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Dressage Solutions Use Your Whip with Accuracy and Finesse Horse

Dressage Solutions Use Your Whip with Accuracy and Finesse Horse


Dressage Solutions: Use Your Whip with Accuracy and Finesse | Dressage Today

Dressage Solutions: Prevent Your Horse's Shoulders from Falling In or Out | Dressage Today

Dressage Solutions: Open Your Hip Angle and Stabilize Your Leg Position

Baumert is the author of When Two Spines Align: Dressage Dynamics, the technical editor for Dressage Today and president/CEO of The Dressage Foundation.

Dressage Solutions: Use Your Whip with Accuracy and Finesse

Imagine your torso as the letter “T.” Maintaining your upper body in the shape of a “T” will keep your shoulders level and prevent you from collapsing in ...

Dressage Solutions: Develop Correct Collection. Try this tip from Sue Blinks.

Dressage Solutions: To Know If Your Half Halt Worked


Overcoming Forward Issues By Ian Leighton

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Dressage Solutions: Establish Correct Contact

Uberstreichen – it's a hard word to pronounce, but one that shouldn't frighten you! This useful addition to your vocabulary will provide yet another test to ...

To hit the center mark on these poles, Susan has to have a mental picture

Click MORE to take a look at the fitness angle of world-class Horse Riding…

Centered Riding : Sally Swift Vol 1 & 2 DVD DRESSAGE horse training

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Learn how this system of neuromuscular education can help you use your body more effectively in the saddle.

... please introduce them to Demi Dressage and spread the word for this fantastic fledgling of a business. Their Facebook page can be found here!

The Power of the "Short Session!" Horse Training

“My goal today is to share knowledge and make better horsemen by doing gymnastic work and rideability work,” said Beezie Madden. After jumping the liverpool ...

A 'halt' signal without pulling on the halter: hold the rope straight up into the air and jiggle it lightly. We can use this as part ...

An Educated Horse Make an Excellent Trail Buddy

Centered Riding : Sally Swift Vol 1 & 2 DVD DRESSAGE horse training

Part 1

First off, the dressage phase where we got a 27 despite him throwing a temper tantrum due to a water truck being in the wrong place.

connecting our left brains and right brains

Winning at the Euros in Verden with Rusty

The word Dressage originates from the French word dresser, which in this context, pertains to training or dressing a horse.

Big ride for big Alex( wanted one pair of size 15 riding boots)

For this exercise, while riding straight, Susan uses her seat and legs to ask




EQUESTRIAN LOT ~ 3 Books: Horsemanship + Horse Tales + Training w Treats ~ NFine

SJC Therapies | Equine Sports Massage Therapist

Free Publication 2016 THE COMPETITIVE EQUESTRIAN U.S. and International Communications from the Hunter, Jumper and

Said Becky: “Gary gave me a lot to think about as I need to break habits that I have gained from years or riding youngsters.”

If I'm not consistently getting upper 60's at Training, what the hell did I think I was doing at First? Don't blame the horse, the horse is fine.

With the young or novice horse, our main preoccupation has been to allow him to go forward within the gentle framework of our hands and legs.

Official Magazine of the United States Equestrian Federation | Fall 2018. In Horse Health

the face of regret

The saddles look great and worked even better. I have a check from NUB for the balance on the 3rd & 4th saddles. Let me know when you're back in Minnesota.

Dressage Solutions: Improve Your Effectiveness in Corners and Turns

A Horse is For Life, Not Just For Christmas…

Dressage rider and trainer Rob Waine was on cloud nine recently after winning a major Iberian Horse Dressage Championship in Paris.

Wanted one pair of size 15 men's riding boots.

Whether you compete in eventing ,dressage or any other discipline ..accept no imitations. CONGRATULATIONS on your new horse ...

Gamaschen BASIC MEMORY Waldhausen black M

Parelli Patterns - Finesse - DVD - NATURAL HORSEMANSHIP Horse Training - Rare !!

would like to do the entire test in stretchy trot, please.

Horse Training Secrets Revealed

William Fox-Pitt and Cool Mountain, 3rd after dressage (photo by Kate Samuels)

Unauthorized use of this program or any portion of it, may result in severe civil and criminal penalties and will be prosecuted to the maximum extent ...

Exmoor lanes

Dressage Solutions: Help Your Horse Stay Round and Forward Throughout Half Halts | Dressage Today

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I mulled over this for a second and said “less like I'm standing on my tip-toes and more like I'm doing a squat?” and she was like yes! that.

... to have your core strength and being able to be quick and hold, let go very fast… so it's about being able to use what we have most efficiently also.

June 2014 Equi-Ads

Trent Harvey and Dun It With A Twist in Freestyle Reining at the NRHA Futurity,

Volume 10 Issue 9 Circulation 750 April 2005 $2 Valley .

Correct technique and response at the trot…


Seeking the Horse's Consent Signals

Creative Dressage Schooling : Enjoy the Training Process with 55 Meaningful.

Alex ...

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And usually we are at pains to avoid it. I hope this short piece will be clear enough to spark an interest in, and perhaps change your perception of, ...


LubriSynHA Hyaluronic Acid Pet Joint Formula 32oz All-Natural, Equine - npgbhh9020-Horse Supplements

Clearly the change in weather had lots of horses acting up because a lot of divisions had just one pair getting pinned. It was like watching the Hunger ...

A. diagram horse skull showing correct noseband placement

Competitors earned ribbons in each of the three competitions, and they earned points toward EI

At this stage of riding, it is important always to have a mental picture of your entire body and how it impacts the horse's back.

Susan Treabess ...

Gary Foggon and Gypsy Fortune at Port Royal

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Western Horsemanship by Richard Shrake: Complete Guide to Riding Western Horse

Yes, you can use treats both effectively and responsibly with horses. Using horse treats as a training tool can be effective to shape desired behaviors yet ...

Dressage Solutions: Help Your Horse Stay Round and Forward Throughout Half Halts

As you can see, it fits her beautifully. We are both very happy. She is comfortable and moving elegantly under saddle. Thanks for your help.

Rider Biomechanics

Online retailer with a difference

Carl Hester riding Nip Tuck winner of the FEI World Cup Dressage Grand Prix Freestyle

For perspective, his dam (who I commonly refer to as Hippo or Elephant) got an 8.5 on type. Just slightly different criteria in the jumper vs eventer worlds ...

Working riding styles all over the world share the elements of Signal Riding: It is

Type ...