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Britain has a courgette shortage and people are losing their damn

Britain has a courgette shortage and people are losing their damn


Britain has a zucchini shortage and people are losing their damn minds http://on.mash.to/2jrhaWA pic.twitter.com/Qznbf9AuFO

Courgette crisis: Spanish farmers hope the worst is over

What a pickle: UK gripped by courgette shortage

Losing the plot: courgette crisis spreads to other vegetables

courgettes harvested in a greenhouse

If EU workers go, will robots step in to pick and pack Britain's dinners?

University College London Climate debate** March 12 - went brill (report later) - **Are Humans Responsible For Climate Change?" Debate/Forum - PiersCorbyn ...

In the kitchen, Angelo Cartolano is ready to cook. He has picked zucchini flowers, filled a basket with three kinds of tomatoes, and brought wine up from ...

On July 22nd I wrote a blog, encouraging you my friends, ...

(LateJan/start Feb) Piers Corbyn says the looming snow huge hit has been termed a (hoped for) "Best From The East" (ie Siberia) by some but our ...

Cucumber dressed in garlic and chilli oil

Grow your own by all means, but don't dream that self-sufficiency is the answer


Wonky veg revolution: the tech pioneers who are reducing food waste

Now I feel that this is a recipe that is going to generate some derision and will probably be utterly hated by at least half of the people reading this but ...

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'The five stages of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and resignation just about '

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Hospitality Insider - Issue One

Life destroying anti bio-diversity schemes such as dams in the Amazon and bird killing windfarms UK and USA are fake-green big-money operations which must ...

Best Zucchini Recipes you can make for summer! #zucchini #recipes #summer #

Piers Corbyn was on Talk Radio 3 days running (Feb 28, Mar 1, Mar 2) in the midst of blizzards and cold blasts with weather news and Climate comment .

Life destroying anti bio-diversity schemes such as dams in the Amazon and bird killing windfarms UK and USA are fake-green big-money operations which must ...

Last of the Tomatoes

Well, while the brilliant support specialists (who have worked as nurses or radiographers) and clinical psychologists do their thing, and the fund-raisers ...

7 Foods That Will Work Wonders On Your Digestion

Baresa's Funghi Porcini - Secchi Speciali

Green Grocer in Cihangye, the first (and only) one I'd seen

Cook your pasta according to package directions and drain. While the pasta is cooking, saute the bacon on medium heat, flipping every couple minutes.

After I posted this blog with the picture of Ms. Sexy Celery above, I

The good news is that public opinions around food waste are shifting.

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When Sarah Marshall started her hot sauce business, Marshall's Haute Sauce, she discovered that too much of her produce was getting thrown away.

Deborah Madison Explains When to Peel Winter Squash (and When Not To)

As you will see from the side bar to the right, just under the slightly smug looking photo of me (I really need to find a new one), ...

We have been making these little nests – in various forms, for a couple years now and they are always a hit with everyone. And making them with the addition ...

If you have thought about attempting this but were intimidated because it would be difficult to find enough tasty recipes to make it all the way through the ...

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Shortage of I.T.-people. “Shit! There goes the last one!

My other co-diner went for the Spicy Szechuan, which turned out to be a little spicier than expected - after accidentally swallowing a chilli, ...

In an effort to shake off the gloomy torpor of February, and in acknowledgment of the lettuce and courgette shortage, I thought it was high time I looked ...

Life destroying anti bio-diversity schemes such as dams in the Amazon and bird killing windfarms UK and USA are fake-green big-money operations which must ...

entirety of your journey) the shuffle pixie gets it right: drops the virtual needle on Chuck Berry and his trademark Gibson chime. Go to the Poets' Bios

Macarons, Paris Beautiful chanterelle mushrooms at a market in Bastille, Paris

My Life as a Zucchini

The PC that always had power now has muscle, UNISYS UK 1987

We can't rave enough about Village Farm's Cabernet Estate Reserve® Cherry Tomatoes. The tomatoes are a beautiful red wine color, and the taste is rich, ...

We are looking for others that have the same heart and passion to help people of Southeast Texas. It's going to take the whole community to help make this ...

Chile is the country that has achieved

Neo Baguette quinoa avocado salad

Hero Dinners is the cook's resource for amazingly delicious complete meals made in just a single skillet or sheet pan, created by the food-world favorite ...

“Education is what you have left when everything you thought you knew and believed has been shot to hell.”

the ultimate veggie sandwich recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com ...

the ultimate veggie sandwich recipe - www.iamafoodblog.com

Spiritual Weight Loss Viana Stibal | Free Download

Chungah Rhee has written her first cookbook Damn Delicious. She is the voice behind the popular blog of the same name.

After seven years of persisting with this forecast, the OBR has thrown in the towel. “As the period of historically weak productivity growth lengthens, ...

Slocan spill map-Nelle Maxey

Field Vegetable Review 2018/19

New Scientist International Edition ...

Nutrition To Lose Weight

UK: Avocado that easily comes away from its skin launched

Brat in London 'has the potential to be a classic' — restaurant review

The course that follows is a riff on the flavours of Thai green curry, with a fat fillet of cod immersed in an aerated cloud of lemon grass, galangal, ...

The Fruit and Vegetables Global Value Chain

Tesco is far too big to be dismissed as an interesting exception. Its sales in the UK alone (and it has big overseas operations) are over £40bn.


The Russian average is about 50% that of the average Westerner, as I pointed out (in PPP terms). Some will find themselves far above that level, ...

85 Ways To Use Up All That Damn Zucchini. The Adventure Bite

Some cucumbers might be worth $20 to the right person.

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Apparent climate problems in Spain have causes a shortage of certain vegetables this Winter; things like courgettes, lettuce and other vegetables grown ...

comparative courgettes

"California's answer to the housing shortage? Anything but housing"

20 homemade dog food recipes your dog will love

In it Talbot explores love and loss and gets almost croony at times, examining his faults, before reiterating the fact that he's the “hands down, god damn, ...

Chinese stocks now make up less than 9% of the world's equity market, the smallest slice since June last year. The value of global equities is near a record ...

Irrelevant photo: A camellia. The entire British nation loves camellias. Everyone who doesn't left in disgust.

Man and Nature, Part IV: A Marxist Critique of the “Green” Environmental Movement

The 1803 Cedid Atlas, showing the area today known as Iraq divided between "Al Jazira" (pink), "Kurdistan" (blue), "Iraq" (green), and "Al Sham" (yellow).


You can buy ChicP hummus online via their website/Amazon fresh, or at various health stores such as Wholefoods Market.

Killing your $1000 Grocery Bill

The South Coast Insider - October 2013 by Coastal Communications Corp. - issuu

Eat ...

beets and bobs 1.jpg

Note the phrase "MayDay" here is not just about May1 itself which is near the end of Apr26-May2+-1d but also (a pun) means a Distress signal ...

Tomatoes (and other vegetables in the Solanum family) are “adventitious rooters” meaning they love to make roots. If tomato stems are buried in the soil, ...

Cringe-worthy video shows people don't know that Obamacare and ACA are the same thing

Her particular area of interest is Japanese cuisine. Visit zenbutours.com for more information.

Next up was trout with a peanut romesco and zucchini watercress salad. Owner Jesson Gil told me that he considered this dish his “death row meal.

Air Fryer Zucchini Double Cheese Pizza. If you love pizza but want it without the