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Christopher SebastianMcJetters is a vegan activist and social

Christopher SebastianMcJetters is a vegan activist and social


Christopher-Sebastian McJetters is a veganism and social justice advocate, staff writer at Vegan Publishers, part-time lecturer at Columbia University, ...

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with Christopher-Sebastian McJetters


Christopher Sebastian-McJetters is a vegan activist and social justice advocate,copy editor and staff publisher at Vegan Publishers, a lecturer at Columbia ...

talks-by-vegan-social-justice-advocate-christopher-sebastian-mcjetters -at-vegfestuk-bristol-2018

Christopher-Sebastian , an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University, emphasized how racial oppression intersects

E23: Christopher Sebastian


Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters - Allies in Arms, The danger of wearing veganism as an identity

writer and activist Christopher-Sebastian McJetters (above) asks (and answers with his signature bluntness and sass):

May, 30, 2016. Christopher-Sebastian McJetters

... Barefoot Vegan magazine, and the blog Striving With Systems in collaboration with Aph Ko (Aphro-ism), Brenda Sanders (PEP Foods) and Triangle Chance for ...

1. Mariann Sullivan

Jul, 28, 2016

Christopher Sebastian - Intersections of Justice: Building an Inclusive Animal Rights Movement

Jasmin Singer is co-host and co-founder of the podcast Our Hen House. In 2016, the NYC-based activist wrote a memoir about her journey through life titled ...

Christopher Sebastian McJetters, Pax Ahimsa Gethen, and Aph Ko. (Photo Credit:

Christopher-Sebastian McJetters


Why Diversity in Veganism Needs to Be a Thing

Nov, 03, 2016

Cleveland VegFest 2018 Speakers

A Thank You Letter to Donald J. Trump.

4 Ways the Animal Rights Movement Uses Human Bodies to Sell Animal Rights

Intersectionality Panel: Social Justice and Animal Rights

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Christopher-Sebastian McJetters, who lectured on “Race, Class, Species,” with Academy director Victoria Moran

May 3, 2019

Striving with Systems at IJC [Image: Christopher-Sebastian McJetters ...


Cleveland VegFest 2019 Speakers

Vegans of Color Mini Conference — Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Ruth Valerio, environmentalist and theologian, social activist and author speaks about animal welfare, ethical consumerism and reducing our resource ...

Intersectional Veganism isn't enough.

In an effort to stabilize the growing number of black bears in Florida, the state's Wildlife Conservation Commission is allowing hunters to kill a total of ...

10 pro-intersectional vegan people and organisations to support

Are YOU ready to become a Certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach and Educator?


Meaty Issues Panel

10 Questions: Vegan Rockstar with April Lang.

The College Fix

Mercy For AnimalsVerified account @MercyForAnimals · 3 Feb 2018. "

Top 5 Books: Critical Race Approaches to Veganism and Animal Rights


Apr 14, 2019

Winnie was raised in a small city in northern India and is currently a PhD candidate in English and Comparative Literature at the University of Cincinnati, ...

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What Mercy For Animals Stands For

Dr Breeze Harper aka Sistah Vegan

Black love and healing [Image: Aph Ko and Christopher-Sebastian McJetters ...



Christopher Sebastian McJetters - Race, Class, Species: The Remix

Ally Laine "The Vegan Beast"

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Erin Kwiatkowski adopted a vegan diet 18 years ago, after reading about the horrors of factory farming. She has since devoted her life to fighting for ...

Sexism and male privelege in the movement, Lisa Kemmerer at IARC

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If you enjoyed Dr. Harper's lecture and would like to invite her to speak at your event, school, or organization, please email her at ...

🧡Want to support Black feminist vegan activism? 💥 Greatest way to spread the word

"In #feminist/anti-racist spaces, I saw that conversations about animals/animality made activists for human rights incredibly uncomfortable.

Rayonner 🌟

Embracing Compassion Toward All: An Interview With Author Mark Hawthorne - Institute for Humane Education


Why I'm a Social Justice Vegan ...

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The Womyn's Club: Vegan Feminism and Transphobia

Obtain Your Vegan Certification

A fierce debate is raging in many vegan circles these days around the issue of racism amongst vegan groups, leaders, and prominent voices.

Ivy League Prof: Going Vegan Can Help Fight Racism

I was tagged by Lex, @clickbaitgrandma for the six selfie thing. So I figured I'd upload my face before I went to sleep. The last one is my fav for some ...

Elizabeth Enochs



This meme is my fave so I thought I should finally repost it 🙈 • *

intersectional-vegan -summit-continues-at-vegfestuk-brighton-2017-after-debut-at-olympia

Mercy For AnimalsVerified account @MercyForAnimals · 19 Feb 2018

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For ...

A placard at a protest reads RACISM IS NOT PATRIOTISM

Mar 12, 2019

nytimes.com. >

My name is Jamila Anahata and I have been a super happy vegan for three years now! It all started when I went on a corny health kick, one that resembled the ...

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Vegan America: A Conversation with Syl Ko


Mary Fantaske

VegfestUK are thrilled to announce the first Pro-Intersectional Vegan Conference, to be held in the UK, at London in October, with a number of leading ...