart health: Why timing hormone therapy is key

The Top 10 Environmental Issues Should Make You Worry | Schooled By Science

The main components of a soil test report.

Soil exhaustion

Crop Dusting

7 Surprising Health Effects of Drought

Cigarettes on a background of cut tobacco

The 6 most pressing environmental issues—and what you can do to help solve them

Pesticides are particularly dangerous for farmers and farmworkers.


Fred Stone holds Lida Rose, one of his brown Swiss cows, on his Arundel

air pollution

Industrial Agriculture

What kinds of research are we doing about the health effects of smoke?

Farm Runoff in U.S. Waters Has Hit Crisis Levels. Are Farmers Ready to Change?

Science in the News

Gunung Mulu in Borneo is an example of an areas where limestone rock weathering would be

Workers weed coffee plants at a Starbucks-owned coffee farm in Costa Rica, where

Land pollution effects. Soil pollution can harm public health ...

California issued health warnings in early August as smoke from record wildfires darkened the skies and


Can red meat reduce the risk of MS?

Four generations of Jonathan Cobb's family tended the same farm in Rogers, Texas, growing row upon row of corn and cotton on 3,000 acres.

A $3 billion problem: Miami-Dade's septic tanks are already failing due to sea rise

Is white meat really more healthful than red meat?

Soil test report example 3.