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Dry fly fishing with this innovative pattern will draw strikes over

Dry fly fishing with this innovative pattern will draw strikes over


Dry fly fishing with this innovative pattern will draw strikes over and over .

Fishing Fly, Print of original Pencil Drawing

Dry fly fishing with this innovative pattern will draw strikes over and over .

These days, fly anglers have a wealth of flies at their disposal, but with such a focus on innovation, it's easy to forget about traditional methods.

This versatile Pink Parachute Adams is the fly pattern update you've been waiting for

Bwo Fly Pattern Tied by bruce salzberg,


Fly Fishing Tips and Techniques | Fly Fishing with Soft Hackle Flies

Feeder Creek Fly Fishing Trout Flies - Marabou Muddler Minnow Streamer in Black OR White-

Streamer Flies

When only a perfect presentation will do this emerger pattern gets it done.

Dry Fly Clip Art - Yahoo Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results

Seasons of the Bucktail

The Quill Gordon is an example of Yankee ingenuity which led to the development of countless

Artificial fly

Frontispiece from Bowlker's Art of Angling (1854) showing a variety of artificial flies

Sinking Ant fly Fly Tying Vises, Trout Fishing, Fly Fishing, Saltwater Flies ,

The 25 Greatest Flies of All Time

20 Aug Notebook: A Fly is Born

(fishing photography by Josh England/ joshenglandphotos.com)

The more and more I fish soft-hackle flies, I have come to realize that you fish the fly more than the water you fish.

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terrestrial flies review

8 Trout Towns for Fly Fishing

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dry fly fishing during a hatch

Fire Tiger

Psycho Ant

It is my wish and hope to contribute to part of this legacy by exposing you [the current fly-fishing public] to the “raw” essentials needed to try this ...

dry flies for trout

photograph by Andrew Kornylak

Southern Oregon Winter Steelhead FlyFishing

best fishing flies

Fly Fishing Rendezvous showcases Colorado-based companies

The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine Issue #14 by The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine - issuu

John Newbury Tactical FLies

The Box Canyon, best known for the salmon fly hatch in early June, fishes extremely well early in the season. The rainbows in this section are some of the ...

Driving through open range country, you quickly learn to slow down because slow and easy is safer for both you and the cattle.

best fishing flies

Small Stream Fly Fishing in Spring

Fish love the glossy sheen of this hard body ant fly pattern.

Reservoir nymph patterns devised by Dr Bell of Wrington

No. 3 & No. 4, Fraser Sandeman - By Hook and by Crook 1892

Hooking up on the Bighorn... birthplace of the LBF.

Tippecanoe Shiner

... tying these two families of soft hackles together is how effective they are when presented in the right water, the right presentation (dead drift, ...


Nymphing: How to read a fly fishing indicator — What you might be missing

The Mickey Finn was tied in the 1930's by Quebec fly tyer Charles Langevin. The fly was supposed to be as dangerous as a Mickey Finn, which is slang for a ...

colin kearns holding common carp

Mayfly – The Life Cycle & How to Fish Mayfly Patterns

Henry Cowen's Somethin' Else is the perfect solution to the tiny-forage puzzle, and his diminutive fly has displaced my little antique Blonde patterns.

Fishing fly designs use bits of feather and fur tied to the hook to look like

fly fishing murky water

Target shooting is a direct approach to fishing the most promising lies with a bucktail. Simply cast your fly as close as you can to likely targets like ...

Ephemeral moments like this remind me that I love wing shooting for the same reasons I love fly fishing: it's the places it takes you.

Pro Tips: Top 10 Flies for Winter in the Driftless Area - Orvis News

OriGlam 【Happy Shopping Day】 100pcs Fly Fishing Flies Kit Fly Fishing Lures, 20 Colors Dry/Wet Flies Butterfly Bait Hook for Bass Salmon Trout with Fly ...

This final fly is truly a legend.

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So that may have been one of the best spring streamer seasons I've ever guided as far as consistency across the board. Pere Marquette, Manistee, and Ausable ...

Best Flies for Trout - RS2 Emerger - Fly Fishing Atlas


Fourteen- to 15-inch fish, plump with bellies full of bugs, are easily taken on just about any dry fly that touches ...

fly fishing from a drift boat


Summer Special

A Zuddler Minnow streamer.

Blane Chocklett truly eats, breathes, and sleeps fly fishing.

Best Flies For Trout - Lawson EZ Caddis - Fly Fishing Atlas

Use your feet to cover the water and make sure that you are presenting the fly as consistently and efficiently as possible.

Fly patterns designed for optimal sink rate and swimming action lack buoyant materials and require various tungsten or brass beads for weight.

Sea Habit Sardine Blue Crab Crease Fly ...


Fly casting, Maramec Spring Branch, Missouri

The Jock Scott is an example of British fly-tying, which generally evolved along

BEst Flies For Trout - Classic Wet Flies - Fly Fishing Atlas


Honesty in Fly Fishing


Bwo Fly Pattern Tied by bruce salzberg, | Mayfly - BWO | Trout, Fly tying patterns, Salmon flies

Blasts from the past: Adding a modern touch to classic fly patterns.

Fly Fishing Tips: #53 — Nymphing: Set On Anything Unusual

best fishing flies


South Umpqua Steelhead Fly Fishing.jpeg

Trip of a Lifetime: Red's Fly Shop and Canyon River Ranch | Northwest Fly Fishing

Winter means cool water and high oxygen levels – perfect conditions for rainbow trout. But with shorter days how can we best prepare for and tackle these ...