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Greta Garbos belongings sold at auction Greta Garbo She Wanted

Greta Garbos belongings sold at auction Greta Garbo She Wanted


Greta Garbo's personal effects sell for $1.6 million at auction - DigitalSpy.com

Greta Garbo's Mystery Peeled Away — Her Possessions Go to Auction in Hollywood

Eternal enigma: In a two-day sale of clothing, jewelry and other memorabilia

Greta Garbo's Hollywood misery revealed in new letters

Greta Garbo was a movie icon during the silent and classic cinema era, appearing in

Julien's Auctions announces exclusive auction of property from the Estate of Greta Garbo


You can own her mascara wand, but never Garbo herself - The Globe and Mail

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo — YouTube video grab

Joan Crawford

Screen Goddess Greta's Garbo's personal belongings ...

Swedish actress Greta Garbo was born in 1905 and died in 1990

Alva Maria, older sister of Greta Garbo. She was also very beautiful. She died while greta was in America, Filming her second MGM movie.

Greta Garbo's longtime Manhattan apartment. © Halstead


Velvet turban


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Greta Garbo Estate Auction: Her Colorful Secret Life Revealed | Hollywood Reporter

Ingrid Bergman

“I have been memorising this room, in the future, in my memory; I shall live a great deal in this room” Christina (Greta Garbo) after falling in love with ...

Greta Garbo's last hurrah hits Stockholm stage

You ...

An 'exceptionally rare' signed Greta Garbo photo given to an aspiring actress and fan

Greta Garbo Hollywood Cinema, Old Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Stars, Old Hollywood Glamour,

Cunard Partners with Julien's Auctions on Greta Garbo Auction and Insights Programme

Julien's Auctions

Greta Garbo Hollywood Cinema, Hollywood Glamour, Vintage Hollywood, Classic Hollywood, Anna Karenina

Swedish actress Greta ...

And Miss Garbo, surfacing only a bit from the reclusiveness that has characterized her life

Julien's Auctions ...

Greta Garbo | Anjas' Theme Of The Week: Art Deco week 6: Greta Garbo and Silent .

Channel 4. "Icons". Greta Garbo.

Greta Garbo, the Swedish superstar of Hollywood's golden era, captured by Clarence Sinclair Bull. Some of the most beautiful photos from the Hollywood ...

lot104693. A portrait of Greta Garbo in As You ...

Rita Hayworth

Greta Garbo 1932

Greta Garbo (born 18 September 1905 – 15 April 1990), Swedish film actress

Garbo may have been one of the leading box office draws of the silent era but few critics expected her to make the transition to talkies.

More you might like. We lost Greta Garbo ...

3E8E764F00000578-4342044-The_Swedish_born_star_s_apartment_has_been_listed_for_5_95_milli-a-57_1490300055268.jpg ...

U.S. Passport: Garbo's 1964 passport sold for $15,000, three times the estimates amount

Barbara Stanwyck

Ed Wood Auction: Famed B-Movie Director's Belongings For Sale


Net - Celebrities Books: Garbo Greta

Greta Garbo Sunglasses sold for $13750.00

Well one clue as to why Greta owned this record might be just above in the bottom left hand corner: Greta's face on the head of the Sphinx.

If Greta Garbo was being offered or was considering playing the lead in the film The Fountainhead, which is purely conjecture, she purportedly was advised " ...

DOLLS she longed for in her youth were collected by Garbo after she became a star. In her childhood her main amusements were skiing and skating.

New images now available

Greta Garbo 1932

Vintage Original Photo Beauty Greta Garbo Anna Karenina Clarence S. Bull

Derek Reisfield, the great-nephew of iconic Hollywood film star Greta Garbo, will be a featured Cunard Insights speaker

A first-generation vintage film still from Mata Hari (MGM, 1931) owned by Greta Garbo. Vintage gelatin silver print. 8 by 10 inches. Estimate $250 - $500

According to Reisfield, the upcoming auction features “probably the largest group of Valentina articles to come on an auction market ever.”

Audrey Hepburn's clothing, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' script headed to auction

For Garbo color was essential in art and dcor and she surrounded herself with vibrant hues

Greta Garbo's Mystery Peeled Away -- Her Possessions Go to Auction in Hollywood | HuffPost

Greta Garbo Vintage Hollywood, Old Hollywood Movies, Hollywood Actresses, Classic Movie Stars,

Greta Garbo's personal belongings that were auctioned for $1.6 Million [ Auction Items Photos: Julien Auctions]

DOLLS she longed for in her youth were collected by Garbo after she became a star. In her childhood her main amusements were skiing and skating.

Greta Garbo (A Pyramid illustrated

Two images, both iconic, have been added to the Commons. The first of these is so classic that it might be worth considering as a lead image.

Film legend Greta Garbo pictured in the 1931 film Susan Lenox (Her Rise and Fall

In pictures: You can now buy Greta Garbo's seaside home


I cannot analyze this woman's acting. I only know that no one else so effectively worked in front of a camera.


Greta Garbo, portrait - 8x10 photo

Greta Garbo, 1925

It is a tearjerker classic - a well-known, lavish, luxuriously-mounted, melodramatic love/tragedy of Hollywood's Golden Age. Director George Cukor's film, ...

Greta Garbo. A tiny chain link baby bracelet with attached "GG" monogrammed tag. Both marked "14k," the tag has inscribed numbers "2229-59." 8 gms.

Net - Celebrities Books: Garbo Greta

In 1955, Greta Garbo was most definitely not alone: she and the rest of the world was wild about Harry Belafonte. He was divinely handsome, ...

Of her legendary desire for privacy she remarked in a 1928 interviewone of the few she

22z6sx9pw2huz2sh. Hollywood's Viking beauty began life as Greta ...


Lauren Bacall

Greta Garbo

Linda Bement "Miss Universe Beauty Pageant" Vintage Original Cbs Tv Still Photo

... sold for over 5M to a private buyer, and I was unable to actually take a tour. However, we were able to obtain some pictures of the interior -- Enjoy!

Audrey Hepburn's clothes, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' script head to auction - ABC News

A stunning period piece, Romance tells of Opera Diva Rita Cavallini, who, during the Christmas season, faces a personal crisis. She is falling in love with ...

A Beaton portrait of his rumoured lover Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo's personal copy of Gene Clark's tragic masterpiece “No Other” by Allison Anders

Ninotchka Greta Garbo Melvyn Douglas should be mandatory viewing for comedy actors and filmmakers '

The closet room which Garbo created from a small library is highlighted by one of the