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Bad nutrition and habits affect the work of the organs in the body

Bad nutrition and habits affect the work of the organs in the body


Effect on the digestive and cardiovascular systems

Some bad habits and also some bad nutrition affect the work of the organs in our

Bad nutrition and habits affect the work of the organs in the body, including the

effects of cholesterol

Your liver is your largest internal organ and your body's workhorse. Among its many jobs are converting food into fuel, processing fat from your blood, ...

effects of diabetes

Diet and Exercise for a Healthy Heart

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition of extra fat buildup in the liver, is on the rise — it now affects roughly 20% to 40% of the US ...

Diagram of the liver which creates cholesterol in the body

In your 20s, maybe you sometimes chose fast-food burgers and fries over healthier foods. Perhaps in the decades that followed you pursued a series of fad ...

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Effects of alcohol

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Human nutrition

Nutrition healthy placenta; poor nutrition and placenta lead to fetal adaptive programming that can affect fetal growth, development and adult health.

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In fact, cholesterol production is so important that your liver and intestines make about 80% of the cholesterol you need to stay healthy.

Diabetes has a substantial effect on the body

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Schematic depiction of how nutrition influences cognition and emotion. Overeating, obesity, acute high-fat diet consumption, poor early-life diet or early ...

Problem 1: Eating too late. Your body's organs ...

Fat belly behind burger and soda

Time-restricted eating can overcome the bad effects of faulty genes and unhealthy diet

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The calorific values of the skeleton, skin, teeth, skeletal muscle and adipose tissue



This Is Exactly What Happens To Your Body When You Eat A Ton Of Sugar

cracking knuckles

A growing belly is often the sign of passing years – but it needn't

Easy to edit vector illustration of anatomy of heart. Image Credit: Snapgalleria / Shutterstock

How fasting affects your physiology and hormones

Psychology Today

MyPlate; dietary guidelines, U.S. Department of Agriculture

The food we eat gives our bodies the "information" and materials they need to function properly. If we don't get the right information, our metabolic ...

How much protein does a person need?

Nutrients are the substances found in food which drive biological activity, and are essential for the human body. They are categorized as proteins, fats, ...

Graphic of the liver

The top 19 nutrition myths that Just won't die

2. Why do I not feel full?

What is your poo quality like most of the time?


Does my body need fats?

color illustration of the digestive system which shows the location of the esophagus, stomach,

How does the central nervous system differ from other systems of the body?

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digestion illustration

... involving many parts of the body.

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A graphic of the lungs

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Body Basics

Unhealthy Eating Habits

blueberries healthy diet

hamburger and fries

Illustration of the digestive system.

Be a master chef

traditional chinese medicine body clock

A new study dissects the nutritional and caloric value of human body parts to clarify the

Big is not better

Your Heart Can Affect Your Breathing

How stress affects your body - Sharon Horesh Bergquist

Good Studio/Adobe Stock

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What you eat for dinner might well be cramping your drive in bed. Here are 14 foods you should avoid if you want the libido to simmer.

Signals affecting host–microbiota interplay and its regulation of metabolism. © 2017 Fabbiano, Suárez-Zamorano and Trajkovski, Host–Microbiota Mutualism in ...