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Ancient Greek tetradrachm coin from Akragas 410 BC A grasshopper

Ancient Greek tetradrachm coin from Akragas 410 BC A grasshopper


Gorgeous ancient Greek tetradrachm coin from Akragas, 410 BC. A grasshopper is depicted on the right. The ancient Greeks were beyond gifted in minting ...

Ancient Greek tetradrachm coin from Akragas, 410 BC. A grasshopper is depicted on the right.

A Rare and Important Greek Silver Dekadrachm of Syracuse (Sicily), In the Style of the Famed Engraver Kimon, From the Important Comtesse de Behague ...

24 Best Hellenic Ancient Coins images | Coins, Harvard art museum, Exploring

The obverse of a silver coin from Corinth (300-250 BCE) depicting the

This week, CoinWeek IQ's Ancient Coin Series profiles the Athenian New Style Tetradrachm. Ancient

Owl and Athena Very RARE Ancient Greek Gold Coin Lesbos Mytilene 1 6STATER Hecte | eBay

1stdibs Silver Ancient Stater From Corinth 345 Bc Greek

Obverse image of coin 163 Reverse image of coin 163

LYSIMACHOS 317BC Apollo OLYMPIC Horse of Philip II Ancient Greek Coin i63651 | eBay

Ancient Coins - Greek - Sicily. Syracuse. Agathokles 317-289 BC Æ Hemilitron

Tralleis in Lydia 150BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin Zeus Cult Thunderbolt i16166

Obverse image of coin 164 Reverse image of coin 164

Ancient Coins - Greek. Sicily. Nakone Æ Tetras or Trionkon. Circa 410-

Thrace, Mende, Tetradrachm ...

Tetradrachm ,Greek Macedonian Philipp II. (359 - 336) Amphipolis. Vicky Zapatina · Ancient Coins

Sicily, Catana, Hemidrachm, 410 BC

Akragas. AE 21 mm. Phintias Tyrant, 287-279 BC. Obv. Head of Artemis left, quiver over shoulder. Rev. Wild.

NumisBids: The New York Sale Auction 30, Lot 67 : ANCIENT COINS. GREEK. Sicily, Syracuse, Agathokles (317-289 B.C.),.

Sicily ...

Coins 173 - Sicily. Akragas.

This coin, minted in Bactria, imitates the most widely circulated coin of antiquity: the Athenian "owl," which was copied in many different countries.

Akragas. AE Hexas(?), circa 425-406 BC. Obv. AK PA. Eagle right, tearing at hare held in its talons. Rev.

Thrace, Abdera, Tetradrachm ...

Obverse image of coin 165 Reverse image of coin 165

Akragas. AE 23 mm. Obv. Head of Apollo right. Rev. ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤΙΝΩΝ. Tripod. SNG ANS 1138-1039. AE.

Lot 19. GREEK COINS FROM THE ABOU TAAM FAMILY COLLECTION. SICILIA. PUNIC MINTS. RŠMLQRT. Tetradrachm, Kephaloidion (?), about 360-330 BC. AR 17.03 g.

Ancient Coins - Greek. Sicily, Syracuse Æ15. After 212 BC (Roman Rule

Silver tetradrachm of Alexander III of Macedon, head of Herakles & seated Zeus. Greek, 315–308 B.C.

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Sicily, Akragas, Tetradrachm 409-406 BC

Lot 6. GREEK COINS FROM THE ABOU TAAM FAMILY COLLECTION. BRUTTIUM. RHEGIUM. Tetradrachm, about 420-390 BC. AR 17.34 g. Lion mask facing. Rev.

20 Jun 2019, Upcoming Auction

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Obverse image of coin 164 ...

Greek, minted in Ephesus, Asia Minor Tetradrachm (Coin) Portraying Alexander the Great, 306-281 B.C., Issued by King Lysimachus of Thrace

Lot 22. GREEK COINS FROM THE ABOU TAAM FAMILY COLLECTION. THRACE. AINOS. Tetradrachm, about 420 BC. AR 16.40 g. Head of Hermes r., wearing riveted petasus.

