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GEISHA with mushroom by TOMOMASA 19th century ivory netsuke of a

GEISHA with mushroom by TOMOMASA 19th century ivory netsuke of a


GEISHA with mushroom by TOMOMASA // 19th century ivory netsuke of a kneeling geisha holding

GEISHA with mushroom by TOMOMASA // 19th century ivory netsuke of a kneeling geisha holding a large mushroom of very suggestive shape and co…

Bid online on upcoming [] lots at auction now. Garden SculptureLion SculptureVictoria. IVORY NETSUKE Early 20th Century Depicting a ...

Ivory Netsuke

A Small Finely Carved Wooden Netsuke of Two Koi Carp

IVORY NETSUKE Meiji Period Depicting two wrestlers. Signed "Toshikazu". Length 1.75" (4.5 cm).

A wonderful Edo / Meiji Period Netsuke Of A Mushroom

$64.95 Japanese ivory colored bone Okimono/netsuke -Frog Man Sells Frogs,Rattan Basket

$22.99 Curled Rat Hand Carved Japanese Figurine 1010 netsuke

Fine Netsuke, Sagemono & Okimono AUCTION APRIL, 27TH 2019

... 19th-c-antler-sennin_72.jpg ...

Early 19th century. An ivory netsuke of Bishamon carrying Benten. : Lot 516 Japanese

$34.95 Japanese ivory color bone netsuke -Buddhist Boy is Thinking

A wonderful Edo Period Netsuke Of A Seated Skeleton Carrying A Skull.

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19th Century Japanese Carved Surumawashi Netsuke Signed Tomonobu Kyoto Japan, 19th Century, Japanese Art

antique Japanese carved Netsuke of a ShiShi playing, 19th century, Meiji, SUPERB

19c netsuke DARUMA beating off RAT by KIGYOKU ex Royal

Fine Asian Works of Art | 30th November 2015 | 10am

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$26.95 Japanese ivory color bone netsuke -Grandpa with Grandkid

An ivory netsuke of a candy vendor By Tomomasa, Edo period (19th century)

Vintage Netsuke Wooden Dragon Unique Hand Carved Miniture Signed Asian

... 19th-c-antler-sennin_78.jpg ...

An ivory netsuke. Mid-19th century, signed Tomotane. A very good study

Japanese Ojime Carved Netsuke Man Lantern Walking Stick Figurine Carving

An ivory netsuke of the monkey Songoku, by Masatsugu. 19th century

... 2987-tomomasa-shell_06.jpg ...

antique Japanese meiji carved boxwood inro signed Yoshiaki & netsuke, 19th cent.

JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD IVORY OKIMONO. MarfilAsian ArtMushroomsPeriod19th CenturyBottlesMuseumsJapanese LanguageMushroom

Adorable signed Japanese wooden Netsuke 2 MICE IN A SHOE Quality small statue

Netsuke Date:19th century Culture:Japan Medium:Ivory Dimensions:H. 1

Antique Japanese Netsuke Surumawashi Monkey Trainer Team Signed: Tomonobu. Circa: mid 19th Century


Japanese Ivory Netsuke ~ Tongue-Cut Sparrow ~ Shita-kiri Suzume~ Signature:

An ivory netsuke of a long-haired Sôjôbô. 19th century

Buy: $95.0 Vintage Japanese Bone Netsuke - Nude Geisha Takes a Bath While Naughty Frog Peek

Attributed to Masaka, Gama Sennin with two toads, 19th century, ivory, height

Netsuke Shishi with a Ball by Okatori in Antique Ivory. For Auction on 6 Dec 2014 with an estimate of euro 7000-9000. What a little beauty at 4.5cm high!!

Ivory Netsuke, Sennin with a dragon emerging from a begging bowl, signed " Tomomasa.

Ivory Netsuke

Antique Japanese Netsuke with Inlays Nio Dhamapala Protecting Tennin Signature: Tomomasa (To) Circa: mid century. Is that a biwa lute?

Fine 19th century Japanese Meiji Netsuke Man Awakening (item #1102917)

Early Century Carved Ivory Netsuke Geisha performing a dance.

