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Blacktron Assault Mech 4 11 LEGO IN SPACE BEYOND Sci fi

Blacktron Assault Mech 4 11 LEGO IN SPACE BEYOND Sci fi


Blacktron Assault Mech - 4 / 11


Blacktron (Devid VII) Tags: black blacktron mecha drone devid devidvii lego moc

Stegosaurus blacktroni (SaurianSpacer) Tags: lego moc space mech stegosaur dinosaur blacktron

My idea of Blacktron - X50b (Devid VII) Tags: black blacktron mecha drone

Blacktron Alienator v2 (SupaFlyTNT) Tags: lego mech blacktron

LEGO MOC | Blacktron Exo Suit #space

Torrac's Race Bike

... beyond the usual LEGO sci-fi diorama. The corridor

Brick Formation Unveils Limited-Edition LEGO Homeworld Kits. Beyond the Brick

The Colossus Armor (Gregory St) Tags: mech lego armor colossus foitsop blacktron

Stijn Oom's HammerFall Gunship Troop Carrier and crew Lego War, Lego Ship, Lego News

The Colossus Armor (Gregory St) Tags: blacktron lego mech

Blacktron attack on Redstone Five

M:Tron debuted a new minifigure design and a brand new color: transparent neon green. This bright color would be used widely across LEGO Space themes for a ...

Stegosaurus blacktroni (SaurianSpacer) Tags: lego moc space mech stegosaur dinosaur blacktron

LEGO Sci-fi MOC futuristic Aircraft (compatible with Mega Construx Figures)

LEGO Prometheus Spaceship Lego Spaceship, Lego Moc, Lego Creations, Spaceships, Sci Fi

NeoBLACKTRON SPACE MECH-SUIT (Gregory St) Tags: mech suit mechsuit blacktron foitsop


Spider-minitank by AKIRAwrong on deviantART

LEGO Blacktron Military Tank Siege Cannon Spaceship

Triops heavy mech (Sunder_59) Tags: lego moc render blender3d mecabricks ldd mech scifi


Moments in Space - Crowd Voting

An Unusual Mech: Space Hot Dog Chef

Lego 6876 Blacktron Alienator #afflink Contains affiliate links. When you click on links to


... Raptor series: Exploriens | by Brixnspace

... LEGO Mecha/Hardsuit - Aerial combat mech | by TheOneVeyronian

USS Saratoga | Space Above and Beyond" Made from LEGO. | TriPodRoD | Flickr

Thoughts: Dorky-looking retro sci-fi robot. Nice articulation on the arms; the legs, not so much.

Blacktron Alienator v2 - 004 (SupaFlyTNT) Tags: lego mech blacktron

One of our newest members, Ben Reimer, brought some of his creations; a battalion of sci-fi military vehicles.


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Invader T3 Phage

Blacktron Hardsuit (SaurianSpacer) Tags: lego moc blacktron hardsuit mech powerarmor space legospace

LEGO Dystopia Planitia Space Shipyards | Brickfete Toronto 2016

Hammer Fighter

K: Do you remember the day when you got your first LEGO set? Which set was it? And How old were you when you started playing with LEGO bricks?

Lego Blacktron, Blacktron, Blacktron Spaceship!! | by Toni Montana Bricks

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The Flash

retro truck mech. so i took body of hover truck from overwatch set 75972 and meched (mechanized?) it, added weapons and tried to get that retro sci- fi look.

Triton Interception Starfighter

Blacktron D.va Mech (Stormbringer.) Tags: lego overwatch blacktron dva mecha

Classic Space Microsclae Base

Lego Sci Fi Army MOC


[Blacktron] WALKER_LRS

Living Legend's Lego Destiny Minifigures. “

K: What are your favorite LEGO themes?

The build proper commences with construction of the portable prison pod (below) with space inside for a single minifigure. The structure incorporates a ...

The Destroid Monster is literally "armed" with canons.

... Raptor series: Star Wars | by Brixnspace

75239 Action Battle Hoth Generator Attack

Lego Sci-Fi Base

A robust industrial spaceship for ironing space-time

LEGO classic space collaboration – Brickworld Chicago 2015

75243 Slave I (20th Anniversary)


Mini NINJAGO Great Devourer Lego Animals, Nerd Stuff, Legos, Spaceship, Sci Fi

Sub Orbital Guardian (ArmoredBricks) Tags: lego blacktron blacktronii classicspace 1991 2019 classic mech

LEGO Space Sets: Galaxy Squad 30230 Mini Mech NEW

thelegocarbloggerLego Hover CarsLego Hover Car Station Wagon Lego Hover CarsLego Hover Cars

Has the Minifigure been detrimental to LEGO?

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LEGO The LEGO Ninjago Movie Sets: 70611 Water Strider NEW

2019 Artwork

25.75 mt tall (circa 62 cm, 24.4 in) humanoid mech, featuring the most advanced ArchoGenis techs.

This mech is modified from the mech I posted about a year ago: ...

Blacktron attack on Redstone Five - Back

The stafflike device often carried by Cernunnos mechs is a combination of targeting array and a high-powered broad-spectrum energy beam; the device's ...

LEGO builder and flickr.com user Nick Brick who is known for his great Sci- fi creations and life-scale weapon models recently shared this outstanding ...

/tg/ - Traditional Games

75243 Slave I (20th Anniversary)

Stegosaurus blacktroni (SaurianSpacer) Tags: lego moc space mech stegosaur dinosaur blacktron

Lego Minifigs Power Miners 8964 Titanium Command Rig Rock Monster Mine Mech Lot #Lego

Starfighter 28085182308_f0e631f37e_b.jpg



... The LEGO Group & Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. © 2019 Notch Developments AB, MINECRAFT is a trademark of Notch Developments AB, MOJANG is a trademark ...

Overwatch Bastion in LEGO form

Number 1 is last month's Q-Mech, from my self-invented Classic Space universe rescue service Q-Tron. Advanced techniques in the cockpit shield attachment, ...


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Hello #lego #starwars #legostarwars #instabrick #instalego #adultfanoflego #afol #

Announcing the LEGO Apollo 11 Lunar Lander set! What do you think? It has

60227 Moon Station

Blacktron BT-56 Ravager ...

NEW - LEGO People Pack 60202 - Outdoor Adventures

Originally constructed as a utility vehicle for mining purposes, the "Multi Purpose Mech 51" soon became widely adopted for military purposes, ...

Classic space defence walker ————————————

Gallery of Variants