Sicily, Entella, 36 BC

AR Tetradrachm, c. 435-417 BC. Obv. ΣEΛINONTION. Apollo, holding bow, and Artemis in walking.

Ancient Coins - Sicily. Alaesa Æ Tetras / Griffin & Grasshopper

Obverse image of coin 163 ...

Page 1. THE

Coins 131 - Greece.

Ancient Greek tetradrachm coin, figure Ganymede - found Akragas, circa 450-400 BC, grasshopper is depicted on the right | Zeus | Coins, Antique coins, ...

GREEK COINS FROM THE ABOU TAAM FAMILY COLLECTION. SICILIA. HIMERA. Tetradrachm, signed by MAI..., before 405 BC. AR 17.33 g. The nymph Himera, wearing long, ...

Sicily, Naxos, Tetradrachm, 461 BC


Ancient Coins - Greek. Sicily. Herakleia Æ c. 281-278 BC.

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Obverse image of coin 192 ...

TRITON XXII In Conjunction with the 47th Annual New York International


Akragas. AE 14 mm. Phintias Tyrant, 287-279 BC. Obv. ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤΙ. Head of Apollo left. Rev. Eagle.

Thrace, Maroneia, Tetradrachm ...


15 Jan 2019, 750 USD

Ancient Coins - Greek. Sicily. Panormos Æ post 241 BC.

Grasshopper (27)

Obverse image of coin 1 Reverse image of coin 1

11 Mar 2019, 420 EUR

Coins 132 - Greece.

Agathokles (317-289 BC.). AR Tetradrachm, 308-305 BC. Obv. KOPAΣ. Wreathed head of Kore right. Rev.

Ancient Greek Coinage · Athena, the goddess of both wisdom and war, might be seen as a contradiction

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The Carthaginians in Sicily and North Africa Tetradrachm, uncertain mint in Sicily circa 320, AR 17.04 g. Head of Tanit-Persephone l., wearing barley-wreath ...

Date 02.04.2008

Coins 248 - Greece.

Thrace, Maroneia, Tetradrachm, 425 BC

Obverse image of coin 1 ...

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Akragas. AR Litra, 279-241 BC. Obv. Bearded male head right. Rev. ΑΚΡΑΓΑΝΤ[Ι]ΝΩΝ. Eagle standing.

Item specifics Ruler: Maximian Coin Type: Ancient Roman Ancient Coins: Roman Coins Denomination: Follis / Nummus MAXIMIAN 300AD Big Follis Authentic.

Obverse image of coin 168 ...

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Sicily ...

Coins 144 - Greece.

Kings of Macedonia, Philip II, 359-336 and posthumous issues Tetradrachm, Pella circa 342-336, AR 14.32 g. Laureate head of Zeus r. Rev.

marcus-junius-brutus-8211-julius-caesar-assassin-roman-coins .jpg?resize=480,360&ssl=1

Ancient Coins - SICILY, Akragas. Circa 480/478-470 BC. AR

Akragas. AR Hemidrachm, circa 425-406 BC. Obv. Eagle standing left on hare. Rev. AKRA. Crab; below, fish.

TRITON XVII In Conjunction with the 42nd Annual New York International



Thrace, Maroneia, Tetradrachm ...

Coins ...

Alexander III, 336 – 323 and posthumous issues Tetradrachm, Laodicea ad Mare (?) circa 225, AR 16.97 g. Head of Heracles r., wearing lion's skin headdress.

Archaios | Greek Sicily Syracuse Arethusa Incuse Star Hemilitron | AE | 15.5

AR Tetradrachm. Circa 438-434 BC. Obv. Charioteer driving walking biga of mules right, holding reins.

Grasshopper eating the maize leaf

AE Tetras Greek Sicily Syracuse 2nd Democracy Arethusa/Octopus ANACS F15

Sicily ...

Reverse of a beautiful 121 BC Rome C. Plutius AR Denarius with nice rainbow tones around the horseman. Dioscuri riding right & lettering is C PLVTI.