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European team to drill for oldest ice Earth Science News

European team to drill for oldest ice Earth Science News


EPICA ice core

Snow tractors

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Climate change: European team to drill for 'oldest ice' in Antarctica - BBC News

Scientists drill for world's oldest ice. A group of 14 European ...

... Map of Antarctica showing the areas surveyed by BE-OI and the selected drill site (Credit: British Antarctic Survey (BAS))

Antarctica team to search world's oldest ice for climate change clues

Ice core extraction near Concordia station. Credit: Thibaut Vergoz

Survey work included building a radar map of the bedrock under Little Dome C

Speedy Antarctic drills start hunt for Earth's oldest ice

The team will work in average temperatures of minus 50 degrees Celcius

Ice bubbles

Scientists prepare to drill for world's oldest ice core in Antarctica: Report

Scientists drill over 2km through ice layer in West Antarctica for first time ever

The oldest ice on Earth may be able to solve the puzzle of the planet's climate history | EurekAlert! Science News

The Alfred Wegener Institute's polar aircraft Polar 6 flies over the “Oldest Ice Reconnaissance” field camp in Dronning Maud Land., East Antarctica.

Scientists to take 1.5m-year-old ice samples for climate research

Science. NASA asteroid Asteroid 2019 LA scrape Earth close approach NASA news

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Ice-core extraction near Concordia station (Credit: © Thibaut Vergoz, French Polar Institute, CNRS)

Ice-Hot News : The “Oldest Ice” quest has begun

Ice core researchers from AWI drilling at the EastGRIP ice core site

Round thread ice-core-drill coupling with tool on the outside and a piece of compacted ice chips inside during a field test close to the EGRIP Camp in ...

“This iconic project will help us better understand climate change in the past and to come,” commented Carlo Barbante, a climate researcher at the Ca' ...

Antarctica's iceberg graveyard could reveal the ice sheet's future | Science News

Asteroid WARNING drill: 'Millions of people to EVACUATE' in dire ESA impact simulation

Rapid access drilling at potential drill site Little Dome C. Massimo Frezzotti, Enea, Italy. Credit: Robert Mulvaney

ICE CAMP Researchers working inside this tent at the British Antarctic Survey's Skytrain Ice Rise site have drilled through more than 600 meters of ice to ...

Preparations for radar measurement at Little Dome C to define layering structure of the ice at potential drill sites (Credit: © Luca Vittuari, ...

This Seawater Is 20,000 Years Old, and Has Remained Untouched Since the Last Ice Age

Figure 1: The GROCE project, with 11 working groups and more than 30 scientists from across Germany, aims to understand what the present-day state of the ...

A 1.5-kilometer asteroid, intact or in pieces, may have smashed into an ice sheet just 13,000 years ago.

Field camp at the selected drill site Little Dome C in Antarctica, where researchers hope to find 1.5-million-year-old ice. Luca Vittuari/PNRA

Scientists have been drilling into the ocean floor for 50 years – here's what they've found so far

Space lasers to track Earth's ice

Martian south pole

How to name a planet: Here is YOUR chance to have your name forever among the stars

Traverse arriving at Little Dome C drill site to set up field camp (Credit: © Luca Vittuari, PNRA)

Beneath Antarctica's Ice Is a Graveyard of Dead Continents Beneath Antarctica's Ice Is a Graveyard of Dead Continents

Antarctica BREAKTHROUGH: How divers were STUNNED by etetnal creature · Why NASA scientist predicted ICE ...

Geosciences Column: The best spots to hunt for ancient ice cores

Have we reached solar minimum? The sun has been without spots for 16 consecutive days

European team to drill for 'oldest ice'

Researchers have been testing a new drilling technique with a Curiosity model on Earth. Now engineers are ready to deploy the method using the real ...

This ancient ice core could reveal 1.5 million years of climate history

Antarctica Search for Earth's Oldest Ice --"Pleistocene Link Between Greenhouse Gases & Climate" | The Daily Galaxy

... out of the ice in the Antarctic, as it has not yet existed: It should be up to one and a half million years old - and help solve a climate mystery.

If the Greenland ice sheet melts, what happens to New York City? This reporter went to find out. Livable Planet

NASA comet strike life on Earth water on comets nasa news

The small Martian drill ...

Kite-Blown Sled Climbs Antarctic Ice Dome, One of the Coldest Places on Earth

This period saw the world shift from a rhythm of switching between warm and cold phases

20° E

Artist concept of 2018 VG18, nicknamed "Farout." (Credit: Illustration by

NASA's DART Mission Will Try to Deflect a Near-Earth Asteroid


ROCK ON A heavy bombardment of asteroids might have pounded the moon (illustrated here), Earth and other planets 3.9 billion years ago.

Diary of a climate scientist: 'I see a mess of broken icebergs in the ocean' | Education | The Guardian

What causes an ice age and what would happen if the Earth endured another one?

NASA News: Scientists say space object Oumuamua could answer questions to life in space

A Climate Scientist Battles Time and Mortality

BERG IN MOTION Iceberg A68 fully split from the Antarctic Peninsula's Larsen C ice shelf in July 2017, but was still hugging the coast in November 2017 ...

Selected drill site at "Little Dome C"

Figure 4. More precise analysis of the Dome C Oldest Ice target, with the

Europa: Facts About Jupiter's Icy Moon and Its Ocean


Ocean expedition to West Antarctic Ice Sheet seeks to reveal climate history

Scientists drill to find world's oldest ice, get snapshot of prehistoric world | CTV News

Life probably exists beyond Earth. So how do we find it?

... seen here in simplified form, brings warm water northward (red arrows) until it reaches the region around Greenland and northern Europe.

This artist's illustration shows salts bubbling up through Europa's icy crust. Beneath lies an ocean. In the distance are Jupiter and another moon, Io.

Image of the Week – The Sound of an Ice Age

The re-entry cone is welded together around the drill pipe, then lowered down the pipe to guide reinsertion before changing drill bits. IODP, CC BY-ND

Dark matter breakthrough NASA Chandra telescope dark matter galaxy discovery

A secret world of animals and plants -- including unknown species -- may live in warm caves under Antarctica's glaciers, scientists said Friday.

Climate change: European team to drill for 'oldest ice' in Antarctica

... oldest ice on Earth Dr Robert Mulvaney from BAS is involved in the site survey at Little Dome C. Credit: British Antarctic Survey

LONG HAUL As icebergs float away from Antarctica and melt, they drop trapped sediment in the Scotia Sea. Researchers will drill into the seafloor to ...

Antarctica's McMurdo Station is currently something of a small town, home to a sprawling complex of buildings. In the coming years, those old buildings will ...

The scientists used a drill to get below the surface

This 1.3-kilometer (0.8-mile)-radius Kuiper Belt Object discovered by


Mars covered in toxic chemicals that can wipe out living organisms, tests reveal

The most underrated scientific breakthroughs of 2017

Blazars are active supermassive black holes sucking in immense amounts of material, which form swirling

Magenta boxes A, B and C correspond to areas that could be considered as our best oldest-ice targets. Colored points locate possible drill sites.

Lake Vostok

How Extreme Weather Is Shrinking the Planet