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Column of Soviet IS-2 tanks on the road in East Prussia, 1st Belorussian

Early type Panzer III in Greece, May 1941.


The US Army's World War II Tank-Destroyers: Waste of Time or Wonder Weapon?

... WWII - Page 429. A Panzer 3 giving soldiers a ride through a column of vehicles on Italy 1944.

events, Second World War / WWII, Russia 1941, German column advancing on a road between Bialystok and Vaukavysk, Belarus, July 1941, in the foreground an ...

Tanks in World War II

WORLD WAR II: SOVIET TANK. German soldiers on route to Leningrad, Russia,

World War II - 6 German Panther tanks in column

M4A2 Sherman, WW2

Russian tank moving through a desolate battlefield · Tanks in the Falaise Pocket · French light tanks exiting forest · German mechanized infantry

In the closing days of World War II, the German 11th Panzer Division took an

A German Tank Battalion Fought to the End in the Icy Hell of Stalingrad

France's Monstrous Char B1 Tank Ate German Panzers for Breakfast

events, Second World War / WWII, Russia 1944 / 1945, German soldiers and vehicles during a counterattack of the Wehrmacht near Britskoye, Ukraine, ...

World War II Amino

Tanks in the German Army

WWII Stug wreck – recovered from a river bed in Poland, was running a year later

tank. Academic Programs » Resources » World War II ...


WORLD WAR II: TANK TESTING. While overcoming obstacles, a captured U.S. M4 '

events, Second World War / WWII, Russia 1941, German vehicle column, in the foreground a destroyed Soviet T-26 tank in a bomb crater, summer 1941, ...

The WWI tank that helped change warfare forever

Image is loading WW2-Photo-T-34-Tank-Column-with-Infantry-

INVASION OF POLAND IN 1939 BY GERMAN ARMY, Captured German films. Reel 1, armored columns assemb... - YouTube

Column of German Panzer IV Ausf G tanks. Site statistics: Photos of World War II: ...

The Vital Role Of Tanks In The Second World War

A column of Panzer 4 tanks. Find this Pin and more on German Military Vehicles of WW2 ...

The Ghost Army. A soldier stands alongside one of hundreds of inflatable rubber phony tanks used during World War II to deceive German reconnaissance.

DUBOSEKOVO Moscow Oblast Festival POLE BOYA Stock Photo (Edit Now) 614766608 - Shutterstock

Panther predator? The Soviet T-34-85 hunted the Panzer "Mark V

Surviving German WW2 Panther Tank Number 425

'Cobra King' on Rose Barracks in Vilseck, Germany, today. During the

Captured German tanks southwest of Stalingrad, shown on April 14, 1943.

Above — a U.S. M-1 Abrams tank and Leopard 2Avs during an exercise in Germany. U.S. Army photo. At top — a captured Turkish Leopard tank in Syria.

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WWII Pictures

Infantry tank Mk I Matilda I (A11).

A column of German Hornisse/Nashorn tank destroyers on a road, Russia, Jan

A Panzer I leads an armoured column through Poland, 1939

10 Tanks That Changed the History of Armored Warfare

'Fury' in the Real World: Photos of Tank Warfare in World War II | Time.com

German tanks and infantry advance in winter · American armored vehicle ...

Slave to the Game

III second world war armoured fighting vehicles

Fighting during the Battle of Caen, 1944

(All images: National Archives)

'Cobra King' led 4th Armored Division column that relieved Bastogne during Battle of the B

World War II Truth: Lend-Lease Saved Countless Lives — But Didn't Beat Nazi Germany

Surviving World War 2 M4 Sherman tank in the Bastogne War Museum in Belgium

The M18 Hellcat Tank Destroyer

The T-34 tank, a workhorse of the Soviet WWII campaign, leads the

Tank Clash – The German Panther vs. the Soviet T-34-85

Two soldiers walk past armored vehicles at the port of Bremerhaven, Germany, on Sunday, Jan. 8, 2017. The 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry ...

WWII Pictures

An M3 Grant medium tank, another tank that the Sherman traced its roots to.

Panzer III with turret superstructures

German mechanized troops rest at Stariza, Russia on November 21, 1941, only just evacuated by the Russians, before continuing the fight for Kiev.

Light tanks

A German tank passes columns of American prisoners during the Battle of the Bulge From captured German film December 17 1944

Fancy a ride in a Sherman tank? This M4A3 model, built sometime between 1942

World War II Pictures In Details

As Germany prepares for NATO crisis-response role, its military readiness is 'abysmal' - News - Stripes

A column of Churchill Mk VII Crocodiles and Mk V CS tanks of the 1st Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 31st Armoured Brigade, 79th Armoured Division in ...

Berlin captured by Red Army in World War II, 1945 : News Photo

German Tiger 2 Column Wallpaper and Background Image | 1680x1050 | ID:429064 - Wallpaper Abyss

World War Japanese tanks

Later ...

... Iraqi armored formations and annihilated it with cannons, TOW missiles and mortars in the Battle of 73 Easting, often called "the last great tank battle ...

replica of a German Sturmgeschutz III or Stug III

Tiger I tank

1989 M998 Humvee 2 door hard top turtle helmet service Truck H1 Military

A group of M18s attached to the 6th Armored Division halt before a disabled German Mk VI King Tiger tank somewhere in Germany, 28 February 1945.

A column of Red Army T-34-85 tanks moves through a damaged Eastern European city on the way to Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany. The vehicle in the ...

Stock Photo - German Panzerkampfwagen tank (Pz,Kpfw.III) column with Mercedes motorcycle escort in Aisne, France, during World War II

Panzer PzIII German WWII Medium Tank

Full-sized image #1 of the M4 Sherman (Medium Tank, M4)

The T4 was in Romanian service thorough World War II, even after the country switched sides.

German Armored Cars Passing Convoys of Tanks in Yugoslavia. Unternehmen 25: An armoured column (visible are Sd.Kfz.251 and Panzer II) of the 11.

events, Second World War / WWII, Russia 1941, Soviet column after German air raid between Bialystok and Vaukavysk, destroyed BT-7 tank and lorries, ...

The German invasion of France, May 1940; from The Second World War: Triumph

German Tank Production in World War 2 - Military History

A British tank with infantry

An armored car of the 125th Squadron, 113th Cavalry Group, in Tongres, Belgium

Countries With the Most Battle Tanks

Germany's Leopard 2 Tank Was Considered One of the Best (Until It Went to Syria)

German Panzer Column: Panzer III and Stug III

A. Pegov (the commander of the light tank

Centurion I (threequarter view, left hand side).