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While it was a blessing for a great many, the “bust” raises questions about where things stand regarding the accuracy of predicting severe storms

A tornado seen west of Dodge City, Kansas, moving north on May 24.

Here's Why May Was Filled With Extreme Weather, Like Tornadoes and Flooding

NBC News Weather

The tornado that touched down near El Reno, Oklahoma plowed through the region. The violent winds and subsequent floods injured 155 and killed 20 people, ...

Twister tales: stormchasing in Tornado Alley, Oklahoma

Storm Chasing In Tornado Alley - All You Need To Know

Severe thunderstorm with lightning from 2017.

monster supercell, burwell, nebraska | nature + weather photography

Tornadoes are the most dangerous part of a storm cloud and getting close or into one can land you in big trouble, even a few experienced chasers have been ...

NBC News Weather

Beneath the Beast: A large EF-5 wedge tornado near El Reno, OK

Extreme Lightning - Storm Chasing Tours Intercept

Ryan Shepard for The Greeley Tribune

Storm chasing team Reed Timmer and Sean Schofer capture this tornado near Tilson, MB Monday

(Photo/Ashleigh Lecoupe/Extreme Tornado Tours)

Cloud to ground lightning strikes during a supercell thunderstorm in Texas.

Matt Phelps

The most EXTREME STORMS of 2018! Storm chasing year in review RAW EDIT

Tornado chasers face storm as lawsuit hits close to home

The business of storm chasing


I chose this picture because it really interested me and I've never seen the before. This is a good picture because it has an interesting subject

West Texas/Panhandle: May 7, 2019

Weather watchers have existed in some form or another for over a century. From the basic observations of temperatures and barometric pressure in the late ...

Storm chasing: We do not recommend you try this at home! The top 208 weather and climate disasters in the United States have resulted in a total cost of ...

New extreme weather app: Help scientists map severe storms

Massive tornado hits eastern Kansas, including Kansas City metro

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Freak storm brings 'twister', flash flooding to Queensland

Storm chasing couple's whirlwind life

storm cloud weather

Top of a NSSL chase vehicle showing air conditioning unit, compass, and Global Positioning System. Historically, storm chasing ...

The sun setting behind a severe thunderstorm during a storm chasing tour in 2016.

Here are my best pics of the day.

The growing hobby of storm chasing is raising concerns in the scientific community.

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Severe Weather Live Coverage - Tornadoes, Large Hail, Damaging Winds ~ Live Storm Chasing Footage - YouTube

Storm chasing all part of the passion for BOM's extreme weather enthusiast Dean Narramore

More Spring Weather Porn, Tornadoes And More

storm chaser warren faidley. "


Severe weather

The first was a rope out and the 2nd was a nice white tornado that lasted several minutes. #txwx @IAStormChasing @WeatherLiveTVpic.twitter.com/tORChiEgWz

'Like looking at a god': Chasing the storms roiling Tornado Alley. '

Families finally enjoy dip in the pool following heavy rain, flooding

This still image taken from video provided by Chris Higgins shows a tornado in Carl Junction

Severe Storm Chasing Weather News Pictures Reports Lightning Supercells Multicells - Weather Picture 2015/1122mb114 by Michael Bath

A tornado sweeps across a field in the distance near Dodge City, Kansas, in

Tornado Pursuit: 2014 Storm Chasing Web Series

Interest in storm chasing exploded after the movie “Twister” | The Wichita Eagle

I thought storm chasing would be like the movie 'Twister.' I was wrong

Canton TX Tornado and Damage 5-29-19

Scientists to launch new tornado research mission


Woodward Iowa tornado Matt's Storm Chasing Comments

Storm Chasing Days 6-10: Lots of Driving, Damaging Hail, and Chasing the Wrong Storm

A flipped Silver Line Tour storm-chasing van near Lawrence, Kansas on May 28

Extreme Lightning Show Sydney 27th January 2019

Alvo Nebraska Supercell storm

OK/TX Panhandles: May 4, 2019


The tv crew was astonished at the sight of the supercell and came away with fantastic footage to use in the commercial. It will air late spring first on CNN ...

Storm chasing photographers take photos underneath a rotating supercell storm system in Maxwell, Nebraska on

A tornado

(Photo/Brenden Laben)

Ripped tree branches litter a Learned, Miss., home, following severe weather that

From Iowa Storm Chasing Twitter Photo By: Sherri Daughtery 4 miles NE Cantril, IA

Storms in Texas, Oklahoma produce the sort of tornadoes that 'meteorologists like'

Higgins Storm Chasing

New storm chasing series takes the Internet by storm | Watts Up With That?

Wray, Colorado Tornadoes

A growing tourism industry offers paying tourists front row seats to see extreme weather - from

Environment · El Niño is back. Is it to blame for our severe weather woes?

become a storm chaser

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SPC had put a slight risk (and 2% tornado risk) over western Nebraska, parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

LIVE West Central Illinois Storm Chasing - 4/29/2017

"While pursuing extreme weather, I've encountered many situations where survival is balanced on a razor's edge. Sometimes its calculated luck while other ...

A series of violent storms and tornadoes have killed nine people as they swept through Oklahoma

Multi-Vortex Tornado in Oklahoma, 5/31/13.

A heavily armored Tornado Intercept Vehicle used to film inside a tornado with an IMAX camera, and featured in the Discovery Channel series, Storm Chasers.

Tornadogenesis and Storm Chasing

For the 2018-19 season (October 1st to April 30th), we (Higgins Storm Chasing) analysed the upcoming long range climate indicators along with the timing of ...

Dodge City Tornado