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Experiences Living Abroad and How They Changed Me Spoonie Travels

Experiences Living Abroad and How They Changed Me Spoonie Travels


Experiences Living Abroad and How They Changed Me. - This Village Girl

100 Best Inspirational Books that Will Make You Want to Travel the World

Process of Settling In Abroad: What You Need to Know

The Reality of Life as a Spoonie - The Family Patch

Expat Mindset Shifts for Successfully Thriving Abroad

Shall I go on... When I was younger, in my early teens

Christian Chronic Illness Resources | Lyme Disease symptoms and treatment | Chronic fatigue syndrome | Fibromyalgia

Arm yourself with my 5 Tips For Traveling With Anxiety, so you can create a

Being A Teenager With Chronic Illness, NMO, Depression, ME, Homeschool , and

EDS,MCA, POTS, Collect Them All: German Socialized Medicine, Medical Marijuana

My spoonie survival kit!

Road Trippin' Paleo Style

The Pushkar Travel Guide: Eat, Pray, and Love

New Years Resolutions Spoonie Edition: Body Image and Chronic Illness

cover art for Traveling With Prescriptions, Adventure, Arrests, and all the Drama

Keeping the ME in M.E. blog banner photo PhotoGrid_1421873873020-1_zpsc01ea8a5.jpg

Used to be a quarry but now an amazing nature reserve. I had a great experience talking to the owner who was extremely passionate about this project.

Unpack your unrealistic vacation expectations and instead fill your suitcases with memories of a wonderful trip

April Dawn Bennet: Fibromyalgia, Mental Health, Spoonie Life, and Singing for your


Living with Crohn's Disease is not easy, but it shouldn't hold you back from traveling! Read our experiences of how we handle day to day situ…

Crohn's Disease: College and Invisible Illness, Parenting with Invisible Illness, Joys and Pitfalls of Canadian Healthcare, and The Ultimate Toxic Friend ...

Just across the road from Buckland Lake, there is a great, level area where you can see abandoned forts and plenty, PLENTY of birds.

... Happy Valentines Day to you all, It's never been a day I've been ...

Accessible travel guide to Bern, Switzerland

Chronic Fatigue PCOS A Real Life What Would Happen If Your Life Changed Completely In One

Karma Can Chill: Best Rest and Staying San3 A Spoonie Panel

Your Thorough Chronic Illness Travel Guide (with 25 Additional Resources)

finding your own inspiration.

Top 20 Tips for Travelling with Heart Failure

Crossing Countries: challenging boundaries, changing lives

Last year I got an invitation to participate in the Chronic Illness Inclusion Project (CIIP). It's run by an amazing woman called Catherine Hale whom I've ...

what is a spoonie.

Also because Emma doesn't use a wheelchair or walking aids she isn't visabley disabled so it's an insight into coping when you could easily be mistaken for ...

M.E is a hidden, life changing illness that impacts not only the person with the illness but those they are closest to. Like so many hidden illnesses, ...

Life Of Pippa It's honestly unputdownable, I was up for hours reading it the other night because I couldn't bear the thought of going to sleep not knowing ...

As a seeker of meaningful life full of learning, it feels extremely disappointing to see how people have completely ruined the perspective of travelling.

We're back!! And ready (as we can be) to take on M.E awareness day 2016 (Thursday May 12th) and build on the amazing achievements of the past two years.

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Treating Chronic Illness at the ...

Disability and Travel International Ideas, Frustrations, and Tips from Spoonies Who Have Been There {Chronic Illness Podcast)

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#MEawarenessWeek medias

Treating Chronic Illness at the ...

8 World-Class Tips for Traveling with Chronic Illness

New Years Resolutions Spoonie Edition: Body Image and Chronic Illness

2 Years: Looking Back at How We've Grown


London Gatwick Airport North Terminal Special Assistance Review

empty prescription bottles, out of meds, what to do if you run out of

These are the people who travel either with family or friends or acquaintances!

Help Christine Smile

Treating Chronic Illness at the ...

A Bear, A Zombie Leg, Food Allergy, Morton's Neuroma, and Living the Spoonie Life

There are screens in the lounge which show flight information. There's also a water cooler for some free water, and there is a water refill station.


With thousands of Americans studying abroad every year, it's time to ask yourself why not

Travel with Heart Disease


May 8 Ulcerative Colitis: Jackson Pollock, Life Hacks, Chronic Fatigue, and Questions To Never Ask Interview with Holly Fowler {Chronic Illness Podcast}

30 Day in the Spoonie Life Video Challenge From Your Chronic Illness Podcast Invisible Not Broken

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Amazon.com: ekit International SIM Card with 20.00 Dollars Credit for Over 190 Countries. Great Data Plan Options - Up To 2GB (6c/MB): Cell Phones & ...

Invisible Not Broken A Chronic Illness Podcast Monica Michelle


My body was not happy with me. Saturday lulled me into a false sense of security as I woke up feeling not too dissimilar to when I over do things but ...

Jan 8 Playlist for a rainy day.

Travel Insurance for the Disabled

Treating Chronic Illness at the ...

... Back to school guide for parents with chronic illness

27 day trips from Stavanger you don't want to miss


Let me tell you, when you're already dehydrated (thanks Crohn's) and indulge in a few alcoholic beverages, things can take a bad turn.

White background with black text that reads: #GetWokeADA26 “Disability rights means accessibility,


When you have an #chronicillness, your “spoons” are easy

So many times, you've heard me complain about my life, that's devoured by pain. From my waking moment, 'til I fall asleep at night

Matt and I both agree, we are thrilled with our decision to have done a cruise for our honeymoon. Exploring Europe in such a carefree (but preplanned!) way ...

Self care isn't something I've been known to be great at. Two years ago, a counsellor asked me what were the things I did for self care and I stared ...

We are passionate about building our online CPD resource for therapists. Is there one piece

I have seen many a tweet or post from people with M.E and other chronic illnesses about doctors lack of understanding and 'horror stories' about ...

Being A Teenager With Chronic Illness, NMO, Depression, ME, Homeschool , and Chronic Pain


Getting The Golden Ticket – A Guide To Surviving The Happiest Place On Earth

this person (also known as zebrapotsie) thinks she knows SO much about POTS and dysautonomia and likes to argue about it with people. not sure if she's the ...

Clamon Natural Health Talking To Invisible Not Broken A Chronic Illness Podcast About Bed Rest

Arianna Kimono

A Curated Playlist for Spoonies (that's as Unpredictable as Chronic Illness!) | www