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Black Bolt apparently sided with Emma Frost when the villains took

Black Bolt apparently sided with Emma Frost when the villains took


Emma Frost (Earth-616)

Emma Frost

Emma Frost (Earth-616) from Dark Avengers Uncanny X-Men Utopia Vol

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-807128)

Emma also encourages her students to behave immorally, although years later context is given in the admission that she felt like cruelty was the only thing ...

“Inhumans vs X-Men” #0

Original Sin

Uncanny X-Men 534 0004

Marvel Royalty - Black Bolt (King of the Inhumans), Magneto (alias King Magnus), Black Panther (King of Wakanda), Doctor Doom (King of Latveria), Emma Frost ...


Magneto, Sersei, Exodus, Vulcan, Blue Marvel, Emma frost, Dr. Light, Spectrem, Black Bolt

Emma Frost

'Inhumans vs. X-Men' is the next major Marvel Comics battle

Triton was zombified, along with the other Inhumans, by a zombie version of Giant

Bishoujo and Marvel Legends

View SameGoogleiqdbSauceNAO Death Of X (2016-) 004-002.jpg, ...

Commander Medusa

“Inhumans vs X-Men” #0

Nude belly is disputable.

... vs X-Men conflict that saw super powered mutants, warped by The Phoenix Force, destroying half the world along with Wakanda – turning Black Panther in ...

From: Inhumans vs. X-Men #5

7 Times Namor Fought Against Marvel Heroes

Black Bolt: Blackagar Boltagon Team Affiliation: Inhumans, Illuminati F: Ex/20. A: In/40. S: Rm/30. E: In/40. R: Ex/20. I: Ex/20. P: Ex/20. Health: 130

He's going to give his fellow bad guys seed money! Yessiree, the superheroes won't know what's hit 'em. Mind, any villain with any sense will likely take ...

After Generation X disbands, Emma becomes a teacher on the mutant island Genosha, which is then leveled by attacks. Emma develops a secondary mutation in ...

Inhumans emma frost

... Black Bolt could fend for himself. She opted to continue on, choosing to utilize Maximus' intricate knowledge of Terrigen as an asset to the mission.

Emma Frost Emma Frost vs Magik whowouldwin

Then Let Me Be Evil

Black Bolt and Medusa

11 questions about X-Men Days Of Future Past answered

In order to best protect Attilan, the toddler-aged Ahura was taken into the care of The Genetic Council and secretly sent ...

Emma with the Dark X-Men

10 Villains The Avengers Should Fight After Thanos (And 10 Who Should Never Be In The MCU)

Emma Frost 1000 images about Emma Frost on Pinterest Marvel avengers

Emma Frost in the 1990s X-Men series

Wakandan Technology

Havok from the cover of X-Men: Emperor Vulcan No.1

Emma Frost -and- Dazzler - takes-out-black-bolt-ivx

He moves on remarkably soon after the love of his life dies

Black Bolt (2017) 8C


(Updated) Every Modern Marvel Event Ranked from Worst to Best


... Captain America's Files (2011)

The Return of Cyclops and Wolverine is Important and Overdue

Dice Dice Kitty

Marvel Comics October 2017 solicitations

Javier Garron and David Curiel

When Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning reinvigorated the Marvel cosmic side of things via their comics, they made Black Bolt a key player.


In the months following his "death" in Death of X, Summers even inspires a crew of brutal mutant thugs to carry on his genocidal uprising, a not-so-merry ...

The Return of Cyclops and Wolverine is Important and Overdue

And rather than having the powerful Devil Dinosaur at her side, Lunella is instead stuck with far less useful Devin Dinosaur. All from the.

Blackagar Boltagon (Earth-616)/Expanded History

Although The Living Terrigen approved of Medusa, he would ultimately decide that Black Bolt himself was unfit to rule Attilan.

Inhumans emma frost

Cover to X-Men Alpha. Art by Joe Madureira.

Black Panther & The Avengers in Battle

6 of the best Asgardians (who aren't Thor or Loki)

Emma Frost httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaen22cEmm


Age of Le Fay (Earth-26111)

Team Affiliation: Inhumans, The Cabal F: Gd/10. A: Gd/10. S: Ex/20. E: Rm/30. R: In/40. I: Gd/10. P: Rm/30

Image: X-Men Black: Emma Frost #1 (variant cover - Dodson

Now, compare ...

Official Handbooks of the MU

But look closer: it's the exact same costume, complete with side cape, strap, stripes on the gloves and boots, and so on. The only difference is the absence ...

Marvel What If Comics - Silver Surfer Possesses Infinity Gauntlet

X-Men - Emma Frost Premium Art Print by Ian MacDonald

Marvel Comics Solicits for March 2018: Changes are Coming.

Thunderbolts takes a deliriously toxic mix of heroes and villains, legitimacy and cynicism and all the philosophical rationalizations of the Civil War, ...

Black Bolt and Medusa

He made out with Emma Frost on Jean Grey's grave

With other Inhumans accompanied Uatu the Watcher and the Fantastic Four to Earth to join Steve


Medusa served well as the leader of her people, suppressing threats posed by villains such as The Unspoken and Devos The Devastator. Black Bolt eventually ...

Emma Frost

Things ...

The Return of Cyclops and Wolverine is Important and Overdue

In her own strange way, Emma adds depth to Jean by identifying the very worst part of her character in a way that no one else, save Wolverine, ...


Doctor Strange (2017 6th Series) 381B

The Terrigen Crisis

Black Panther Becomes an Avenger

But he won't face it alone. • Old friends. Reunited lovers. A son and a new daughter already lost. Black Bolt faces his penance with all he loves by his ...