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Bangladeshi scientist among researchers who make cancer test as

Bangladeshi scientist among researchers who make cancer test as


A Bangladeshi scientist and two other researchers have made a breakthrough in cancer testing by inventing a new method that is as simple as a blood test.

Image: Nature Communications via World Economic Forum

With advanced equipment and the support of the IAEA, medical staff in Bangladesh are expanding nuclear medicine and cancer treatment services.

Human genome sequencing research begins in Bangladesh

Treatments for childhood cancer can devastate lives years later. Scientists are trying to change that

How do I choose a university in Germany?

New Cancer Treatments Just Won 2 Scientists a Nobel Prize. Here's How They Work

Animal Testing: Humane Research from a Human Perspective

Ho Weang Kee Associate Professor University of Nottingham Malaysia Cancer Research Malaysia Malaysia

Osman Ghani, 60, and his wife Rehana Begum, 50, from Balia village

The molecular cancer diagnostics laboratory has already processed more than 500 tests in Bangladesh.

Researchers have developed a test that can assess and compare genetic changes in tumors and in the blood. Early detection can be made by sequencing the ...

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The Cancer-Test Kid

Research in Germany


Bangladesh's Crop Scientists Find an Ally to Better Cope with Climate Change

33 of the most dangerous things science has strongly linked to cancer

Proud of Bangladesh


Rafiq Islam, chief scientific officer of Somru BioScience at the company's lab in Charlottetown. The lab will send test kits to Bangladesh that will help ...

Regina Krohn (left) tests water samples in a Bangladesh village. Between 2000 and

Monsanto 'bullied scientists' and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells court

Crystals have regular but asymmetrical atomic arrangements. A process called symmetry breaking was used to

Blood Differential Test

Victoria Forster

Scientists develop test that can spot cancer before notice

An early diagnosis of breast cancer increases the chance of recovery.

Jhohora Akhter, 30, of Iruain village, draws water from the family well,

Richelle Charles, MD, (center in green wrap) in Bangladesh at the International

Jagadish Chandra Bose: Biography, Inventions & Contributions

Dr Eva Kantelhardt and oncologists in Ethiopia

ANZMTG improving the outlook for patients with rare cancers: National priority research groups.

Researcher Spotlight: Examining brain cancer and its link to breakthrough research in HIV

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ISP started its collaboration with the Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET) and the Atomic Energy Center (AECD), both in Dhaka, Bangladesh in the ...

Bangladesh fails to test Johnson and Johnson Baby Powder for asbestos

Scientists develop 10-minute universal cancer test

Bangladeshi scientists discover fast, cheap way to detect cancer en.prothom-alo.com

The cervical cancer: a perspective in Bangladesh

Scientists Develop New MRI Tool for Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy

Vet Med researchers use lentils to combat water poisoning in Bangladesh

... in the triple negative breast cancer: clinicopathological characteristics of high burden breast cancer patients from Bangladesh | Scientific Reports

According to the WHO report, oesophagus cancer – a cancer in the food tract, topped the list followed by cavity lip and oral cavity cancer, breast cancer, ...

Scientists identify weak point in deadly eye melanoma

Increasing cancer screening for culturally diverse communities in the Nepean Blue Mountains region

Genexpert Test

Researchers investigate riverbank erosion, human adaptation, and resilience in coastal Bangladesh

Scientist Otto Warburg, whose research activities led to the formulation of the Warburg hypothesis for explaining the root cause of cancer.

Alessandro Tarozzi

Tembisa community members pay tribute to people with cancer on World Cancer Day on 4 February

An intense cyclone will threaten India and Bangladesh this week

Residents collect drinking water from a tanker in the Mirhajaribagh district of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

DAAD Bangladesh 31. May 2019 09:21

AsianScientist (Feb. 13, 2019) – For much of human history, pregnant women knew virtually nothing about the children they carried until the moment of birth.

Science, Medicine, and Animals (2004)

What research is being done on breast cancer? Is it worthwhile to participate in a breast cancer clinical trial?

It's the big picture thinkers – the scientists and the academics, with out-of-this-world ideas and ground-breaking theories for change, who will pave the ...

Scientists in Bangladesh have developed the country's first biotech rice variety giving farmers an answer to the difficulties they face in harvesting the ...

The Oncology Club is a consortium of Bangladeshi physicians who deliver cancer care. This friendship has led to outreach to the three public hospitals of ...

Euro Cancer 2019

Florida Cancer Specialists Research To Be Presented At American Society of Clinical Oncology's Annual Meeting

New Developments in Blood Cancer Treatment (2018)

Two major research collaborations led by the University of Cambridge have been awarded almost £15 million in funding, the Minister of State for Universities ...


Bangladeshi scientist leads discovery of a novel quantum state of matter

Women in Bangladesh try out the new smartphone test for arsenic in drinking water. (Photo courtesy U. Edinburgh)

HIV is reported cured in a second patient, a milestone in the global AIDS epidemic

Linus Pauling, the Nobel-prize winning researcher who slid into quackery shortly after.

Alexander Van Geen

'Liquid biopsy' promises early detection for cancer

Workers at the Viyellatex factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh, produce clothes for Marks & Spencer

Case Study on Bangladesh's Pharmaceutical Industry, Legislative and Institutional Framework and Pricing of

Humayun Ahmed, who has died of cancer aged 64, was not just Bangladesh's best-selling author. He was idolised by an entire generation of young men and women ...

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The Failing Response to Arsenic in the Drinking Water of Bangladesh's Rural Poor | HRW

Mahbub (centre) and his father (left) visit NINMAS, where oncologists treated the boy's cancer lymphoma. (Photo: L. Gil/IAEA)

Bangladesh Journal of Agricultural Research

'Tree man' of Bangladesh 'cured' after 16 operations to fight rare skin condition, potentially making medical history

Dr. Abdul Khaleque

Dr Groesbeck Parham, Zambia

Figure 1 Arsenic contamination map of Bangladesh.

12 September 2018 – The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) today released the latest estimates on the global burden of cancer.

This infographic from Cancer Research UK summarizes the implications of PSA screening, and draws on data from the Cochrane Review: