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Bland Marvel Headcanons My Inner Geek Marvel Bland marvel

Bland Marvel Headcanons My Inner Geek Marvel Bland marvel


Bland Marvel Headcanons, now that I think about it why has deadpool barely talked to Natasha in the comics, I feel like they would have a lot in common.

Marvel Headcanon

Marvel headcannon | Oops my geek side is showing | Pinterest | Capitán américa, Superhéroes and Marvel

An awesome bland marvel headcanon aw Logan the wolverine X-Men and softy # marvel #headcanon

AWWWW <3 Avengers Memes, Marvel Memes, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics,


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BLAND MARVEL HEADCANNON Once Upon A Time @ San Diego ComiCon.

this gets me every time oh my god | MARVEL yaaaaaaaaaaa! | Marvel, Marvel dc comics, Marvel comics

Peter Parker Headcanon, Tony Stark, Captain America Civil War

Clint Barton and Matt Murdock in a dumpster. I NEVER KNEW I NEEDED THIS.

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Mcu Marvel, Marvel Memes, Avengers Memes, Marvel Actors, Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes

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Your Marvel Headcanons — Steve, Clint and Sam often hang out because they.

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Popular artwork from Ron Guyatt including Daft Punk Silver from the Gauntlet Gallery collection -. Brandon Wigley · My Inner Geek

17 Perfect Marvel Headcanons That Will Give You All The Feels

PicMonkey: Design That Works. Marvel ...

Image result for bland marvel headcanons Marvel Funny, Marvel Memes, Marvel Avengers, Avengers

... Avengers. The end of an era is here.

Headcanon accepted. Headcanon accepted. Marvel Memes ...

18 Interesting Marvel Facts

Captain America Winter Soldier, Marvel

War of the Realms April Checklist

Two scariest people singing children's songs softly in another language without context Marvel Heroes, Marvel

... This is so well-written and it has me crying with laughter EVERY. TIME; Avengers ...

Very Good Writing – Why Loki Won in The Avengers

Born to be ruled by, Loki. Avengers HeadcanonBucky ...

Science Bros Headcanon #121 awww (I'm with Tony on the Lasik,

This got so much better since I last saw it Marvel Heroes, Marvel Avengers,

IMAGEFresh meme for y'all ...

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Author has written 18 stories for Harry Potter, Aliens/Predator, Breakfast Club, Avatar: Last Airbender, Twilight, Walking Dead, Avengers, Legend of Korra, ...

It would have saved my heart from being shattered so many times! Image result for bland marvel headcanons ...

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I'm sure people are going to complain at me about this · ‹‹

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Author has written 30 stories for Cars, Toy Story, Power Rangers, RG Veda, Pacific Rim, Avengers, Princess Mononoke, Transformers, Green Lantern, ...

Connections/mains will go here, they get priority on replies, edits, headcannons

Image: Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: The Newspaper Strips Vol. 01 SC -


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Author has written 5 stories for Danny Phantom, Harry Potter, Once Upon a Time, Bleach, Pokémon, Dinosaurs, Brothers Conflict/ブラコン, and Avengers.

Yaaassss! 👑. #marvel#black ...

Haw, yeah!

Marvel had been hinting to us of these two and still didn't give us what we deserve.

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Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/21 Jan 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Author has written 41 stories for Rise of the Guardians, Danny Phantom, Justice League, X-Men: The Movie, Batman the Animated Series, Batman, ...

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Unknown (3) by Wheatley-Returns

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth ...



Everything went grey when you lost him. And you hated grey. It was sad, bland and there were a hundred other – better colours.

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I'm Onyx, and I'm floating in deep space. I'm a gamer and an otaku. That's all you need to know about me.

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Do not say I didn't warn you about spoilers!

The Incredible Hulk feels very detached within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is likely because of the many changes to the Hulk character throughout ...

Steven Universe Wiki:Chat/Logs/26 Jun 2016 | Steven Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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I get goosebumps every damn time I hear Louis sing the words “See they wanna buy my pride, but that just ain't up for sale” looking right at the camera.

The Dark Crystal: Magic, Muppets, and Monsters


Book-A-Day 2014 #361: Ms. Marvel, Vol. 1 by Wilson & Alphona

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Author has written 13 stories for Young Justice, Arrow, Avengers, Once Upon a Time, Batman, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


But with Mayo "SEN" Naito on board we may be in for some scenes of everyday life with the Shazamily...and it's not like ...

A/N: soulmate AU with obviously older Damian. Signs of your soulmate don't show until you're 16.

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Author has written 36 stories for Naruto, Avengers, Bleach, Mass Effect, One Piece, Lord of the Rings, StarTrek: The Next Generation, World Trigger/ワールド ...

... Peggy Baby Avengers, Marvel Avengers, Marvel Comics, Bland Marvel Headcanon, Loki Imagines ...

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(Art by Lilrenald) “Exploration” (Art by ...

Author has written 6 stories for Winx Club, Wizards of Waverly Place, How to Train Your Dragon, Sonny with a Chance, and Avatar: Last Airbender.

#2: How the remake of The Last Jedi would look like ...

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