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Guess who should be asleep but isnt ITS THIS BITCH Cmbyn

Guess who should be asleep but isnt ITS THIS BITCH Cmbyn


Guess who should be asleep but isnt? ITS THIS BITCH #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #

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Why Call Me by Your Name Is Such a Heartbreaking, Beautiful Romance

Pin by Krit Chancharoen on Call Me by Your Name | Call me, Names, Timothee chalamet

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How cmbyn should have ended • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #oliver #elio


#CallMeByYourName | Call Me By Your Name | I call you, Timothee chalamet y Names

Annela bk lmao • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #oliver #elio #italy

Mr. Perlman has been killing it since day 1 #crema

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Call Me By Your Name is turning out to be the sort of success none of us saw coming sixteen months ago when it was first announced that the director of I ...

My last day of the CMBYN pilgrimage

Quality content™ • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #oliver #elio #italy

The audACITY • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #oliver #elio #italy #

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Some beautiful pictures from behind the scenes 🌟 • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname #

More than enough – that is plenty. Generous, even. It is our job, as the voyeurs invited in on these intimacies before us, to give them something in return ...

idk y white was crossed out aksjhd - - - - - #timotheechalamet #beautifulboy

It is the littlest thing that caught your attention and lights you up.

How many serious partners do you have? TikvaWolf.com

What is your theory on how or why the CMBYN story has a subliminal power over us? : callmebyyourname

I guess'' ''are you really that afraid of what I think?'' YES, HE CARES FOR YOU, HE CARES FOR WHAT YOU THINK, HE CARES, BITCH, HE DOESpic.twitter.com/ ...

I literally remember I wanted to eat that peach he stuck his dick into,sorry

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Back to the fabulous coats and boots of Sundance with Steven Yeun, also starring in Sorry to Bother You. I am very excited to see his post-Walking Dead ...

the face of soft boi szn 🌻🌍🍃💫 ac: my.audixs cc


Like the art school dropout you always had a crush on, Chalamet let his wavy bob go unbrushed for the CMBYN Paris premiere.

Josie and MG talking about Jack Kline, the mysterious new kid at the Salvatore Boarding

Today, she asked me about it and I showed her this picture…

New York Fashion Week just kicked off, but Lupita Nyong'o delivered a runway style performance at Jimmy Kimmel Live! last week. Working the plastic trend in ...


... the ideal of the fearless man Elio thought he couldn't have the courage to be but bitch was WRONG he ALWAYS WASpic.twitter.com/e1PHn6j66d

you're my favourite reason to lose sleep my colouring my watermark! do


Perhaps it's because we know Elio's parents (and housekeeper, for that matter) mean well, that we remain untroubled for them, at least in this way.


hahhaha stupid bitch - - - - - - - - - - - #mothersday #motherson #meme #dankmeme #owned #pawned #familyguy #textingmeme #prank #bedtime #latenights

Familia 🍑 #timothéechalamet #armiehammer #michaelstuhlbarg #amiracasar #callmebyyourname #elioperlman #oliver

I need some good movies recommendations can you guys comment your top favorite movies so I

I'm not. I won't. Next time. You know.

Art just isn't my thing #idonthaveafootfetish #Iswear

10) Finally, I miss Tyrion already-

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I watched the teaser for Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show remake, to air in October, and just … no. Look, I'm happy that maybe this remake will introduce a ...

an incredibly exciting day was had

Yousef: is that Mike from stranger things :')

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Armie doing the tongue thing. . #armiehammer #elizabethchambers #timotheechalamet #callmebyyourname #

It is sad when someone like that passes along, and we can't help but go over their life's work and be impressed and inspired by it.




Hi guys I'm really sorry for not being much active recently but I'

His response was, “Thanks, Dad!”

If you're a self-proclaimed music junkie (as in, you practically sleep in headphones and have a record catalog that would put any collector to shame), ...

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How ...

I read this weeks ago and still can't find the words to express how much I loved it.

I have a fun Lady Bird related piece coming to TV Ate My Wardrobe so stay tuned. But yes I loved it and I love Greta's Chanel tweed.

Some quotes from the book I like :) • • • #Cmbyn #callmebyyourname

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The Academy Awards needs to look at itself, and not because of Netflix. Watch


My crown is not invisible I'm going to make you see it, feel

God I️ feel like the meanest bitch alive rn hhhh like idk what happened?

Armie: Look at how many artworks in this city! Timmy: I already have an artwork next to me.. 😍 - - - - - - #timotheechalamet #chalamet #timmy #armiehammer ...

Snack bitch mom life Classic Ladies Tee

Hiii, finally I'm posting this edit I'll have it to much

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2018 oscar Timothée chalamet

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So Get Out was a huge fricken deal, and deservedly so in my opinion (watched it for the third time recently, still love it), and everyone has been curious ...



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I posted this so long ago from my old acct and I guess someone reposted it




Help, I'm getting emotional over blood cell differentiation

Nobody Loves Me Like You - Chapter 5 - cuteandtwisted - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

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Hey gorls This is not a joke I swear i literally had sth once and I

Call Me by Your Name (Luca Guadagino) The Dad speech near the end of this film shattered me into pieces. Alone in the movie theater, I just yelled "what the ...

Jay: You know you don't have to- Seb: No, I

Timothee Chalamet shirt Sweatshirt Unisex

So the top half of this photo is nice, right? (swipe) And

Can you hear this picture ? 🤣🤣🤣 If youve seen CMBYN too many times

Look for stuff