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Do you prefer the 308 or the 3006 for hunting This guide walks you

Do you prefer the 308 or the 3006 for hunting This guide walks you


Do you prefer the 308 or the 30-06 for hunting? This guide walks

Do you like the 30-06 or the .308 Win better as your hunting caliber of choice? #Hunting #LearnToHunt #30-60 #308 #BigGame #BigGameHunting

There are many 30-caliber cartridges, but the 30-06 Springfield in center

The .308 Winchester – the Army's replacement for the .30-'06 – has been both loved and cursed by the hunting world. Look at it for what it is, and you have ...

Rigby's big .416 cartridge is a wonderful choice – if you can handle it effectively – and hits harder than the .375. Does that make the .375 a poor choice?

The Great Cartridge Debate: .308, .30-'06, 6.5 Creedmoor & More - GunsAmerica Digest

.300 Magnums

There are few calibers that occupy the American imagination as much as the storied .30-06. This is the cartridge that Americans used to fight both world ...

A ...

Two great combatants in the cartridge debate, the .30-'06 Springfield (left) and the .308 Winchester (right).

30-30 winchester rifle ammo whitetail .

(Left to Right) The .300 Winchester Magnum, the .300 Holland & Holland Magnum and the new kid on the block, the .30 Nosler

Photo shows big, heavy bullets atop 45-70 and 450 Marlin cartridges flanking a

The 30-06, around for more than 111 years and still going strong,

Is the .30-'06 Springfield Dead?

308 vs 30-06 For Hunting: Ballistics, Accuracy & More | shooting sports | Hunting rifles, Hunting guns, Bow hunting tips

The battle between the 300 WM and 7mm RM has been raging since 1963.

Tanzanian PH Michel Mantheakis with an exceptional tusker taken together with PH Koos Pienaar in Caprivi, May 2019. The major tusk is right at 100 pounds, ...

The Ultimate Guide to Hunting Rifles

barometric pressure and deer hunting

10 Great Rifles for Hunting the West

Image shows 458 Lott, 416 Rem., 7mm RUM, and 26 Nosler cartridges

308 vs 30-06 For Hunting: Ballistics, Accuracy & More


7mm bullets in different cartridges

... .30-06

Best Deer Hunting Rifle – Available In The Market Today

Best Bolt-Action Rifle Bargains

.308 vs .30-06 .

Blast From the Past: Winchester Model 88

Best Deer Hunting Rifle

Choosing the Right Deer Hunting Rifle: It's About More Than Style. You ...

Pick the right calibre for the hunt

One shot with an iron-sighted Marlin in .32 Special (Hornady ammo)


A good gemsbok bull, taken cleanly with one shot from the author's 30-'06.

300 PRC – Ballistics and Comparisons

Check out our 10 favorites for just about any situation! #Hunting #LearnToHunt #22 #22Rifle #22LR #SmallGame #SmallGameHunting

Every hunter will have his or her own preferences when it comes to style, grip and other variables - but before you get to style, you need a firm grasp on ...

You can also find cheap 7.62x51 cases


The Ruger Gunsite Scout with a Vortex Strike Eagle and a Magpul PMAG AICS Magazine.

.308 Vs 30-06 Different Ammo Comparison

(top to bottom) Tikka T3 Lite .308, Savage Model 99 .300

Shown is a 25-06 Remington cartridge beside its parent case, a 30-

Ron Spomer with Trophy Deer

In your article, you specifically recommend either a 30.06 Winchester or the Winchester in Short Magnum. I've been around firearms for a good many years

Recently, I argued that reactionaries should hunt. Perhaps our brothers in Croatia are too busy hunting roebuck and mouflon to read essays on hunting, ...

3 Best Coyote Hunting Rifles

... wallop and unless you will be doing a lot of backcountry hunting I would recommend getting the heaviest rifle that is comfortable for you to handle to ...

Best Rifles For Hunting Africa

Federal Vital-Shock .308 Win 180gn Nosler Partition

3 Tan boxes of Hornaday 8mm cartridges with red and black lettering stacked on top of


.30-06 Springfield. If you ...

The .308 Win. (center) simply doesn't possess the sexiness of the 6.5 Creedmoor (left) or the panache of the 30-'06 Springfield (right).

Ready to Go?

(Left to Right) .308 165gn Nosler Partition taken from 350lbs Black Bear,

308 vs 223 vs 30-06 bullet drop comparison chart

Best Rifles For Hunting Africa

FAL .308

Choosing ...

Rimfire vs. Centerfire

a shooting rifle with optics on it

L-R: 223 Rem., 22-250 Rem., 243 Win.,

Savage Model 99

gecohunting #gecoallyouneed #3006 Thanks for sharing @mkszuster . . .#ammo #ammooftheday #ammunition #ammolover #gecoammo #munition #hunting #jagd ...

If you're interested in going Zebra hunting in South Africa, please contact us for more information. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, ...

.308 Winchester vs 7mm-08 Remington – Though the .308 Win has a lot of history and is still regarded as one of the best short action, big game, hunting ...

I walked into my gun store last week fully expecting to buy a Remington 700 in .308 Winchester. As I was walking down the aisles toward that long-touted ...

The calibers compared are the .308 Winchester, 30-06 Government, .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum. They represent the most popular calibers ...

Survival Debate: .308 Win vs. .223 Rem

This “airplane-wing” buffalo was shot shortly after WW II by Clary Palmer-Wilson, in Tanzania. With its exceptional spread (64 inches) the head scored at ...

243 Winchester versus 7mm-08 Remington contest in perspective shows both of those rounds beside

Best Deer Cartridge

As you conduct your own research, you can deviate from this list, but for now, look for a rifle chambered in one of the following: 243 Win, 6.5mm Creedmoor, ...

Hunting 101: Hunting Safely and Effectively

Barnes factory 150 gr TTSX shoots in 1/2” or less in my ancient Remington Sportsman 78.

ruger precision rifle

You do, however, need to mask your own scent as much as possible in order not to scare them away in the first place.


Emotions aside, where most elephant hunting is conducted today the elephants are overpopulated and must be managed, and recovery of all meat, which goes to ...

This bull arrived on winter range before severe weather. Look even where you've looked before.

What Rifle do you use to deer hunt with? [Archive] - Michigan Gun Owners Community Forum

Spraying a BAR one-handed from the hip might look cool in video games, but in real life the .30-06 recoil would cause the barrel to dislodge some teeth.

Best Bear Rifles

Tiny our oldest Jack Russell loves deer – she likes them cut up a little smaller though – mind you when I did so (for her) she promptly buried them, ...

The century-old .30-06 still ranks as a favorite among elk hunters

Moose Hunting Rifle - Tikka T3 Lite in .30-06 containing 180 gr Federal Premium with Nosler partition and mounted with a Leupold VX1 4-12 x 40 mm

Comparison of the .308 Win., .30-06 Springfield., .300 Mag., and .338 Win. Mag.