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Different time same feeling In awe of the ocean and all its

Different time same feeling In awe of the ocean and all its


Different time, same feeling. In awe of the ocean and all its creatures.

Bay and boats.

Why our brains love the ocean: Science explains what draws humans to the sea

Our Precious Ocean Needs Our Protection

A scientist reveals what being near the ocean actually does to your brain

Ephrat Livni

10 Songs About the Ocean and Sea

Many of us love to sit near the ocean or a river and gaze out at the water -- often, we can sit for long periods simply observing the gentle movements of ...

Ephrat Livni

Ocean Sea

Since ancient times, humans have assigned healing and transformational properties to water. In early Rome, baths were an important part of cultural life, ...

Ephrat Livni

A clean water revolution in the U.S.

Photo by Christopher Bergland

With more time on their hands, people feeling awe reported a greater willingness to offer that time to others—to volunteer their time, but not their money, ...

then wildlife photographers would be out of work and our relationship with these creatures (and with the Earth) would be very different.

And I feel just the same every time I dive – amazed, calmed, thrilled, and in awe of life in general.

run water

In much the same way that trees often cause me to experience awe and peace, oceans also often cause me to experience these same feelings.

Tourists enjoy the sun on a beach at a resort island at the Male Atoll December

Why I love the sea – and what does it have to do with meaningful life? | Frank Martela

Dyrhólaey: South Iceland's Most Awe-Inspiring Viewpoint

Claimed by the Sea. By Sam Reese

The Sublime refers to an experience of vastness (of space age time) beyond calculation or comprehension a sense of awe we might feel before an ocean a ...

27 Beautifully Inspirational Mountain Quotes

Understanding the natural wonder of bioluminescence

33 Mind-Blowing Facts About the Earth's Oceans

The Death of Awe in the Age of Awesome

Beauty in Awe, the Sea Turtle Illusion

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Americans May Be Getting Less Religious, But They're Feeling More Wonder | HuffPost

smell the sea, feel the breeze, hear the ocean, Be at Ease

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Astronauts report an “overview effect” from the awe of space travel—and you can replicate it here on Earth

“I Crave a Love so Deep, the Ocean would be Jealous.” - Salty Souls Experience

Hurricane Katrina

ocean wave. “

Orca – Killer Whale

Approaching tsunami facts about the oceans


(Credit: Flickr/Fabrizio Anglus)

America's marine national monuments contain rich, unique and vital ocean habitats that support marine wildlife and fuel scientific discovery.

The one place my truly feel peaceful and at ease. All troubles just melt away with the sound of the waves and the warm breeze.

Photo by Christopher Bergland

Why Being Near The Ocean Can Make You Calmer And More Creative | HuffPost Life

We all need crystal clear waters, salty swims and lashings of sunshine in our life. So grab your bikini and get ready to lounge - here are Bali's best ...

Shock and awe are feelings I've experienced in Hawaii many times before—usually due to the power of the waves, their proximity to the reef and how swells ...

The Hour of Land: Terry Tempest Williams on the Responsibility of Awe and the Wilderness

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Water can be both negative or positive in your dream, so it is important that you consider both possibilities and pay very close attention to the other ...

Photo by Christopher Bergland

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The Pleasure of God in His Creation

The researchers looked at data from 48 million people in England from the 2001 census, comparing how close people lived to the sea with how happy they said ...

This is why I love the mountains, ocean & open space! Nature puts us in a reality check of we connect.

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Among the Sierra Nevada, California


Most excellent movie still from Riding Giants, 2004

nature quotes every walk with one receives far more than seeks john muir wisdom

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Dead Sea before dawn

Greatest of All Sea Battles

... How Awe Can Help Students Develop Purpose

Mariana Trench facts about the oceans

beach wedding

It's supposedly not a harmful monster, and it's said that the only things you'll end up with if you cross paths with the creature are a feeling of awe and a ...

Drifting in a kelp bed with eight ton “killer” whales off your bow can be awe-inspiring and exciting. Encountering these harmless, intelligent and majestic ...

Oceans and large bodies of water can represent the state of your emotions and limitlessness of the unconscious and spirit. Oceans are often associated with ...

The first time I dived into the ocean I was 19. I didn't know how to swim. I was on a catamaran in the Lakshadweep islands, strapped into my rental dive ...

internet cables by ocean facts about the oceans


Unleash Your Inner Aquaman At These Underwater Destinations

A sunset can enhance your feeling of well-being. Here, the sun sets

Widely known as the most photographed house on the Great Ocean Road, and probably Australia!

... Plastic Game Changer book front cover "

Ocean sunfish and Tierney Thys

Be most of the time, if I do allow you to enter my private garden, it is because I saw some potentiel in you. It is because I would go for dinner ...

Crystallized salt

The pontoon at the Hilton Dead Sea Resort.

12 Awesome Hotels to Add to Your Wellness Travel Bucket List

29 May 1998 A visit to the emperor penguin rookery leaves me awe-struck and scraping for words

In our everyday lives, we're constantly bombarded with sensory stimuli, whether from our devices, busy homes and offices, or hectic city streets.

ocean waves on beach at sunrise facts about the oceans