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Kyaa jaane

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... 😂😂😂

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ume Haani

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Image result for چاۓ poetry‎

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Pin by fozia hameed on best shaire t urdu poetry poetry

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... Death In Urdu Islamic Poetry: Pin By Florahoney 786 On Islamic

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Florahoney 786 · Islamic qoutes · we will release nuclear attack on lahore berlin netherland paris prague with ETANWS otherwise we will

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Alhamdulillaah. Florahoney 786

every damn day. i love you. i can't be with you.

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Florahoney 786 · Love · Don't you just love that there is no one out there exactly like you

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Yes so true.my heart belongs to you.so sad.I miss you and I LOVE you. Florahoney 786

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“A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

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No they don't ! They become more of who they really are.

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Sa-adh salam

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Just remember, you can't put your arms around a memory, so hug someone you love today!

A.H. Florahoney 786

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Fact. Florahoney 786

Yaad rakho Allah hi ki yaad se dilo ko itminan naseeb hota hai

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#urdu #urduliterature #urduquotes

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Kasam Colors Tv (@Kasam_ColorsTv)

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Nushy ❤ . Florahoney 786

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I lost my smile in this terrible world that only want to hurt me. Florahoney 786

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