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Day 5 of 9 Antarctic Penguins If you know me you know I love

Day 5 of 9 Antarctic Penguins If you know me you know I love


A group of juvenile and adult emperor penguins on a sunny day with blue skies behind

Day 5 of 9: Antarctic Penguins If you know me you know I love penguins

Where can you see penguins around the world? You're guaranteed in Antarctica to

antarctica wildlife adelie penguins icehopping istock

Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins at risk of extinction, scientists warn

Emperor penguin colony wiped out from "catastrophic" breeding failure

Antarctica Cruises, Tours & Trips

Smithsonian Ocean

Adelie penguin

Four emperor penguins standing in a row, with blue skies behind them.

20 fun facts about penguins

Emperor penguins swimming


Adelie penguin

Emperor penguin

7 of the best places to see penguins in the wild

penguins falkland islands

Penguins discovered off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

A scientist monitors one of the world's largest Adélie penguin colonies near Cape Crozier, Antarctica

Emperor penguins face terrible hardships to rear their young


10 fun facts about Antarctica

Eve of the Emperor Penguin: Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca: 9780375837340: Amazon.com: Books

10 facts about Adélie penguins. We bring you ...

Adélie penguin

Giant penguin fossil shows bird was taller than most humans | Science | The Guardian

Halley emperor penguins

Emperor penguin

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A man feeds a group of penguins.


10 emperor penguin facts for World Penguin Day – in pictures


Emperor penguins engaged in courtship behaviour (Photo: Robyn Mundy) ...


Penguin, © Joan Cambray

Eve of the Emperor Penguin: Mary Pope Osborne, Sal Murdocca: 9780375837340: Amazon.com: Books

Penguins 101: Emperor ...

antarctica penguins

World Penguin Day quiz: test your knowledge of our flightless friends. Everybody loves penguins – but how much do you know ...


antarctica snow hill emperors and chick qe

Adelie penguins returning to their breeding colony.

Emperor penguins at Weddell Sea. Image: Hannes Grobe/AWI

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Penguin habitats threatened by climate change

Just how many penguins live in Antarctica?

5 places to see penguins in the wild

Emperor penguins, Antarctica

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Adelie penguin

Adelie Penguin

Rockhopper penguin-Antarctica-Pål-Søby-Vindfallet.

World's second largest emperor penguin colony 'disappeared overnight' with thousands of chicks wiped out | The Independent

Gentoo penguins

What's in a (penguin's) name?

Wildlife of Antarctica

Adult emperor penguin at the Gould Bay colony.

A row of emperor penguins on the move in Antarctica

Love and other animals

Adelie penguin

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Why Can't Penguins Fly?

Macaroni penguin

A gentoo penguin in front of an iceberg.


The book ends in Jan 2018 when we left the colony, but Joey's story continues. If you would like to see what is happening for Joey and Echo this year go ...

A rarely seen sight in Antarctica as Adelie penguins get ready for the big day

As noted, the King Penguin has an unusual breeding cycle, taking 14–16 months from laying the egg to the fledging of the offspring. If you're an early ...

Habits and Lifestyle

You just never know what is around that next iceberg! antarctica Gentoo penguins ...

Two male king penguins, going at it.

Adélie penguin chicks starved to death at Dumont d'Urville, January 2017

Emperor Penguins Huddle for Warmth | Nature on PBS

Camp with Emperor Penguins

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Antarctica's Winged Mascot

A community of Emperor penguins in the Antarctic.


Do Adelie penguins have any predators?