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Food History Jottings The Jonah Mould Or Size Matters This is a

Food History Jottings The Jonah Mould Or Size Matters This is a


The Jonah Mould - Or Size Matters

Food History Jottings: The Jonah Mould - Or Size Matters Mould and liner for the mysterious Belgrave Jelly illustrated above.

A lesson in size - the small four inch tall mould on the right is a typical size for a jelly mould. The second mould from the right (nine inches high) is ...

A recreation of a Waterloo banquet from 1839, which I produced for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo at Apsley House in 2015.

This advertisement for culinary moulds produced by the Paris firm Trottier in the 1860s testifies to the remarkable variety of moulds available for kitchen ...

The Macededoine Jelly in the foreground was made with one of the moulds illustrated in the previous photograph. While the Belgrave Jelly behind it ...

It is likely that the top of the pudding either burnt to the mould, or the mould was just not greased thoroughly.

The jelly fails because of the totally inappropriate choice of mould.

This late nineteenth century advertisement clearly illustrates the range of mould heights for jelly moulds. Those in the six and a half inch high category ...

This very large and quite spectacular castle mould has a wired rim and a hanging ring, so I am sure it is French. It was probably designed for turning out a ...

Food History Jottings: The Jonah Mould - Or Size Matters Mould and liner for the mysterious Belgrave Jelly illustrated abov… | Cooking and Baking Molds ...

The famous Alexandria Cross mould as illustrated in the Marshall advertisement above was made in three sizes - six and a half inches, four and a half inches ...

The rest of the pudding remains in the mould - embarrassing

Food History Jottings: Macedoine Jelly Revisited

Food History Jottings: Merry Christmas - This Year's Twelfth Cake

Food History Jottings: The Jonah Mould - Or Size Matters This is a recreation of a Waterloo banquet. | Regency Food and Dining in 2019 | Banquet tables, ...

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Food History Jottings: The Jonah Mould - Or Size Matters Mould and liner for the mysterious Belgrave Jelly illustrated abov… | Cooking and Baking Molds ...

My kitchen at Christmas. Photo - Hideyuki Sobue,

Food History Jottings: Some Regency Biscuits

Food History Jottings: Macedoine and Other Eccentric Jellies

Cook's recipe quoted word for word in Eliza Acton, Modern Cookery (London: 1845).

The other half of the pair - Prince Albert of Sax-Coburg and Gotha (1819-1861).

Dulcia Domestica: Ancient Roman Stuffed Dates

Table centrepiece in the form of a ship. Hans Schlottheim (1544-1624). Silver gilt, brass, enamel with oil painted sails. A mechanism driven by a mainspring ...

Learn how to make extraordinary period jellies and ices on my Moulded Foods Course - Bompas and Parr did


A Victorian macedoine mould. The inner liner allowed a hollow to be created in the jelly which could be carefully filled with an ar…


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Portugal Cakes or Heart Cakes: A Recipe and Some History

A popular small mould used as a garnishing ice was in the form of a pickled cucumber or gherkin. An ice made from such a mould is one of the garnishing ices ...


Stuffed and salted dates bathing in honey before being cooked.

The 10 Secrets Of 100% Health Cookbook


C House Lounge Café Opens in Toronto


Eat locally. Blog globally.

Above: Pasquale Poccia as Chef of Villa Jonah Al Mare circa 1978. He and assistant Tony Lugue were awarded a Certificate by The International Wine and Food ...


Difficult to see in this photograph, but the saddle covers on these horses are marked with GR. They probably date from the early 1820s.



Dulcia Domestica: Ancient Roman Stuffed Dates | Eat locally. Blog globally.

Londonderry 1976 - Issue 3

Would look good with a clean, but too many $$$$s, so Victoria remains widowed

Jonah's – Whale Beach

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Pineapple flummery from 1790s Wedgewood mould

An early nineteenth century gum paste mould for making a crown

Executive Chef Chris Mills of Joey Restaurant Group


Use original confectioners moulds like this to create a remarkable sugar paste neo-gothic church from the time of Lord Byron on my new Advanced Sugarwork ...




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These two feathers are on the back of the mould indicating that it was used for making the Prince of Wales feathers

title page


Daily Missouri Republican (Saint Louis, Mo.), 1857-08-07

Persian Marmalade History

Travel, Exploration & Natural History Archaeology & Gastronomy 15 MAY 2019

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A page from a Harton and Son ice cream mould catalogue (second half of the nineteenth century). Harton and Son were an important London pewter manufacturer ...

The Way of the Superior Man


And if the visitor so desires, some of the products of Jonah's kitchen, such as the cakes and biscuits, can be purchased and taken away.

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Pivot The Only Move That Matters Is Your Next One

The Syriac Bible of Paris

A psychological thriller based around the controversial theme of recovered memory syndrome, the novel provides a portrayal of how family secrets can tear ...


The Crosby-Schoyen codex, a Coptic bible circa 300, and the oldest book. “