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Burning of three witches in Baden Switzerland 1585 by Johann

Burning of three witches in Baden Switzerland 1585 by Johann


Swiss museum dedicated to 'last witch in Europe' handed one million-franc donation. Burning of three witches in Baden ...

Punker of Rohrbach, the German equivalent of William Tell, was accused of witchcraft and allegedly had to defend his innocence by shooting a penny off the ...

Mora witch trial, Sweden, 1670. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann ...

A depiction of two witches raising a hailstorm. Woodcut from a 1493 edition of a book on witches by Ulrich Molitor, entitled "De Lamiis et Phitonicis ...

End of European witch-hunts in the 18th century[edit]

The Burning of three witches in Baden on November 4, 1585. - Stock Image

Medieval church and skeletons unearthed in Lucerne city centre

The burning of a woman in Willisau, Switzerland, 1447

From 1969 to 2001 the west side of Kirkliston was the site of the Drambuie Liqueur Factory providing employment for up to 150 workers, men and women, ...

The Good Witch of the South Eastern Suburbs

The torture used against accused witches, 1577.

Fascinating Facts About Switzerland

The Witch, No. 2, c. 1892 lithograph by Joseph E. Baker

A depiction of the apple-shot scene in Sebastian Münster's Cosmographia (1554 edition)

Dominican Inquisitors and the Growth of Witch-phobia

German Word of the Day: Der Ohrwurm

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories | bobthorney | Modern day witch, Historical fiction authors, Witchcraft

Historian investigates the history of witchcraft prosecution | Stanford Humanities

Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585) by Johann Jakob Wick. The last executions of people convicted … | Heretics, witches and the like ...

... witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann Jakob Wick. The burning of a French midwife in a cage filled with black cats

Everyone is familiar with the concept of a witch-hunt. Witch-hunts appear in books, movies, television, and plays. The idea is so familiar that it has ...

1533 account of the execution of a witch charged with burning the German town of Schiltach in 1531.

Witches' Sabbath

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[4] While not witch-trials, these early attempts to ferret out guilt certainly informed the methods of later witch-hunts, as well as those of the infamous ...

Archaeologists find 7,000-year-old human remains in Swiss city

Queensferry at War


November 30, 1786: The Death Penalty, Obsolete or Necessary?

The Three Witches, Henry Fuseli, 1783, Zurich Kunsthaus, Zurich, Switzerland ,

Title page of the seventh Cologne edition of the Malleus Maleficarum, 1520 (from the University of Sydney Library). The Latin title is "MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, ...

Trier witch trials

image. Execution of alleged witches in Central Europe, 1587. Burning of three witches in Baden, Switzerland (1585), by Johann ...

Feast ...

A 1782 depiction of William Tell in the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zürich.

Swiss National Day: 20 key dates in Switzerland's history

City Church of Baden

A 1947 propaganda comic book published by the Catechetical Guild Educational Society warning of the dangers of a communist takeover.

The Obscene Kiss, an illustration of witches kissing the Devil's anus from Francesco Maria Guazzo's

2 Witchcraft Practices ...


Witch hunter

Bute witches

The Bull had little impact, and three years later Kramer published the Malleus Maleficarum, or “Hammer of Witches.” [6]


It focuses on the Parish Church, The Square and the High Street but also stretches south down to encompass the remote manse and the little group of ...

Derenburg witch trials

William Powell Frith The Witch Trial

3 Malleus Malefiarum ...

Woodcuts and Witches: Ulrich Molitor's De lamiis et pythonicis mulieribus, 1489–1669 |

The Würzburg witch trial, which took place in Germany in 1626–1631, is one of the biggest mass-trials and mass-executions seen in Europe during the Thirty ...

Urbain Grandier

Elaborated concept of witchcraft[edit]

Catherine Deshayes aka La Voisin, executed in 1680.

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Witch trials in early modern Scotland

Perfectly imperfect – the bumpy ride is better than no ride

6 Witch-hunt ...

Image of witches being hanged, from Ralph Gardiner, England's Grievance Discovered in Relation to. “

La Lechuza (The Witch Bird) In the Hispanic folklore of Mexico and Texas,

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Martha Carrier (Salem witch trials)

Johann Jacob Wick (1522–1588) was a Protestant minister in Zürich, Switzerland from 1552 until his death. In 1559 he began amassing a remarkable collection ...

John Wootton-Macbeth And Banquo With The Three Witches - Stock Image

Burning of two homosexuals, Richard Puller von Hohenburg and Anton Mätzler, at the stake


(They are commemorated by the Maltese Cross in the arms of the Community Council, which were granted in 1991 - Wikipedia)

12.Garden-Brutal Myths

ABOVE: Woodcut from 1608 from the Compedium Maleficarum by Francesco Maria Guazzo, showing witches in line to kiss the Devil's anus as part of one of their ...

The Doruchów witch trial was a witch trial which took place in the village of Doruchów in Poland in the 18th century. It was the last mass trial of sorcery ...

Natalie Kim MicaelaSchmitt SofieMizzi Witchcraft and the ...

Bamberg witch trials

Preparing to burn a witch (Jan Luyken)

German accused of witchcraft

North Berwick witch trials

Cathedral of Trier - Image: Römisches Mauerwerk am Dom in Trier. 02


three witches in carnival - Stock Image

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Northern Moravian witch trials, also known as Boblig witch trials was a series of witch trials which occurred in the Jeseník and Šumperk area in present-day ...

ABOVE: Johann Georg Fuchs von Dornheim, the Prince-Bishop of Bamberg behind the Bamberg witch trials, known as the Hexenbrenner for his notoriously brutal ...

A painting in the Rila Monastery in Bulgaria, condemning witchcraft ...

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Sociology and causes of the European witch-hunts. "

The burning of a 16th-century Dutch Anabaptist, Anneken Hendriks, who was charged

Witch-hunt Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Witch-hunt At Popflock.com

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Witch-hunt Resource | Learn About, Share and Discuss Witch-hunt At Popflock.com

A shameful witch hunt against teachers is underway, a full-blown hysteria being fanned by the media working hand in hand with politicians.

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Execution of Ann Hibbins on Boston Common, June 19, 1656. Sketch by F.T.

Nidderau - Image: Windecken, straatzicht Pestalozzistrasse foto 7 2016 08 10 15.37

Image credit: Fire by Zdenko Zivkovic. Used under license.