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Apparently I have to have a bath now bordercollie

Apparently I have to have a bath now bordercollie


Yard 32 Canberra Pound



The eyes have it. Bo #BorderCollieGroup #eyes #Have Border Collies!


A man in China was broke until he met a Border Collie puppy and dedicated himself to giving the dog the best life he could. The pair went viral online, ...

Salty is an 8-week-old, brown & white border collie. She

Robin Hood the Border Collie. I love to do tricks and play 19 hours a day. Now that spring has arrived I can't get enough of the back yard.

Hi, I'm Stark, and I'm an inside-a-holic. Open the freaking door now.

Media by skyethebobtailcollie: Apparently I have silly ears πŸ˜‘ #skyethebobtailbordercollie #bordercoll.


Love of my life 🐢❀ Hestia, 4 weeks old, Portugal Picture courtesy

borador collie labrador


... even though it claims to contain Omega-3, rarely has any fatty acids that are biologically available to dogs. Biologically available? I had to have my ...

Thanks for the bath, B.J.! You're awesome! He still needs to have ...

My beautiful Blue Merle Border Collie, Gimme.



These dogs might be failing at what they were bred for, but they're

Sunny ...

Bathing ...

But he got another bath yesterday with some Chewy.com recommended shampoo to help with itchy, dandruffy skin and the water was just normal bath water when ...

Life was good for Velvel. Then the kids were born.



Are you looking #petlover or have you any #pretty


Border collie pup

A.k.a walking/running on water <3 Border Collie <3

My older dog Linus was feeling disoriented, unbalanced and confused.

Border Collie Lab Mix

I have a border collie too :) I give him some pill/chewable...I can't remember and he's currently out lol. But apparently it's ok for collies

Mr. Knox post bath! 🧼 . Bets on until he dives into mud puddles

Three mainly white border collie puppies

Had a bath in the River, Chilling" now ~ Border Collie Pictures, Border

Please contact Megan for more information on Pickles

Now that our weather has turned warmer, have you noticed that your dog overheats rapidly? Does it put everything into every jump, tunnel, weave poles and ...

This is NOT the hot tub I was ...

Border Collie Lab Mix

Border Collie Pyrenees | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog Walking


If you can teach your pet dog these standard abilities and commands, you can make


Turkey-Herding Collie Keeps 1,400 Birds in Line on English Farm

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July 15

If you have been following my blog and web site you will know Kaffee. On January 7, 2018 Kaffee turned 13 and he is still walking daily with me, ...

Slick show for border collie at Westminster Dog Show

Camm is such a beautiful dog. She is also the perfect supermodel. Apparently getting paid with Balls guarantees a perfect shot every time.

The camp site was practically deserted, just a few other camper vans – all MASSIVE compared to ours. Most folk seemed to have a doggie or two with them.

Australian Shepherd

Apparently I have silly ears πŸ˜‘ #skyethebobtailbordercollie #bordercollie Β· Media by skyethebobtailcollie: Look at my pearly whites 😬 #puppies #puppy # ...

I only broke it up when the other dogs took notice and went to join in the fray, because frankly everyone but Peetie could take or leave ...

Cleo is not full border collie but.. yea. (ok, she is a little ball obsessed sometimes.. )


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Boston the Border Collie Is Super Determined To Get the Ball Onto the Trampoline

This very good boy needs a home. Husker is a 4-year-old border collie and he's super smart and affectionate. If you know someone in need of a companion, ...

Long ...

2 Cool Border Collies + 1

photo_library I have a date tomorrow's I have a bath appointment at PetSmart tomorrow's 🐾😲🐾

For now, he'll keep right on helping Mesa with her other chores, watching and learning. If I could ever figure out a way to have them sling feed and open ...

Apparently his bath was exhausting #creepyeyes #weirdsleeper #bordercollie #connorthebordercollie

carolina dog

Salty Paws Mobile Grooming


Photo of Baileys Bath House - Bellingham, WA, United States

Zhou tattooed Sylar's name on his forearm.

Don't short yourself and the dog by running out and getting just any dog. You need a dog that has been BRED to work stock. That is not your Labrador ...

Before walking in the rain (look how keen and alert I am!) and afterwards............ human turned the heating up just for me #Bordercollie #wetdog #winter ...

Lynn...the troller we call her...she just swims really slowly...treading water at times...and apparently all her hair is now GONE...hot weather combined ...


Someone certainly seems pleased with himself... apparently walks aren't fun without

Lesson from a border collie

I love it in puddles, I love splashing it out of water bowls (but only outside ones) and I love it in baths (I'm even chill about having ...


Black and white Border collie pup, at speed

Red dog and blue dog would really like if that disc could be thrown now.

And here's a photo of Miss Piper because she's started having quite a bit of trouble walking lately, and I'm not sure how many more hikes she has left in ...

Professional Border Collie #bordercollie

A Dog's Life

r Disc rehab now should be choosing exercises that work the iliopsoas area in EXTENSION and FLEXION. Looking at these pictures of the dogs running, jumping, ...

IMG_20180901_144055_762 (1)

This is the face bobby pulls when I tell him he has to go in the

Best in Shows: The 100 Most Iconic Dogs in Movies. Dogs and movies have ...

Just try to resist those eyes.

... stronger--the first few weeks, he couldn't stand with his front feet on the curb and his back feet on the road--he'd wobble and lose his balance. Now ...

After making his owner rich, this border collie gets to live in a $500,000 pet mansion in Beijing

Female Young Border Collie Rottweiler (mixed)

Bathing is a daily routine of human life and we do it for hygenic purpose.

I would have spent my whole day with him if I could have. He is such a free spirit! His ears are so HUGE!