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Being a little massively scared of going paddleboarding with orcas

Being a little massively scared of going paddleboarding with orcas


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Being a little (massively) scared of going paddleboarding with orcas. Tag someone that would like to do this. @mariepier.bastien #VanlifeExplorers

ThePaddler 14 November 2013 SUP Cover

SUP Fundamentals: Getting To Your Feet

SUP Surfing Border Collie Rides Waves With Ease

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Pilot whale stranding - Farewell Spit, New Zealand, 10 February, 2017

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Selection of Killer Whale pictures (aka orca whale, orcinus orca), photos and free wallpapers (computer backgrounds), photographed by professional ...


Why would you need to go anywhere else

#AskSeaWorld Campaign Backfires So Massively

Yoga and paddle boarding are a perfect combo as yoga can be very spiritual and using the paddleboard surroundings as a catalyst for a more enjoyable and ...

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Dear Lake Havasu City, . Thank you for the amazing people & connections I have

Orca in black&white Orcas, Nature Animals, Killer Whales, Vie Marine,



Dolphins And Whales Fight Disease Through An Evolutionary Arms Race Learn more: http:/

Snorkeling with Sharks in Belize

The killer whale or orca (Orcinus orca) is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member.

#Repost @newforestpaddlesportco ・・・ The weather this weekend is looking amazing so why

Malibu Coastal Adventures

Every Three Years, Artists Compete to Be On View at the National Portrait Gallery.

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Please watch the documentary "Blackfish" before you consider going to SeaWorld or any marine park that holds orcas!

We spent all morning walking around a forest near Inverness and getting showered and clean before admitting it was time to start driving home ...

Strong Tides this weekend

All of the July Elevenths

Happy salmon in fish farm

Snowy mountains, rocky hills and endless shores. Our trusty @camper_boys foxcraft is carrying

Eat-Sleep-Roadtrip-Sing-Repeat 🚐🎸 captured by: @anthony_roberge

The Killer Whale is actually not a Whale - Today I found out “Killer Whales”, or Orcas, are actually Dolphins. In fact, they are the largest member of the ...

Jim Banks Magic Carpet Review

A salutary reminder that things can go wrong

Our Sandy sits in a spot where the morning sunshine beams in 🧡 Our first little

Antigua 😍 . We've been spoiled with a free spot right in town and

Is Kelly Slater The Best Surfer At Pipeline ?

Here we go. The travel conversation. Where I must strike the balance between being knowledgeable and not a know-it-all, experienced but not emasculating.

No caption needed #friends #roadtrip #campinginbackyards #california #camperlifestyle #californiaadventure #roadtripusa #happy #springtime ...

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My Favorite Moments in Antarctica

Hollywood ———————————————

Getting the lift out was a challenge but we did it 💪💪 . . . #vanlife #vanlifeUK #vanlifemood #VanlifeJournal #campervan #livingthedream #adventure ...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All my favorite pictures of the van are ones with Beth in them.

Massively scared the shit out of me to start with. One coz of its massive teeth and two because what scared it into the cove and was it coming for me.

We left the Sierra Norte and our house in the forest, we are now in direction of the coast again before a quick stop near the lake on the south of the ...

I'm very happy how it turned out. I thank Lazlo for the tip on using carbon infused epoxy on the bottom. I plan to be at Okumefest in the Spring.

Overall, these features are consistent with borderline, ...

The memories to be shared, the experience to be had. Tomorrow I leave Calgary

... place popular for cruises to go. Not many cruise lines have experience sailing there. The few that are used to traveling to Alaska are Princess Cruises, ...

First we found 2 male #orcas and one

Levon Drover photographs two Beluga whales swimming underneath him | Daily Mail Online

Orcas and SeaWorld info graphic

Mayor Van Styn flanked by CGG CEO Ken Diehm.


This is Eileen's trailer from @betweendestinations: "I found my little 80 square foot

Outdoor Adventure

Behind The Scenes Of SBS SUP Promo Video Fuerteventura

Weather and When to Go

Cooking up with a sunset ocean view - something we'll never grow tired of

Six Core-Building Exercises to Try on a SUP


Tiki Red looking enjoying the sun along Southsea seafront 🤙🏼 Whether you're planning

The playful whales were happily swimming with each other right near the surface of the water

Last year, a wreck (above) found by a reporter was thought to be the Clotilda but it turned out to be too large to be the missing slave ship.

Image Source: BlinkSurf

#bullorca playing with #bullkelp last summer in #princewilliamsound with @stan_stephens_glacier_cruises #stanstephenscruises

|Van Life| One of my favorite parts of an outdoor lifestyle is all the cool people you get to meet on the move. Note to self: get a pimp'n van and a ...

Mussels Ruby Beach

The colourful dots on the river are people floating downriver for about a mile on inner tubes before getting out here by the bridge.


Orca Bay Waterproof Leather Storm Boot

Pop, Fashion & Sport

Fitness Update. “

Chemicals being poured over salmon in fish farm

I went out into the cold ocean of the Monterey Bay and completed my SCUBA certification. The wetsuit and hood,gloves and booties ...

Yeni bir yol 👫 #karavanındüdüğü #vanlife #vanlifers #vanlifemagazine #vanlifediaries #vanlifeturkeyy

SUP Surfing The Wittering On The Navigator

Summer is certainly upon us! Are you off to Glastonbury this year? If you

Vanhunks Orca Directional Kiteboard

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He did it with two friend's; Garry Mackay and Greg McEwan. McEwan hadn't kayaked before and when asked, Peyton said of himself and Mackay; “We still can't ...

That morning, I had to wash gumbo mud off my feet and sandals when launching. No way I wanted to paddle around with a pound of mud clinging to each foot!

Stand up paddle boarding at Kaanapali Beach

Drover later took his GoPro and went underwater so he could join the whales for a

Sustainable Handmade 7'2"x23" Surfboard Sock Upcycled Rare Vintage Floral Fabric

A moment of silence for Sean Collins at his memorial paddle-out. Photo:

Roadside stop to watch the sun disappear only to be swiftly

It's always nice getting back to the van after a long hike to recharge. @

Inside the van, little bit of progress 🚐❤🚐. . . #camperlifestyle #vandwellinglife #vandweller #vanlifemovement #picoftheday #vanlife #nomadiclife ...