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Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today Pictures

Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today Pictures


38 Ancient Mysteries That Baffle Scientists Even Today

Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today


Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today


MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Science Still Can't Explain!

Dirk Matter

Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

How these were constructed remains a head scratcher.


Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

7 STRANGEST Historical Mysteries that Will BAFFLE You

Ten Unsolved Ancient Archaeological Mysteries

Antikythera mechanism

Our understanding of the rise of civilisation crumbles at this site.

Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

Linear A

The Antikythera Mechanism Is a... is listed (or ranked) 4 on

10 Ancient Mysteries Researchers Still Can't Explain

Dirk Matter

The Recipe for Damascus Steel ... is listed (or ranked) 2 on



25 UNBELIEVABLE Things Found On Earth We Can't Explain

Ancient bronze Roman dodecahedron on a black background

The Roman dodecahedron Brian Campbell found in East London

One of the many mysteries baffling astronomers is how galaxies such as the Milky Way are able to form new stars at an unsustainable rate. (NASA / JPL)

... mysteries that still baffle scientists to this day. Is America's Mysterious Waffle Rock Proof Of Ancient High-Tech Or A Natural Formation?

10Why Do Hammerhead Sharks Look Like That?


Deadly "Greek Fire" Wa... is listed (or ranked) 1

Scientists are baffled as to why prehistoric Cladoxylopsidas are more complicated than modern day trees

Holey jar

Dogu Figurine, Jomon Neolithic culture

Solving the Somerton Man mystery, Australia's most baffling cold case

Stonehenge mystery SOLVED: Scientists uncover origin of ancient stone monoliths

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A statue of Alexander the Great in the northern Greek city of Salonica. Scientists believe

8 Modern Astronomy Mysteries Scientists Still Can't Explain

The ancient mysteries of Hermes Trismegistus and the Emerald Tablet have inspired and baffled both alchemists and philosophers for centuries

Ancient Mysteries That Still Baffle Scientists Today

Ancient Mysteries: Discover the latest intriguiging, Scientifically sound explinations to Age-old puzzles: Peter James, Nick Thorpe: 9780345434883: ...

To begin this list of unanswered mysteries, I'd like to take you all to the Longyou Caves, located near the Shiyan Beicun in Zhejiang province, China.

Easter Island mystery solved?

Out of place artifact

21 Mysteries about Space No One Can Explain

Realm of History

Europe is filled with a massive network of tunnels that have baffled scientists for centuries. The tunnels date back to the Stone Age and span distances ...

A genetics professor and her team at Harvard Medical School are working hard to solve a biological mystery that could potentially prevent cancer and other ...

Scientists baffled by 'impossible' ancient discovery on remote island

Source: http://www.ancient -origins.net/unexplained-phenomena/mysterious-rongorongo-writing-easter-island-002242

Ancient papyrus mystery solved

11 Discoveries That Baffled The Scientists With More Mysteries Than Solutions

'Tabby's Star' Continues to Baffle Scientists

South Pole Telescope

Scientists believe pyramid builders used a modified ramp that made hauling enormous rocks easier


17 Creepiest Unsolved Mysteries From India That Will Leave You Baffled

Lake Winnipesaukee Mystery Stone Found in 1872 in New England, this egg-shaped artifact still baffles historians as to the purpose of its creation.

10 'Unsolved' Mysteries Of The World That You Probably Didn't Know Were Already Solved

Ancient Romans made world's 'most durable' concrete. We might use it to stop rising seas.

Mysteries of the ancient caves of Mustang have long baffled scientists Worldwide


Artefacts provide some of the most fascinating discoveries with respect to our ancient history. Despite uncovering many of the secrets of our past, ...

How an ancient cataclysm may have jump-started life on Earth

Scientists from around the world wonder how the caves have been able to keep their structural

A golden plate that has baffled scientists for 150 years has been identified as a golden

The mysteries of Stonehenge have baffled scientists for centuries. Picture: Supplied

(CNN) - The fearsome disease known as the plague could help explain a mystery that has baffled scientists for years.

From Pyramids of Giza to Bermuda Triangle, a look at mysteries which have been solved

The sword is on display as part of the library's exhibition Magna Carta: Law,

The effort required to build the megalithic structures would have rivaled that of the Egyptian pyramids, with a total area of 75 hectares, and an estimated ...

Scientists Solve Mystery of Bizarre Green Icebergs

Mystery of ancient 'computer' found among the remains of 2,200-year-old shipwreck

Parallel universe science theory

Archeologists are baffled!

5 Mysterious & Unexplained Ancient Artifacts That Have Baffled Scientists. Unexplained Mysteries

The Hudson-Meng Bison Bonebed Is a Mysterious Ancient Burial Site In Nebraska

egypt mummy alexander the great

This huge blob on a weather random has baffled scientists