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Donn, the mysterious Irish Lord of the Dead

A post on the children of James V, King of Scots, (right) could ...


Conaire Mor

In my debut novel, Lily of the Nile: A Novel of Cleopatra's Daughter, my heroine's first Saturnalia is a thing of wonder. Though her father was Mark Antony, ...

Cú Roí mac Dáire: Jack of Swords part 2

Women: The Laxdaela Saga

Unusual Historicals

Sources and composition[edit]

Dancing in circles has gone on for who knows how long, and the medieval carol--a circular dance and the songs that went with it--was popular with everybody ...

Drones, A Dry Summer And A Wealth Of Archaeological Discoveries In Ireland

The coat of arms of the Dunnigan's of Ulster in given by Colonel John Dunnigan to genealogist William Fraser in 1637. The family crest is the Ermine in it's ...

Conor McGregorVerified account

But enough of what this movie wasn't. Let's get on to what it was and did. Though some of the people and events weren't very accurate, many other things ...

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Liverpool FC on Twitter: "🔴 Know a young Red who would love to walk out at Anfield to our club anthem and have a chance to score in front of the Kop?

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Táin Bó Cúailnge

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Irish Gods and Goddesses - Áine - Pagan Celtic Mythology


Overlooking ...

Second, "Band of Brothers" comes relatively close to each man's real age during the conflict. For example, he heart of the 501st Easy Company, ...


But did you know that the story of a youth-led strike was based on a true story? The original wasn't nearly cheery enough to have song and dance though, ...

'Medb's cairn' at Knocknarea

Unusual Historicals

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First Ladies: Livia Drusilla of Rome

Eventually she and her third husband became active in labor relations, the Kennedy Administration, and various other political and public relations ...


Ioho (Yew) II

Male border collie black with tan points

Ogedei was known to be a drunkard and it's believed that Toregene began to exercise influence in his absence. The oldest recorded evidence of Toregene's ...

Dana White on Twitter: "Derrick Krantz is on the last ep of Lookin for a Fight and I loved his performance & attitude so was bringing him on Contender ...

Conaire Mór & Tuatha Dé Danann

It was said that Boudica was tall, red headed, beautiful and fierce. She led her people against the Romans.| Boudica Painting by RC Bailey - Boudica Fine ...

Portrait: Lalla Fatma N'Soumer

Charlie agus Monarcha na Seacláide

Legendary Heroes and Feats: Siegfried

Figure 4 : le Temple Putuozongcheng zhi miao établi par l'empereur Qianlong à Chengde (photo de l'auteur).

Myth / Celtic Mythology

Epiphanies | On Joyce's ' ...

Queen Margaret, wife of King James IV of Scotland, was Margaret Tudor, one of two sisters of Henry VIII. Margaret traveled to Scotland when she was only 14 ...

De cette union incestueuse va naître une fille Mes Buachalla, à l'origine d'une dynastie de rois, en donnant naissance à Conaire Mor.

Fig. 3 Fers de hallebardes, collection Spitzer


SenZar: Todd King, The Brune, Joseph Giacone: 9780965614597: Amazon.com: Books


"Cuchulain Desires Arms of the King", illustration by Stephen Reid in Eleanor Hull's. "

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Imbolc is also the day the Cailleach gathers her firewood for the rest of the winter. Legend has it that if she intends to make the winter last a good while ...

Picts & Saxons in early medieval Ireland

In France, those of wealth and privilege enjoyed the perks only the rich could afford, frequenting new entertainments such as the Folies Bergere, ...

Figure 5- Détail de la cruche de Basse Yutz, France. British Museum, Londres. LTA, Fin Vᵉ s. av. J.-C. Alliage cuivreux, corail et émail.

Amazon.com: Crime Of Century: Kennedy Assassination From (9780870498244): Michael L. Kurtz: Books

Replica of the Corleck Head, Co Cavan Museum

Hurdy gurdy girls were distributed all over Europe, Australia, and North America, but this article addresses only the girls who came to the American ...

Actually, I'm pretty sure this is the greatest burn in Avatar history. : TheLastAirbender

But one thing is for sure: it's an experience they won't forget. https://www.coislife.ie/product/taithi-oibre/?lang=en

Mallt-y-Nos (Matilda of the Night) is a crone in Welsh mythology who rides with Arawn and the hounds (Cŵn Annwn) of the Wild Hunt, chasing sorrowful, ...


Lisa J. Yarde writes fiction inspired by real-life events. She is the author of historical novels set in medieval England and Normandy, The Burning Candle ...

(DOC) The Jabali Manuscript | Kevin Connor - Academia.edu

[Picture: Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers]

Heroic & Dark Fantasy and Science Fiction Character created by Kevin L. O'Brien

... and Etain's descendant Conaire Mor into breaking his geas. I guess this could have happened even if Etain stayed with Midir, but then I'm not sure why ...

Book of the Month – April 2011

Unsurprisingly, Clara didn't have a lot of friends. She lived for the movies and went as often as she could. She entered a talent contest run by movie ...

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Sister sent me this...she was blocked immediately after : ChoosingBeggars

King Duncan I of Scotland

Nuada Airgetlám | In Irish mythology, Nuada or Nuadu, known by the epithet Airgetlám (meaning "silver hand/arm"), was the first king of the T… | Celtic ...

Painting of Isabel's crowning

Ireland Map

The Rock of Cashel was the centre of power for the Eóganacht Chaisil, ancestors of

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