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Day 1 of 9 Antarctic Skies I didnt get any help with suggestions

Day 1 of 9 Antarctic Skies I didnt get any help with suggestions


Albert's Antarctica Adventure: Conclusion & Trip Planning Advice


I awake gently to the sound of an acoustic guitar melodically chiming from the cabin speaker. This is the best wake-up call of my life; “Good morning…. good ...

photo of an iceberg in antarctica

The Sun will reappear in 12 days, in the one and only sunrise at the Pole - over the September equinox, pic Josh Montgomery @SPTelescope ...

What I learned from crossing Antarctica on skis, alone

These waters are significantly further south making sea ice more common. The ice ultimately directs what adventures we will have in these lesser traveled ...

12 Facts You Didn't Know About Antarctica

Another day, another snowy vista in Antarctica.

Lee and Elina carrying gear to Willie Field.

Day 3 of 9: Antarctic Skies This one is technically cheating as well because it was taken in the Beagle Channel as we departed Ushuaia, Argentina heading ...

Antarctica Facts for Kids – Complete Information for School Research Projects

People Cross Antarctica All the Time. It's Still Crazy Hard

Elaine Hood / National Science Foundation

Exploration of Antarctica

First woman to cross Antarctic solo: I've never felt so alone

Recent Scenes From Antarctica

Antarctica: Trip of a Lifetime

Colin O'Brady pictured on day 37 of his estimated 65-day-long odyssey across the Antarctic.

Why does Antarctica matter?

After years on ice, Ukrainian mission to Antarctica gradually returns to life

Day 10-11, Drake Passage

1/ Why doesn't it rain in Antarctica ?

Hurtigruten MS Midnatsol in Antarctica

South Pole

15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

Colin O'Brady Completes Crossing of Antarctica With Final 32-Hour PushColin O'Brady Completes Crossing of Antarctica With Final 32-Hour Push


Colin O'Brady Completes Crossing of Antarctica With Final 32-Hour Push - The New York Times

Captain Scott lost race to South Pole because he didn't have 'class clown' in his team, scientists say

10 Things to Photograph in Antarctica that are Worth the Trip (+ some tips)

Open trip gallery · Antarctica Cruise – Classic Voyage ...

Antarctic treaty main points

Lee getting to work on the enclosure and Elina setting up the portable UNAVCO GPS unit at Phoenix.

And every few days NOAA is launching an ozone sonde. Here are a couple of pictures from Monday.

Antarctica_24112013_057©Marsel-van-Oosten.jpg. 1/9 ...

Antarctic Polar Circle 15 days / 14 nights

Frozen South: Antarctica 24 hour Sun 4K

South Pole

a, Change in degree days. b, Change in precipitation rate (mm per year). c, Projected melt (m) using mean melt coefficients (see Methods).


Actions today will decide Antarctic ice sheet loss and sea level rise

Antarctica's Bizarre Green Icebergs Are More Than a Quirk of the Southern Ocean

Colin O'Brady, his sled and tent.

Patagonia Delight & Antarctica. Duration: 9 days/ ...

Adventure to Antarctica then visit the iconic Torres del Paine National Park.

2/ Where is the South Pole ?

Crossing the Antarctic Circle: Island Sky

Ten James Hargest College students flew over Antarctica on Valentine's Day.

We're excited to welcome Tim Ager as our Adult Enrichment Day speaker this spring. Adults, come and spend the morning at Camp Ewalu and hear about Tim's ...

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Deepest Dive Ever Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World

Photo by David Merron

Keri Nelson was 32 when she moved to Antarctica eight years ago. Feeling like her three college degrees weren't doing much for her, she applied for an ...


South pole

We also experienced for two days what Antarctica is normally like, with up to force 9 winds, rain and little visibility, but the memory remains of the ...

South Pole

Sunlight hours

... hard because the moment I walked into my accommodation, I noticed a printed flyer with the current Antarctica cruise deals posted up in plain view.

outdoor infinity pool Arakur Ushuaia Argentina

Sunlight hours

Five departures are offered during the 2019-20 season, two aboard Ocean Nova, two aboard Hebridean Sky and one aboard Magellan Explorer.

Frosty ambition

Albert's Antarctica Adventure: Danco Island

Ancient Rocky Structure Found Beneath Antarctica. And It's Messing with the Ice.

Day 1 of 9: Antarctic Skies I didn't get any help with suggestions for my next series of 9 so I just went with what grabbed me tonight as I scrolled through ...

Moon rise, Antarctica


antarctica wildlife adelie penguins icehopping istock

My home for seven weeks — along with the sledge that I pulled every day.

Antarctic SurveyVerified account


The low sun angle helped highlight these crevasses.

But we had some quite nice auroras already for the past days and some nice clear skies. Aurora season 2019 is open :)

Day 10-12, Antarctic Peninsula

Albert's Antarctica Adventure: Overnight Camping at Leith Cove


Blowing snow conditions at a camp site near Vostok Station in Antarctic summer. Credit: Ted Scambos, NSIDC/University of Colorado-Boulder.

This panorama was shot from our room's balcony using our cell phone – talk about stunning photos.

Moon rise, Antarctica

Colin O'Brady looks out at the sun during his unsupported journey through Antarctica.

Coldest temperature ever recorded on Earth in Antarctica: -94.7C (-135.8F) | World news | The Guardian

South pole

Day 1: Embarkation in Ushuaia