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Before getting admitted to a hospital ask for their infection rate

Before getting admitted to a hospital ask for their infection rate


Before getting admitted to a hospital, ask for their infection rate. A low rate

More than a million infections happen while patients are in U.S. hospitals each year.

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Errors in the hospital

Duke doctors perform thyroid surgery on a patient at Duke Raleigh Hospital.

Child being rushed through the emergency room

How to Protect Yourself from Hospital Infections Pages 1 - 2 - Text Version | FlipHTML5

Disputing A Medical Bill

Axel Pfaender

... using the antiseptic chlorhexidine on the site, avoiding groin-area catheters (which get infected more often), and removing catheters when not needed.

The Surgical Setting Tests Done Before Surgery Checklist for Surgery/Consent Forms/Insurance Information Preparing for Surgery: The Operating Room

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Get more information about your hospital's HAI rates: http://ow.ly/lyVq50juCtA . Ask your provider about their actions to prevent HAI. Read the full report ...

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Is Your Hospital On The List?

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Hospitals use many little-known systems to prevent infections from spreading, such as air handling, negative-pressure rooms and air filtration systems to ...

When nurses are hard pressed, loved ones who will act as an advocate are invaluable

Open communication between patients and their care providers is important. If something doesn't seem quite right, patients should ask their provider.

What are septic shock and sepsis? The facts behind these deadly conditions

Doctor looking at x-rays

Anything You're Looking For?

Night shift from hell: my mistake almost cost someone their life

I Picked Up a Staph Infection From the Hospital

Medicare Trims Payments To 800 Hospitals, Citing Patient Safety Incidents

Sloppy hygiene in hospitals causes more deaths than road traffic accidents

At Veterans Hospital in Oregon, a Push for Better Ratings Puts Patients at Risk, Doctors SayAt Veterans Hospital in Oregon, a Push for Better Ratings Puts ...

Mature man sitting in hospital bed, wearing a hospital wrist band.

Report: Some hospital infection rates too high

How Much Compensation Can I Claim For A Hospital Infection? - Free Legal Advice

View the vast difference between Emergency Room and Urgent Care

When a patient who has experienced a brain injury arrives in the ER (Emergency Room), staff will want to quickly find out how serious the injury is and ...

Leptospirosis is a bacterial infection.

How to Significantly Reduce Inpatient Admission Times and Improve Patient Satisfaction

For many patients, delirium is a surprising side effect of being in the hospital

3 Questions to Ask If Your Loved One Is in the ICU

Hospital room, doctor, patients

State Prisons and the Delivery of Hospital Care | The Pew Charitable Trusts

Patients are monitored for effectiveness of the medication which can be adjusted as necessary until the patient's signs and symptoms of pain have been ...

Dozens of readers responded to our post about Ernie Ciccotelli, who couldn't get a lawyer to pursue his claim for damages from a life-threatening infection ...

Credit Stuart Bradford

To know which doctor is good, ask hospital employees

What to Do If You Feel the Hospital Is Discharging You Too Soon | Patient Advice | US News

While technically true, that conclusion overlooks that a large number of hospitals exhibited reduced readmission rates and increased mortality.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore is ranked one of the nation's top hospitals. NEIL BEDI | Times

Picture of a patient in an ICU

dressing a surgical wound ...

Download the complete Infection Prevention and You infographic poster

In a 2016 study, CDC experts found that overall rates of antibiotic use in U.S. hospitals did not change from 2006-2012. More than half of patients received ...

Doctors in scrubs walk down a hospital hallway.

SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands 5 May 2019

Figure B2.1: Transmission of infectious agents

Children who get infected with RSV are typically 2 years of age or younger ...

At the end of 2009, total deaths of people with an Aids diagnosis in the UK, numbered 15,180. That's lower than many other major European countries, ...

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Doctors Tell All—and It's Bad

Central line infection chart

A letter from Anthem to Missouri members in May 2017. St. Louis Public Radio

Graphic showing when to go to an ER versus an Urgent Care

For the past four years, Jahi McMath has breathed with the help of a ventilator. A neurologist described her as “an extremely disabled but very much alive ...

We calculated complication rates for surgeons performing one of eight elective procedures under Medicare, carefully adjusting for differences in patient ...

graph_1MRSA rate.jpg

Mr. Moyer was ordered to visit the hospital by his boss because of a hacking cough.CreditJoshua Bright for The New York Times

Figure B1.3: Processes for routine cleaning

Antibiotics Often Prescribed to People Without Infections, Study Reveals

#1: How easy was it to schedule an appointment with our facility?

SSI Prevention: Updated Research Findings, Guidelines & Recommendations Offer Improved Knowledge

50 Secrets Hospitals Don't Want to Tell You (But Every Patient Should Know)

6 Reasons Why Your Baby Might Be Admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

Report: Some hospital infection rates too high - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Infection Rates After Colonoscopies Up to 100 Times Higher Than Once Thought

For Many Patients, Delirium Is A Surprising Side Effect Of Being In The Hospital

Legal Liability for HAIs: Understanding Infection Prevention's Role in Risk Management

Chart of Illnesses and Antibiotics Needed or Not Needed

Arriving at the hospital

application timeline

Going into hospital

Everything you ever wanted to know about urinary tract infections

The 'Frequent Flier' Program That Grounded a Hospital's Soaring Costs

When you or someone in your family needs an inpatient or outpatient surgical procedure, the Surgery Department at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center can ...

Patients should always follow the instructions of their care providers to reduce the risk of such issues as surgical site infections.

hospital delirium

The role of the internet