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Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS Speech Tea on TPT

Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS Speech Tea on TPT


These articulation word lists have 100 words in almost every sound/position. Blends are included! Must-have speech therapy tool in all of your articulation ...

Use these resources in all of your articulation sessions. Word lists, sentence lists, and stories are included in this money saving bundle. All sounds in ...

Articulation Sentence Lists ALL SOUNDS

Must-have SLP tool in your articulation sessions! Each sound/position has 50 sentences with a data section. Keep it digital or print for binder to easily ...

This is a sample of three resources: articulation words, articulation sentences, and articulation stories (also included in a MEGA BUNDLE!)

Articulation Sentence Lists ALL SOUNDS

Articulation homework coloring sheets that last a whole week! Students will love coloring while practicing. Teachers Pay Teachers


Are you preparing for annual review IEPs? If so, then check out my Articulation

Articulation Sentence Lists ALL SOUNDS

COMPLETE word lists for all sounds in all positions. Also includes blends (s, r, l, and common final blends), vocalic r, and separate voiced vs. voiceless ...

Teaching “Shades of Meaning” for Improved Vocabulary Development

... finding materials, putting the materials together and then collecting data on a specific skill during the therapy session. Phew…how do we manage all ...

Articulation - Word lists can be generated from the rich text of this story. I especially noticed the frequency of /r, l, s, k, g/ "ch," "th," and "sh" ...

Articulation charades game for pediatric #SLPs! #SLP #TPT #elementary #school

Articulation Books For Speech Therapy: L Sound

50% off my Articulation Lists Bundle that includes words, sentences, and stories!

... Extensions to the IPA (ICPLA, 2008) for transcribing disordered speech - CLICK TO ENLARGE [THIS SITE] ...

Pancake Stack Game Companion

Pronunciation Class Worksheets Published on TPT

free closed syllable worksheets for kindergarten printable grade free weak syllable deletion word list

Don't let the Sunday blues get you down... Ya'll

... two fictional reading passages loaded with the targeted speech sounds. Each passages includes at least 10 initial, 10 medial, and 10 final target words.

Great Game! This is a Tic-Tac-Toe game.It uses riddles. It works on articulation sounds in all positions of words. Sounds included are th, ch, sh, s, r, l, ...

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Charts and diagrams

If you celebrate Christmas, then you probably have a tree displayed in your home during the month of December. But do you own an artificial tree or do you ...

Some · Update: Freebie has been sent to current TpT followers as of 10:25pm UK ...

Articulation Word List - Stop Phonemes *Freebie* | TpT

Fall No-Prep Articulation

FREE DOWNLOAD - get the June Speech Therapy Lesson plans for fun summer activities!

When they have figured out all of the elements, it is time to tell the story!

As you can see..you can easily use storybooks in your speech room to work on articulation goals. It makes learning fun and doesn't have to require a ton of ...

You can target sounds in isolation, words, phrases, sentences, stories. I purchased it when it was on sale and it is definitely worth the money!

phonological processes for speech therapy phonetics minimal pair weak syllable deletion activities stopping cards include minimal

We have included more than 100 quick to print and practice articulation sheets in this St. Patrick's Day- Themed document and we decided to target some of ...

Speech Sprouts www.speechsproutstherapy.com

These are fun, quick, and simple sheets that encourage practice of any articulation target. There are pages for sounds in isolation, syllables, words, ...

Practice describing, talk about feelings, expand vocabulary, make sentences, and play phonological awareness games.

I'm always looking for more engaging/functional ways to practice artic sounds besides

To get even more productions, have the student say the word the number of times that is rolled! The student on the right is using pronouns to tell about the ...

EASTER Say-n-Trace Speech and Language

Spy Game FREEBIE : Low Prep Speech Therapy Articulation Activity

Speech Sprouts /sm/ Freebie!

You can find tons of resources on the internet that provide examples of words that grow in intensity by Googling “shades of meaning.

The "Lighthouse Page" for "Sound Reasoning"

Articulation word lists for ALL sounds in ALL positions. Also includes all blends, vocalic r, voiced vs. voiceless th and so much more!

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Phew! Zoom! Who doesn't love a little onomatopoeia sprinkled in the story. Just reading these words aloud creates the FUN in story telling.

This handy packet includes everything you need for students to practice their language skills and word-final articulation over the summer:– 12 weekly ...

final consonant deletion 4 words printable worksheets activity final consonant deletion 4 words printable worksheets activity

Articulation News


No-Prep Thanksgiving articulation activities! Save time and energy during the holiday by printing

i.e.: Your articulation students can grab the /s/ tins and practice naming the objects, using them in phrases, sentences, ...

This growing bundle will feature interactive activities and flip books for 36 different picture books! These are great for speech-language therapy, .

A Stupendous Speech Technique Training Packet

Speech Therapy Articulation Practice Pack for Apraxia includes

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Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS

After the game is complete, use all the earned sticks collectively to have your group create a “sculpture,” or picture.

Speech-Language (SLP) Questionnaires for teachers/parents

Save time and energy by not having to come up with articulation sentences. These sentences cover ALL sounds in ALL positions. Click the link for more info!


-If your child has certain difficulties, don't be afraid to modify the activities to fit his needs. Have him repeat the words or phrases after you instead .


... activities to use after reading Eric Carle's classic book- extra condensed to use as little paper as possible. Includes: – all the small pictures needed ...

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Worksheets · Students · Languages · These spring articulation homework sheets are fun for your students and cover multiple sounds in all

Multisyllabic Words Phonology for Speech Therapy

Label tins with “WH” question words–WHO-WHAT-WHEN-WHERE-WHY-HOW (use post-it notes or stickers). Add several trinkets randomly into each tin.

Fine Motor worksheets

Roll and Say CVC's: Using early, initial sounds in /t/ final words

I also made Cariboo for Articulation which is divided into two sets available for purchase on TPT.

Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS | Speech Tea on TPT | Articulation activities, 100 words, Articulation games

St. patrick's day roll, say & color articulation & apraxia

List of all pairs included in activity questions to consider when comparing/contrasting. Open-ended game board

These no prep speech therapy games are perfect for fall or sports themed therapy sessions or homework! The November edition also features Thanksgiving and .


Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS

These articulation stories are a great bridge to mastering sounds at the conversation level. It includes an easy tracking data sheet for the SLP as well.

Toca Boca Tea Party: app companion for literacy & language

It's that time again folks! The Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale is on 12/2 and 12/3. My whole TpT store is 20% off and don't forget to use the code CYBER to ...

Articulation Word Lists for ALL SOUNDS

Articulation Stories with Language Component. Perfect for mixed group speech therapy, articulation carry-over, and working toward conversation.

Roll, Dot & Say Quick Print, NO PREP Articulation Workbooks 1) Voiced /TH/ Sound 2) Voiceless /TH/ Sound

37) Speech Language Pirates is another terrific store to visit very, very, soon!

Student and parent accountability? LOOK NO FURTHER! This growing bundle for speech therapy covers a range of speech and language skills in the format of a ...

This new bundle includes both Full Court Comprehension games and Homework Hoops (open-ended homework reinforcers). **see Homework Hoops description and ...


Spring Articulation Homework