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Gebruder Heubach circa 1912the model could whistle when bellow

Gebruder Heubach circa 1912the model could whistle when bellow


Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912,the model could whistle when bellow squeezed and was marketed

German Bisque Painted Eye Character,7647,by Gebruder Heubach

Beautiful German Bisque Child

German All-Bisque Miniature Doll with Toy Bunny

This catalog encompasses the vision and love of varying styles of dolls from legendary Pennsylvania collector, Helen Welsh, and the great early collection ...

German Bisque Character with Sculpted Hair by Gebruder Heubach

Rare German Bisque Smiling Character,B.P.,by Swaine and Co in Folklore Costume

the seldom found glass eyed version of the popular K*R 114 46 mold. This example has superior molding, perhaps being early off the production run?

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German Bisque Character,1498,by Simon and Halbig

German Bisque Character Toddler,115A,by Kammer and Reinhardt

German Cloth Character Girl in the Kruse Genre

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Rare French Bisque Crying Character,233,by SFBJ

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Little German Composition Pouting Boy in Original Folklore Costume

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Chris Leroux

German Bisque Toddler,126,by Kammer and Reinhardt with Basket and Costumes

German Bisque Art Character "Gretchen" by Kammer and Reinhardt 2800/3800

Rare Pair of German All-Bisque Figures "Blowing Bubbles" by Gebruder Heubach 700/1000

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BOTH: Gebruder Heubach, circa 1912. Pink-tinted bisque socket head, glass

German Bisque Impish Character, 7746, by Gebruder Heubach 2000/3000

“Lee Min Ho for Shimao property”


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Wonderful Carved Carousel Giraffe in Rare Child Size

Very Rare French Bisque Bebe by Joanny with Delicate Shy Expression 8000/12,000

Image of Evie - Mini Sculpted Sock Monkey

Image of Sock Gnome with red nose and polka dot sock body

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French Bisque Bebe E.J., Size 9, by Emile Jumeau with Early Silk Dress 5000/7500

Heubach German Bisque Piano Baby Girls...one with a book...an ABC primer.

Wonderful French Bisque Bebe Triste by Emile Jumeau, Size 16 12,000/16,000

Very Rare German Bisque Googly Character, 310, by Heubach Koppelsdorf 1200/1700

German Bisque Half Doll with Wig and Jointed Arms 100/200

Pin van yolande b op heubach poppen/beeldjes - Antike puppen, Heu en Puppen

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15" German bisque portrait of Chinese baby, model 243, by Kestner. $1600/2100

April 2009

26" Sonneberg bisque child doll with closed mouth, model 183, by mystery maker. $1200/1600

Lovely French Bisque Poupee, Earliest Period Smiling Model, by Leon Casimir Bru 3500/4500

28" Rare model German bisque character, model 262, deeply-sculpted dimples by Kestner. $600/900

An All-Original German Wax-Over-Papier-Mache Fashionable Lady 800/1200

French Bisque Smiling Poupee, D, by Leon Casimir Bru 3000/4000

10" French bisque character with laughing expression, model 236, by SFBJ. $500/700

May 2018

Beautiful French Bisque Bebe Known as "Circle Dot" by Leon Casimir Bru 12,000/17,000

17" German bisque closed mouth doll, rare model 719, by Simon and Halbig. $900/1100

French Bisque Smiling Poupee in Petite Size by Leon Casimir Bru 2200/2800

Jan 2009

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Exceptional French Bisque "Bebe Modele" by Leon Casimir Bru with Wooden Body 25,000/35,000

French Bisque Smiling Poupee by Leon Casimir Bru, Wooden Body and Original Gown 5500/7500

Vintage Poppen, Babypoppen, Antieke Poppen, Hooi

Collection of German porcelain novelties and half dolls.

Cover of "Bijoux"

March 2009

French Porcelain Poupee by Leontine Rohmer with Swivel Head and Porcelain Bare Feet 6500/8500

El Club Magazine nº7

Pair, English Tweedledee and Tweedledum from Alice in Wonderland by Old Cottage Dolls 400/500


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In All Ways Remarkable

Item 13665

German Bisque Child, 1249, by Simon and Halbig with Gorgeous Wig and Costume 1200/1800



Extremely Rare German All-Bisque Helmet Kewpie on Horseback 1000/2000

Item 13704

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French Wooden Doll Chair with Fancy Spindles 300/500

Heubach German Bisque Piano Baby Girls...one with a book...an ABC primer. | Heubach