Japanese Netsuke lute musician

19th Century Japanese Carved Ivory Netsuke Karako by Gyokuzan Traditional Japanese Kimono, Japanese Characters,

Wood Netsuke of Two Men

Ivory Netsuke Asian Sculptures, Asian Art, Hand Carved, Garden Sculpture, Samurai,

Dutchman Holding Dog


Geisha Girl With Fans - Detailed Netsuke Ukb939 photo Foo Dog, Contemporary Artwork, Geisha

Ivory netsuke - Japan - 19th Century (Edo period).

An amusing ivory seal netsuke of Fukurokuju 18th century

An ivory netsuke of a bearded Chinnan Sennin. 19th century


Antique Faux Ivory Netsuke - Two Swimming Carp fishes Carving

blackpaint20: “ Ivory netsuke Japanese Antique 19th century ” Marfil, Ivory, Ronde Bosse


草をはむ馬 木彫根付

A fine ivory netsuke of a muscular oni, by Tomomasa. Second half century, Auktion 1092 Asiatische Kunst I Indien, Südostasien und Japan, Lot 617

Buy: $60.0 Japanese Dragon Phoenix hand carved Netsuke pendant

Japanese Aesthetics: Photo

Buy online, view images and see past prices for Japanese Finely Carved Ivory Netsuke. Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, ...

Un netsuke de madera de un jabalí. Firmado Toyomasa (Naito Toyomasa, 1773-1856), Tamba, período Edo (principios del siglo XIX). Este lote fue ofrecido en ...

Erotic Netsuke - 3 Naked Ladies Under Dick

China, 19th C., carved ivory snuff bottle, in shortened cylindrical form,

A marine ivory (Whaletooth) okimono. Mid-19th century, unsigned. A rare and very well carved humorous and delightful study of a worried toad …

Artemis Dreaming

A boxwood netsuke of Daikoku with a bagful of rats, by Masayoshi. Second half 19th century, Auktion 1044 Asiatische Kunst, Lot 905


CARVED IVORY NETSUKE: Dragon & Snake. Very finely carved and realistically, detailed



Ivory netsuke, 19th century. See more. Mammoth IvoryNetsuke--Japanese Geisha Bathing. Wonderful! Traditional Japanese Kimono, Japanese Geisha

A boxwood netsuke of a laughing Tekkai Sennin with a crutch. First half 19th century

Manju netsuke in two halves This half shows a young lady bathing. The other half shows a man crouching down to peep at her

A Tokyo school ivory netsuke of a cat. Late 19th century. Standing upright and

IVORY FIGURE OF A SENNIN 19th Century In seated position. Signed "Tomo".

Netsuke of a Group of Rats Nestled in an Abalone Shell Artist: Masamitsu Date:

A LATE 19TH CENTURY JAPANESE MEIJI PERIOD IVORY NETSUKE depicting a standing male street vendor. Good condition. 1.75ins high.

A boxwood netsuke of a rat on a pomegranate by Alexander Derkachenko

Tanuke, Netske carving from Japan 1701-1900, Trickster character of Japanese mythology,

Another carving in ivory of an elephant. Signed Carved Ivory Shibayama Inlay Elephant Netsuke Coral Mother of Pearl Jade

Collection of 26 Asian Ojime beads, strung on a tassel, most ivory, bone, or celluloid, many signed. | Collected by George and Charles Mitchell during the ...

An ivory netsuke of a recumbent goat By Tetsugen Kyusai (1879-1938), Osaka, early 20th century; sold 10,679 USD; 10/05/17.

A painted wood netsuke of a rakan with a dragon. 19th century

Japan Frogs in Clamshell, late 19th century Netsuke, Ivory with sumi Japanese Characters,

19th Century Ivory shibayama Ojime with a bird and flowers. Chinese Prints, Japanese Design

Netsuke of a pair of rats. See The Virtual Artist gallery: www.theartistobjective

19c netsuke DAIKOKU playing flute by TAKITEN // 19th century ivory netsuke of seated Daikoku

A rare ivory netsuke of a horse-headed seal 18th century


Japanese Ivory Netsuke Geisha Performing Dance Signature: Gyokuho, Early Century h.