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Find out what Benedict XVI never fully believed about Mary and

Find out what Benedict XVI never fully believed about Mary and


Find out what Benedict XVI never fully believed about Mary, and found to be true

Pope Benedict XVI on Aug. 28, 2010. Credit: L'Osservatore Romano

New Book Honoring Benedict XVI Includes Essay from Defender of "Remarriage" - OnePeterFive

God Is Near, Mary Is Very Near: Benedict XVI on the Dogma of Mary's Assumption

Pope Benedict XVI

Joseph Ratzinger's Benedict Option

No Act of Contrition: Benedict XVI on Sexual Abuse

We may never know why he resigned. I personally believe that the San Gallo Conspirators who did everything they could to prevent him from being elected in ...

Pope Benedict's letter on sex abuse is not an attack on Francis (or Vatican II)

Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Marek Kośniowski, Wikipedia Commons.

FEATURE: A Walk Through the Life of Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI

CTV Screenshot - Pope Francis and Benedict XVI for 65th Anniversary of Benedict's Priestly Ordination

Sacramentum Caritatis – Benedict XVI on the Eucharist

Helpless in the Vatican: The Failed Papacy of Benedict XVI

Retired Pope Benedict XVI publishes article on sexual abuse crisis

Pope Francis embraces Emeritus Pope Benedict XVI before opening the Holy Door to mark opening of

Former Pope Benedict XVI

Why It's a Good Thing Pope Benedict Resigned and We Have Pope Francis

The Rev. John McGrann, who is retired himself, said Monday morning Mass at

Benedict XVI & The Benedict Option

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI, St. Peter's Basilica, 15 May 2005

Mary as the Model of Charity – Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI. “

Pope Benedict XVI greets ...


Pope Benedict XVI holds a copy of his book

A U.S. pope? Rare, leaked report from Pope Francis' election reveals who got votes

Pope Benedict XVI “

Pope Benedict XVI on June 15, 2005 in Vatican City. Credit: L'

Opus Dei. "

The Final Lessons of John XXIII and Benedict XVI

Hosting Organization

Reflections on Pope Benedict XVI's Address to Catholic Educators

The Facts about “Pope” Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI: His Life and Thought: Elio Guerriero: 9781621641834: Amazon.com: Books

What should we think about the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI?

The Pope Emeritus, whether as Benedict XVI or Joseph Ratzinger, ranks among those I call my first and best teachers within Catholicism.

Archbishop Georg Gänswein, Prefect of the Pontifical Household and Personal Secretary to Pope Emeritus Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI has visited Virgin Mary's House in Ephesus Turkey

Pope Emeritus Benedict XV!

A Benedict XVI Christmas

Editor's Note: In a March 11th letter signed by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI and addressed to Msgr. Dario Vigano, prefect of the Secretariat for ...

And Benedict XVI wrote: Enough! There is only one Pope, and it's not me

Pope Benedict XVI Picture

Pope Benedict XVI waving

From Pope Benedict XVI Wednesday Audience teachings 2011 -12

WYD08: Pope Benedict XVI's Homily at St. Mary's Cathedral Altar Dedication and Meeting with Young Religious

Pope Benedict, in retired seclusion, looms in the opposition to Pope Francis - The Washington Post

Benedict XVI, Joseph Alois Ratzinger.

Pope Benedict XVI's Top 10 Mercy Quotes | Marians of the Immaculate Conception

Lasting impressions: The legacy of Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Francis aboard the papal plane returning from Romania June 2, 2019.

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

Viganò indicts Francis, Benedict XVI and John Paul II

Did Benedict really resign? Gänswein, Burke and Brandmüller weigh in

I have come here to meet thousands of young people from all over the world, Catholics committed to Christ searching for the truth that will give real ...

Pope emeritus Benedict XVI. Credit: Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk.

Painting of the Last Supper by Carducci Bartolome

Pope Benedict XVI hands over "keys to heaven"

Pope Benedict XVI

Image: Screengrab (YouTube/EWTN)

Pope Benedict XVI@90

This talk by Cardinal, I mean, Archbishop Georg Gänswein on November 20th tells us that this is just how Pope Benedict XVI must feel about future Pope ...

Pope Francis assures atheists: You don't have to believe in God to go to heaven

Pope Benedict XVI, in 2007, with his brother Georg Ratzinger, who, from 1964 to 1994, was the director of a Catholic boys' choir that is the subject of a ...



From Bukowski to Benedict

Pope Benedict XVI and Catholic Higher Education - Cardinal Newman Society

Popes Francis and Benedict

Socci's Thesis Falls Short: Review of 'The Secret of Benedict XVI'

Ecumenism and interfaith dialogue. Pope Benedict XVI ...

Is there anything that Benedict XVI would like to discuss?

Pope Benedict XVI

Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini: Priest who believed the Catholic church is '200 years out of date'

Pope Benedict's SOS

Following the announcement of Benedict XVI's ...

Light of the World: The Pope, the Church, and the Signs of the Times - A Conversation with Peter Seewald by Benedict XVI

The other reason I haven't posted here is that I've had no new publications to share. Rather than writing shorter pieces, this year I was busy with alot of ...

To have Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI hold your hand and thank you, and describe your vestments as “…wonderful, beautiful…” is something I never dreamed could ...

Pope Benedict XVI preached on the Olivet discourse on Sunday 11/18/2012 in St. Peter's Square. I guess its not too surprising that he twisted the text to ...

Pope Benedict XVI

Homily for the Feast of the Assumption-Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger: John L. Allen Jr.: 9780826417862: Amazon.com: Books

By reminding us of human finitude and weakness, religion also enjoins us not to place our ultimate hope in this passing world.

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Pope Francis waves during his audience for members of the International Pilgrimage of the Ministrants at St Peter's Square on July 31 in Vatican City.