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Dachshund wedding dog tiara veil Toni Kami ❀Flowers in their coats❀

4 of the Best Lenses for Creative Dog Photography

My picks:

My husband is a huge Star Trek fan. Not of the TV series. But a big fan of the Star Trek movies. He likes the action. He likes the drama.

Jack Is Ready

The Meadow by Mihka Emani

Little, Brown and Company

Okay, Ghost Masters! Now You Will Finally Gather Around The Campfire To Tell Us A Scary Story In The Comments Section In Order To Make Us Scream


... In the Heat of the Light by Stephen Kearse

Essays of E.B. White cover image

Fenella, a Witch


Jessica Strawser Book Cover

Rainbow Scarf

there are some good secondary characters: natalie is reasonably well-drawn, if a bit inconsistent, and why she cares about cal is beyond me, (view spoiler)[ ...

The Devil's Revolver | Brain Mill Press. “

When we built the medical room cats outside run we had hoped that the bird couple who nest in the soffets would elect to build their nest elsewhere this ...


Plan would allow handful of lawmakers to impose new fees

She lives with her partner, one dog, and a constant migraine. Her fiction has appeared in Permafrost, Sou'wester, The Journal of ...

British guy dies after selfie gone wrong

American Gods: Tenth Anniversary Edition: Chapter 1 and 2 (Excerpt) | Tor.com

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Brain ...

Preparing the vittles (Goodson)

Something Else Also Rises

Lia is fourteen and losing her best friend. When things don't seem like they could get any worse, Ryan disappears.

This comment section is open for any non-work-related discussion you'd like to have with other readers, by popular demand. (This one is truly no work and no ...

The doctor stopped a moment and laid his pipe on the table behind him before continuing. The fire had burned low, and no one stirred to poke it.

It's the only time of the day I'm not hungry and I sort of feel why push it. I'll have a coffee and I take Scruffy out, my other dog who is sixteen.

OT68: Necronomicomment

Cover Image. "

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - Milwaukee and Wisconsin breaking news and investigations


Back view of two little girls on caribbean vacation

A #nofilter pic from yesterday's mission to kiteboarding shops in the Hood River! Bit


Do you remember becoming so wrapped up in a story that you audibly gasped at the revelation of a shocking plot twist? Our kids heard a story about ...

This is a photo of the commissioned composers of the Pacific Rim Music Festival's Gugak Orchestra project from two weeks ago (George Lewis, David Evan Jones ...



[Cover image from Doctor of Tanganyika]

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Stepping off the elevator onto 29, this scene didn't fill one with confidence…


SOme of them have had the fucking shit bred out of them so that they can barely breathe, so they end up lookoing like this. I'm sorry, dog lovers, ...


Dag lieve vrouw, dag lieve mam Dag allerliefste oma, nu ben je weggegaan. Al je werken en al je zorgen Maar nu is het gedaan.

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During the dry season, when the brick factory is in full flow, Nabaraj supervises the section of workers producing bricks. For 10 bricks produced, ...

Spring into a new season


(PDF) The Book Thief.pdf | LEKFIFI IMANE - Academia.edu

Kith and Kin by Kris Ripper

Teen ...

31 August 2016 ESA engineers have discovered that a solar panel on the Copernicus Sentinel-1A satellite was hit by a millimetre-size particle in orbit on 23 ...

JPG ...

Robin MacArthur lives on the hillside farm where she was born in southern Vermont. Her debut collection of short stories, HALF WILD (Harper Collins) won the ...

Remote Control, Sarcophagus


They've got different coffees and hot chocolates that are ready to help power you through the Holidays.

SEFPC Update #2

After moving into the keep proper the party encounters a spider like, but humanoid Ettercap. Despite the trap laid the heros fight their way past the ...

It also lent nobility to ingenuity. It was invented by Trevor Baylis, a kindly English swimming-pool salesman who had seen a program about AIDS in Africa on ...

Brock Dodds Jarvis Olusoga 2009 Perspectives on Play Learning for Life | Doctor Of Philosophy | Academic Degree

(PDF) John Zorn: Tradition and Transgression | John Brackett - Academia.edu


From somewhere on the second balcony, bubbles float down in shimmering waves.

We're brushing up on our owl facts ready to become owl bores and getting very excited because who knows, perhaps we'll be able to announce we're expecting ...

The Distributed Proofreaders Canada eBook of Dr. Thorndyke His Famous Cases by Richard Austin Freeman

The Gulag Archipelago Vol. 2 An Experiment in Literary Investigation - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn by ΒΑΣΙΛΙΚΗ ΕΦΗΜΕΡΙΔΑ ΜΕΓΑΛΟΥ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΥ - issuu

... the furious barking of first my late, lamented Emma Dog, and now of her worthy successor Mouse, and open the door to find a package waiting for me.)